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Connor Band / Press

“You are indeed very talented to be playing all those instruments. I feel a little element of Pink Floyd coming through which should be taken as a huge compliment. You have an exceptional feel about the songs you write and they have all the ingredients for success. Awesome production and feel.”

“I'm a big fan of guitar riffs and a player myself. Your guitar play is nothing short of blessed. Keep doing ya thing young brotha in artistry.”

“Dude you look really young to be rocking in the big league. AWESOME!!!!!!!!”


“Authority ~ Enjoyed the listen.Your R.N.Bro Larry Killam;)”

“You rock little man. All my best, Cindy”

“I love "Solo over Cm Blues Jam Track." Keep em' coming”

“Pretty cool stuff - "Tangent" really gets cooking nicely!”

“It's getting There man Slowly but you'll keep getting better as time goes on Rock on man”

“Love the new song "Tribute to Riley" Just hope people listen long enough until the end.”