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Clouds Over Midgar / Bio

Three travelers from the frozen lands of the north, come to slay a dark evil. Summoning the fires of a forgotten time, smelting one magical talisman to banish the impending invasion of the ones whose sole aim is to destroy all that is natural and original, and to repopulate the world with something else, something manufactured, something profitable. In their hands they hold the balance.

A warrior of great power, made agile and quick for all time andmore by an anti aging spell cast by an elven maiden. He is adept in wielding the ancient weapons of the old order, harnessing the power of the elements of earth, wind, and fire. His skill at mixing and mastering potions is well known across the realms, and he is feared and revered by even the greatest of men. Submerged as a child in the black hot springs of Mount Doom Metal, he is capable of using just his crazy eyes to drive those who witness them to madness. Melting the faces of his foes with a booming, thunderous attack, coupled with a terrifying growl, he devours their evil souls.

A wizard of amazing spellcasting talent, wise and skillful in the mystical arts, channeling the universal connection to the great Eye-omi, the mythical sorcerer who in madness first crafted the magical stoner rock into the great metal. Wielding an enchanted staff strung with finely woven shards of hannemantium, he plays a siren song for the birds, ethereal as the beautiful song of coming angels. In a mere moment he summons dimebaga, decapitating demons with fiery orange orbs, shredding the very fabric of space and time. His power is amplified by his fearsome beard, and his consumption of the beast elixir.

A barbarian from where the northern mountains meet verdant sky, a massive beast of a man wielding full grown spruce trunks as clubs, and a magical beard of massive proportions. With unexpected agility and dexterity, he effortlessly glides through grooves in the rock, using his great hands to weave it into metal of the purest order. In an instant he summons berzerker, unleashing furious ruinous destruction on the minion horde, using brute strength to crush them beneath blasting beats, and casting ritarda, bringing his enemies to a crashing, crawling half time annihilation.

Three warriors, seeking the mythical prog stone, on a divine mission to destroy the evil sorcerer Populon, and restore balance to the life stream. With harmonic dissonance, they fight the demons of the dark underworld hoarding the gold stolen from those who still create the mythic metals of old. They will do battle in the dark places beneath the world, in the taverns and dragon's dens across the realm, to free all those who cower in the face of the minions of the manufactured master of the mundane and unnatural. These three brave souls. These Clouds Over Midgar.

General Info

Band Members
John - Drums, Mike - Bass/Vocals, Oz - Guitar
Artist Name
Clouds Over Midgar
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Metal / Progressive / Rock

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Cleveland, OH

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