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El Diablitos / Blog


What can I say. Japan was a blast. Great people, great food, great fun. Treated like royalty (if they only knew : ) I can't stress enough how great this tour was and getting out and playng with my brother #tommyguerrero. I'll be posting picsand more about this soon.

'Come Hell Or High Water' final masters updated

The only song missing from the album here is our cover of Link Wray's 'Rumble' we we won't post it until we get a license for it. Not sure what the plan is for actual 'downloads yet' but assume after the new year we will release the USA version. The Japanese Import just hit the streets about 2 weeks ago.

El Diablitos signs a deal with Too Good


Heading to Japan for 9 shows

10/24(金)東京/代官山UNIT 10/25(土)神戸/troopcafe 10/26(日)京都/METRO 10/27(月)熊本/Second Sight 10/28(火)福岡/ROOMS 10/30(木)浜松/浜松窓枠 10/31(金)大阪/UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO 11/02(日)名古屋/NAGOYA CLUB QUATTRO 11/03(月)静岡/BLUE NOTE 1988

El Diabltios Logo T-Shirts are available

All T-shirts are El Diablitos Devil head Skull with band name on top, black t-shirt with red print. Women's Small, Med, Large available in 3 types. Star Tee Fitted T-shirt, Beater tank top, and American Apparel Spaghetti tank top. Men's Sm, Med & Large Hanes t-shirt Youth XS, Small and Medium. All t-shirts are $10 + $5 shipping priority mail. Paypal to diablotone@me.com

Mini Tour w/ Tommy Guerrero follow-up

Had a great time with Tommy Guerrero in SF, LA and Costa Mesa. Tommy had some pretty rockin tunes not normally associated with his stuff reminded me of Hendrix meets Santana at times, but I swear a couple of tunes he had totally sounded like a Siouxsie and Banshees songs to me (I'm a huge Siouxie fan!) Tommy had an old skate pro buddy from Philly Chuck Treece sitting in with him, it was good too see him again after many years, and with Josh Lippi on bass and Fredo on drums they were a rhythm section machine tour de force. I alwasy made sure that Tommy came up and played a song or 2 with us. We put him on the spot. We had a blast in the van and laughed a lot razzing each other (and on Tommy in the other car) to no end. My old partner in crime from our old rock band Badstrip Bryan Coons manned up and drove his van with all of us fools in it. Lots of new live shots will be posted soon on our website here and at www.eldiablitos.com. El Diablitos compadres elBretto, Don Vito and I had a great time. next up.....prob a couple more gigs in the NW and who knows where else, but we have Japan in late October for a couple of weeks. Should be fun. I'm ready to ROCK! Bring it.

Final Masters done!

Will load up final masters for streaming soon.

CD art looks good

Got some art comps for the inside cover of the CD Wild Wild West! OG that is......see it at http://eldiablitos.com/bio.html

Finalizing record

Uploaded the new song list for the new CD coming out soon. The final mix and mastered versions will replace these soon.

Gigs on the horizon

Got some gigs coming up in late April, May , June and July. Will post info soon.