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1-8-7: I Murdered A Mix-Tape - Coming Very Soon!

The new All Freestyle 2 mix-tape is going to be released in late April or mid-May 2015. Yes, that means its being released before the new album is. Im also going to release 2 EPs before the new album drops later on in 2015. This mix-tape is that old school Majestic like it used to be before I moved away from Texas and became all about the real written music. Features some old friends and new ones as well. All-Sick new & even throwbacks and even classic instrumentals from the industry. So dont miss "1-8-7: I Muurdered A Mix-Tape - All Freestyles and the title speaks for its self. I did that on purpose.. STAY TUNED IN..

The Title of the new Album is here!!

Got it.... I came to a conclusion on the title of the new album. To keep it deep and still grab you and also say what I want you to think the album is about too. The new album is titled "In His Own Words" Yeah I know, Got Cha... SOLD!! I been over-thinking every single part of everything in my life. So I can promise this. In His Own Words will be the realest shit I ever wrote and the most power and deepest lyrics I can ever imagine. And very few know hip hop and music like me, so that's enough for me and a lot more who know thats true. So stay tuned in here on ReverbNation.com/majestickc and I will have the 1st singles posted in no time.

The Return Of Majestic (Im Back)

OK, now Ive been out there doing a lot in the last 2 years. I know I had the new album finished and ready along with 2 mixtapes and a underground album as well. I still have all that but, I just moved back to Houston where it all started and now I have a whole new perspective and vision of all this shit. I'm no longer coasting through with what I know and got. Now I'm back to flying high and picking up on EVERYTHING instead of what I need. I'm talking hearing about something I never knew about and going straight to work using that info right away till I master it too. The new album (not yet titled) is on the way and I will be posting the 2 1st singles "Solo ft.-Seth Rock", and "Break em Off" maybe one more titled "Body Talk ft.-Britney Diamond". Ill think about that one tho. So everyone take advantage and DOWNLOAD all the songs on this page to make sure u have em all before I elevate my sound and blow this city off the map.