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Nac One / Press

“Humboldt Hip Hop. His roots run deep in the Bay Area graffiti and hip hop scenes, a fact made clear by the fact that his early albums are on cassette tapes . Along with DJ Gigster, Nac founded the famed FSC graffiti crew and also found a comrade in musical invention. Nac-One has been creating music independently and on Bomb Hip Hop Records, a label well known for making break records. With a giant catalog of music to showcase, he points to the 2001 FSC Oneness mixtape , a collection of funky samples and complex positive rhymes. 2004’s Natural Reaction showcases the evolution of his rhyme skills and a booming presence that you will remember if you’ve seen Nac rip up a show. Recognizing that his children were raised with hip hop all around them, it was only natural for Nac to create the Fantastic Fam, a crew of MCs comprised of Mischief Mic,Cam, Moyra Low,Mystq,Gigs,Sarge and extended family. showcasing tight rhymes and a roughneck family style.”

Maxwell Schnurer - North Coast Journal