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Danniel Oickle / Press

“Perfect for all music lovers.”

“The album’s title [Blitzkrieg!] isn’t just a reference to the musical time period he’s dabbling in. It’s an assertion that “love is an act of war.””

“This album [Blitzkrieg!] brings you up and then throws you right back to where you came from in the most perfect of ways”

“An accomplished songwriter, pianist, and poet, Danniel Oickle knows how to make an impression”

“Canadian embassies should probably batten down the hatches in anticipation of rioting mobs”

“Sure to wake up your creative senses”

“Nothing short of inspiring.”

“Danniel is known... as a prolific singer, poet and poly-media artist with a distinctive flair and a sensual edge.”

“Blitzkrieg! has a very eclectic sound, ranging from electro to cabaret.”

“His twisting of Christian imagery forms part of a deeper process of understanding where he comes from and what he’s overcome.”

“So what are you waiting for? The lightning war of music needs to get to your ears now!”

“Danniel Oickle...moves in a circle of theatrical, genre-busting musicians”

“Provides an amazing new sound.”


“His visual work matches the glitzy fantasy of his music: studies of his face in stage makeup, centaurs and videos that focus suggestively on his own body. He likes the honesty of being so exposed in his work.”

“This is a great listen!”

“Une nouvelle génération d'artistes.”

Bruno Julien - RG Magazine

“a mix of pop experimentalism, moody electro production and glam melodrama”

“Oickle does not appear as if he is about to slow down.”

“Oickle has created a piece where sexuality and religion collide to electric effect.”

“Oickle has devoted himself to making an album that is packed with religious, sexual and psychological themes that rarely get the danceable beat treatment of songs like his ‘Caring & Hate.’”

“a half-man half-animal poet.”

"With reactions that range from deeply moving to gallingly uncomfortable, Oickle has the ability to reach listeners on a very personal level. Most people agree that the ability to deeply affect an audience's emotions is a rare talent."

“Danniel’s rendition of this centuries-old classic ('Greensleeves') embodies a different take on the drama and intensity of much of his other work.”

“Lyrically complex electro with spoken word and cabaret elements.”

“[A person] whose perfectionism is so accepting, whose exhibitionism manages to be humble, that their words make and heal scars at the same time.”

"Conscientious, focused, and gifted."

Pat Croteau - Capital Xtra