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Jed Distler / Press

“There is something very endearing about this album ["Meditate With The Masters"]. Distler plays with such grace and lightness that the beautiful emotions he delivers speak directly to the senses, and ultimately to our inner child.”

“Review of CD Album "Savage Nightingale" Soprano Darynn Zimmer w/ Eliot Fisk (guitar), Rex Benincasa (percussion), John Distler (piano). Labor Records LAB 7087, Released November 16, 2010: "...Jed Distler is the sensitive pianist on the [American composer Charles Wakefield] Cadman"”

“Summertime Anarchy, but of the Guided Kind: ... During the first performance [of Terry Riley's "In C"] there was no question that Jed Distler, a pianist, composer and concert organizer, was shaping what was heard by an audience of a few hundred hardy listeners and many more passersby. An old hand at “In C,” Mr. Distler has led previous accounts at the Cornelia Street Café and on the street outside that club. Facing the ensemble at a toy piano he plunked and patted sporadically, Mr. Distler raised a finger to summon conspiratorial hushes, and leapt, arms outspread, to urge climaxes. No two performances of “In C” are alike, and this one stood out for its vibrant, variegated colors... ”

“The agony of having supported the six-year battle of his beloved spouse of thirty years--Célia Cooke--and losing her to cancer on March 30, led pianist/composer Jed Distler to look to some old friends for solace and to his life in music. An outgrowth of his need to heal is his recently released CD, MEDITATE WITH THE MASTERS ... He sees his contribution as helpful in creating a “gentle ambiance, ideal for holistic and therapeutic treatments …” The hint of the familiar in each of the fifteen tracks ... provides pianistically pleasant variations, composed in a traditional style with rhythmically soothing, unfussy piano treatments. One of my favorites is his folk-like treatment of Schumann’s ‘Von fremden Ländern und Menschen’ from Kinderszenen, infusing the beautiful Schumann theme within a new and original connective musical tissue. ”

“Thank you for sending this music, it is very comforting which is something there isn't enough of in this world.”

“a musician with smoke coming out of his ears”

WFMU (Alternative Radio Station)

“My recent work has been increasingly stressful without much relief. This has led to nights of spinning thoughts and great difficulty in relaxing enough to sleep. I have found myself often turning to your new cd. It has been very effective in settling my mind and my spirit and getting my body ready to rest. The music is familiar enough to be comforting and yet played in a way that is interesting enough to allow me to focus myself. In short, it takes me to a place of relaxation, a focused, quiet, meditative place, a place to stop. And then be ready to go again... ”

Reverend Dr. Robert L. Brashear, Pastor - West-Park Presbyterian Church, NYC

“the Downtown keyboard magus”

The New Yorker

“Critic's Pick: RITE OF SUMMER (July 2, 1pm & 3pm, Governor's Island): A new Governors Island contemporary-music festival curated by pianists Blair McMillen and Pam Goldberg kicks off with downtown flagbearer Jed Distler and 40 NYC musicians hovering around an addictive tonal center in a performance of Terry Riley's game-changing 'In C.'”

“an altogether extraordinary pianist”