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“...ISOULJAHS ("Hard A Yard") amps up the energy level with edgier rhythms that drive political calls to "emancipate one's self." Rastar continues in similar theme with "Do Mi Wuks" (produced by Ras Mikey/Isouljahs)-- praising Selassie I and calling on the "yout" to go in the right direction.”

“...The combination of the roots style and the dancehall/ ragga style creates a truly refreshing sound...”

Shawn Z - Resolve (E Coast Skate Mag)

“… instead of words of damnation to scare your soul into Heaven, he’s got a message of universal love, peace and unity, riding high atop his dancehall reggae groove.”

“...Playing at practically every Reggae event possible, the ISOULJAHS/Ras Mikey can be dubbed one of Hawaii's most popular entertainers. The combination of Ras Mikey's unique voice, Zacharijah's quality selections. and the collaboration with the other local artists makes this a must have.”

Lacey Matsumoto - The Honolulu Advertiser, From the Hip

“This guy is for real!!! by dubcrew So cool!!!! I used to play in a band in Newport Beach CA. Jah Mikie(vocals) works in a little smoke/record shop there,and is a super cool guy. This guy is the real thing,roots reggae, natty dread, he's a rocker. I used to love watching them play or listening to them on the UCI radio station. THis album is a treat covering everything from Roots to dancehall beats. But the kicker for me are the vocals and lyrics. Just listen, learn, and be irie!!!!”

“Rooted in the roots Reggae of the 70’s, they chant songs of praise and thanksgiving, playing in a rub-a-dub style that sounds so live you’ll be surprised to read, they were recorded at Kung Fu Hi-Fi in Costa Mesa. Songs from the heart, without artifice. ”

Chuck Foster, DJ / Author - The Beat Magazine

“...ISOULJAHS and the RasYouths International crew also helped to get things going. They sound tighter and tighter each time we check for them. The way they fuse Augustus Pablo - style roots reggae with dancehall and rap is so wicked. ”

Eric Kohler/ Ireno Rodriguez - Reggae Nucleus Magazine

“Throughout, the lyrics reveal an overstanding and embracing of Rasta ideology which translates into song with intoxicating results. Truly a CD fit for royalty, file this one under “King’s Music.””

Allie I ( RAW #505 ) - Reggae Music Review

“Musically, ISOULJAHS runs along the Marley, Bunny Wailer, Buju Banton vein. Many songs have an introspective quality, praising Jah, warning against the evils of Babylon, and hail the saving grace of Zion. Other songs are brighter, faster, and celebratory, inviting the listener to skank away.”

“...ISOUJAHS‘ multi-cultural vibe was evident as they played songs of love, faith, and hope in RasTafari…ISOULJAHS have come to take the world by storm with their righteous artillery of rhyme and reason… Check them out live…”

Roberto Angotti/ Carlos Culture - Mean Street Magazine, (Reggae Runnings)

"Isouljahs, were able to liven the grooves up with the great lyrical and a solid musicianship rivaling many more mainstream reggae bands."