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I remember a few years ago I simply didn't have the funds to buy gifts for the kids in my fam.... usually if I can't get everyone gifts I try to at least cover the kids.... the look in their eyes when they open up their gifts is priceless.... I truly don't know how some folks find it in their hearts to walk away from their kids


Good energy from my peeps

The challenge is not becoming who you are meant to become. It lies in sifting through all the layers of self, like a miner panning for gold. Keeping what you want, what is sparkly and bright to your eyes and makes your heart sing. Letting go of all you have outgrown that no longer serves as you create the masterpiece, your vision of who you are. Just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and always no matter what, behold yourself as the wonderful being of light and love that you are. ~♥~keep creating beautiful music ~ ♥ ~ for our heart's and soul :) have a great day many blessings to you and yours! .. Thnx Mary

Aspiring musicians???

U know a child that's interested in pursuing a musical career??? Here's a chance to see how it's done live and in color. Come see a Soul/Rock band record live with pro engineers.

Inbox me on my FB for the details.... we luv the kidz... lol.


The Fortune

Realize your Fortune and be thankful.... I'm thankful for health and strength For family and friends For the ability to exercise this talent that the creator has blessed me with I am thankful for U.... I appreciate all the love, support and positive energy that U've given me, thnx for believing in the healing power of music. And of course, I am thankful for my relationship with the creator, for without thee, none of this would be possible. Have a safe holiday. Happy thnxgiving.



Yesterday while doing my usual jog.... I noticed that my asthma was acting up.... usually dust gets my asthma going. Yesterday I had no encounters with anything that would set my asthma off..... I said to myself "damn, does it get any worse than this, the wheezing, the tightness on my chest... I'm gonna blog about asthma awareness and remind folks to keep a close eye on kids and make sure that their asthma pumps are up to date"

Until I attended a fund raiser for Sarcoidosis Awareness

Last night my friend Natasha McIntosh along with her brother and sister put together a night filled with dancing, great food and most important, a brief and effective run down about this disease and her mother's fight since 2005.

I made me realize, even being someone that was born with asthma, how easy it is to take the simple everyday breathing for granted.

So I decided to blog about it....

Charmaine Selby needs a lung very bad.... lung transplants even with insurance cost a heck of alot of money. I wanna encourage U all to make a contribution to her Transplant Fund... every little counts. Charmaine and her family will be very grateful.

Make checks payable to: NTAF Southeast Lung Transplant Fund In Honor of Charmaine Selby NTAF 150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120 Randor, PA 19087


For Creditcards Call - 1800-642-8399 Visit the site www.NTAFund.org

Thnx y'all.... check the site, it'll have all the info about the disease.

"Stay High" on life