Honey Larochelle / Press

“Having toured with the likes of Omar, Brand New Heavies and Laura Izibor, recorded with Joss Stone, Macy Gray and Allen Stone, and written for Jennifer Hudson, it should come as no surprise that critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Honey Larochelle would deliver a great album of her own.”

"… if you wanted to know what does Honey Larochelle sound like, you need to look no further than aptly given professional moniker: Honey. Warm, rich and soothing it makes perfect sense that she is an in-demand background singer,producer, arrang[er], and writer."

"She’s a dynamic musical force as vocalist, songwriter, and arranger."

"...in depth and behind the scenes look at our world class artist[s]..."

“Probably one of the best projects to come out this year.”

“Highly Recommended”