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Love Cream / Press

“Rating: 4/5. There’s nothing quite like Love Cream here or overseas, they just ‘do’ this kind of music so well - these guys are up there with the best”

“Rating: 4.5/5. First Taste will make you wish that this music was still played on the radio, instead of repetitive electronic-dance nonsense. Many, many moments of this 10-track collection will bring a cheeky grin to your face, mainly due to the undeniably clever subtlety of the lyrics.”

“Rating: 8/10. Love Cream's songs are instantly enjoyable. these guys do drop a lot of strong melodic choruses in their raw mix, most notably on my favourite track ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ which is catchy as hell with a killer melodic guitar riff and Godzilla-sized chorus.”

“Rating: 9/10. Every song on the album is catchy and the melodies will have you tapping along to them each time you hear them – at the moment they are unsigned, however, I can’t see that lasting too much longer.”

“Rating 9/10: This four piece has all the swagger and talent of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Van Halen and Doors. The vocalist has some great pipes - excellent song structure and phrasing”

“Rating: 8/10. Love Cream are just plain fun, full of energy and a care free attitude. First Taste from start to finish is straight ahead rock n roll which choruses that get stuck in your head.”

“Rating: 4/5. With their debut, First Taste, Love Cream shows some surprising musical maturity for their young ages, creating some quite catchy and entertaining melodic hard rock.”

“Rating: 8/10. Adelaide’s LOVE CREAM have outdone themselves on this debut release, turning in an eclectic and cheeky ten tracks that provide plenty of fun moments.”

“I'm clinging to hope that the next generation, who seems to be currently listening to their parents' rock, are the saviors we need to rely on to keep rock alive. Love Cream might be among that first wave of kids just old enough to crank out their brand of hard rock, win over some major labels, and make a nice dent in the near future.”

“Rating: 4/5. Ballsy. That’s how Love Cream's LP 'First Taste' starts. It’s loud and proud and 100 percent filthy.”

“Rating: 8/10. From the sexual innuendos to the double entendres in both the band name and their song lyrics, it is clear that Love Cream don’t take themselves too seriously. Their music on the other hand is a different story and it is clear that these youngsters have been raised on a steady diet of AC/DC, KISS, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones...Their ability to craft catchy and melodic hard rock anthems are their strong point.”

“If you're a fan of that 80's era you'll love this. Big Chorus,Big Riff & Guitar Soloing Sweetness. Good time party hardy Rock 'n' Roll that asks nothing more of you than to tap your feet and shake your head.”

“[Love Cream] have pledged to “put the balls back into rock”. Something, by all accounts, it seems they’re doing. In spades. From zero to “bloody hell” in under two years is impressive. There must be something about this lot that’s got them this much interest. So shouldn’t you give them a listen and find out what it is? As they band themselves say: Prepare To Be Creamed.”

“Rating: 4.5/6. First Taste is a very good album. Paced well and very versatile, there are party rock songs, ballads and blues songs. Overall, Love Cream write songs with good hook lines, catchy guitar riffs and great melodies.”

“Rating: 4/5. For sheer catchiness ‘Spend the Night Together’ is one of the best singles we’ve heard this year.”

“Rating: 9/10. "This record kept my attention from the first note until the last song. With [First Taste] they just add themselves to the list of possible great stadium Rock bands of 2014!" "Book 'em before they become unaffordable!"”

“First Taste offers 10 songs all guitar heavy, crammed full of catchy riffs and retro leanings towards Led Zeppelin, Kiss and Def Leppard, the roots placed firmly in the 70’s/80’s classic rock genre. It’s nice to hear some of the classic stuff but from a new band and with newer lyrics.”

“Rating: 4/5. A solid Oz rock independent release, that shows charisma, fun and potential. Check it out rock fans!”

“THEY'RE the teenage band with the unfortunate name set to rock the Big Day Out on Friday. ~~ The former Unley High School students, who have been playing together for less than 18 months, will now support the likes of Soundgarden, My Chemical Romance and Foster the People at the Adelaide Showgrounds. ”

“Rating: 8.5/10. LOVE CREAM are no AC / DC tribute band. These guys from Adelaide fit more at home in the 70's style, without sounding entirely retro. "First Taste" is a powerful piece of rock and roll, no more and no less. They clearly carry the unmistakable signature of old heroes, but LOVE CREAM also deliver more. They bring in a lot of passion and skill with their own components to their sound - and that's now become quite rare. With "First Taste" LOVE CREAM is another big surprise from Down Under!”

“Rating: 9/10. LOVE CREAM recorded a very good album, full of dynamics. The production is very clear, and it is nice to listen. The album is full of emotions and melodies while also that the band’s youthful sense didn’t affect their music into being raw. I'm sure that everyone who admires Hard Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues and catchy melodies will enjoy this CD. "Almost Perfect"”