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Manage Your Roster in One Spot All from your ReverbNation Control Room

ReverbNation offers by far the best set of tools to really get a feel for how your online promotion is working. Our bands love it, their fans love it.
— Bieler Brother Records
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Centralized Management

Don't bother with 6 different accounts link them under your label profile and manage your entire roster from one location.
Managing your complete roster is simple »


You need a presence on all the networks, ReverbNation, Facebook, your blog, your website. With ReverbNation you can easily be all those places with just one tool. Import fans from social sites.
Your artists get full–featured profiles »
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Fan Management

Manage all your fans from one place. Import fans from your email list or social networks and send them custom email newsletters, and status updates. All from one spot, and all super easy Import fans from social sites.
It's easy to import fans from social sites »
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ReverbNation can help you actually get new fans.
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Gigging is a huge part of being an artist. On ReverbNation you can find new gigs, book them, communicate with other bands to put together a lineup and manage your entire schedule. Find gigs with gig finder.
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Get Paid

ReverbNation has great tools to help you sell you music, but tools aren't the only great thing about ReverbNation. You can also get offered opportunities to get sponsored by brands, or be presented with licensing opportunities.
Learn how you can get your music in stores like iTunes »