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Being a Musician Just Got Easier

Choose the ReverbNation Plan That’s Best for You

You Can Also Buy Individual Products

  • Site Builder

    $9.95 per month or $89.95 per year

    Site Builder turns your ReverbNation profile into a mobile optimized web site in just minutes. Mobile is the future, make sure you are ready by using Site Builder.

  • Digital Distribution

    from $9.95 per year

    Digital Distribution is a must-have for today's musicians. Get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Beats Music and many more stores that the whole world can access.

  • Promote It

    from $25.00

    Promote It makes promoting your songs, shows, or Facebook page easy. Build ads in minutes and place them on the web's most popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, MTV, Pandora & hundreds more!

  • Crowd Review

    from $9.95

    Have your music reviewed by real music listeners with ReverbNation's Crowd Reviews. Learn how your music resonates with people, get song ratings, understand your potential in the market and within a specific genre.

  • FanReach Email Newsletters

    $9.95 per month

    FanReach lets you deliver music-specific content to your fans as emails, newsletters, announcements and more. Our templates make it easy. Your music, show dates and photos make every communication pop.

  • Reverb Press Kits

    $5.95 month or $59.95 per year

    With the ReverbNation Press Kit, you're sure to catch the attention of venues and promoters. At a glance they can see your photos, hear your music and even delve into your fan demographics.

  • Mega Song Storage

    $39.95 per year

    Have long songs? Want to provide higher quality downloads for Fans? For those artists who need to push the limits of song length, quality, and bitrate we offer the Mega Song Storage feature.

  • Pro Widgets

    $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year

    Put your content - songs, videos, show schedules, etc. - anywhere with some of the most popular music widgets on the web. Now in HTML5!