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''Laron Antwain Johnson'' aka ''Sir Johnson Himself'' Is An Independent Hip Hop/Rap Artist Born December 11, 1983, Raised, And Residing In Amarillo, Texas. His Music Career Began Professionally In 2002, Along With The Conception Of ''Lone Star Records'' Co-Founded By ''Steven Webster'' aka ''Dub''. The Label's Intention Was To Integrate The Best Local Talent In The Region And Produce Them All Under One Roof. Houston Was Blowing Up So Why Couldnt We? We Just Needed Representation. Sadly, Due To Internal Issues The Crew Disbanned Less Than A Year Later And ''Lone Star Reords'' Never Produced.
Then, Fall Of 2007, ''Sir Johnson Himself'' Decided To Take His Best Shot At Reinventing That Dream, and Making It Actually Happen. ''2 Da Top Entertainment'' Was Born, And This Is The Powerhouse We Know Today. Launching Several Projects Such As ''Dohe4Sho Presents Fresh Out The Box Vol. 1'', ''Sir Johnson Himself Presents Limited Edition 1 & 2'', ''The Rise Of A Star'', ''Believe The Hype'', And Many More.
Once The Have Not’s And Now Able To Provide Answers For Those Seeking Insight Into The Music Business. Also Providing Stages, Studio Time, Production, Product, And Placement. Many Popular North Texas Artists Of All Genres Have Work Closely With, Or Are A Part Of ''2 Da Top Entertainment''. One Of Those Bands, And One ''Sir Johnson Himself'' Is A Member Of Is The Locally Revered ''Concrete Connection''. Also, ''Da Squad'', ''2KP'', ''MAJor Records'', ''Jordan Craig'', ''Arkitek'', To Name A Few.
''Sir Johnson Himself'' Over The Years has Grown As A Lyricist, A Man, And A Businessman. Hell Bent On Success , And Fueled by Burden, He Surrounds Himself With The Best Talent And Most Tasteful Producers Annually. Its Not Far Fetched To Say That This Digital Debut Is Long Over Due. ''Spot 4 You'' Will Be His First Official Independent Single via ''D West Productions''.
We Mean To Set The Standard In Texas Hip Hop in the 21st century.
But You Know.. ''Too Often Things Don’t Go My Way''

..were an aspiring talent agency with a reputation for having a lengthy roster comprised of the finest musical talent in OUR region..
2 Da Top Entertainment is a foundation for talent and hardwork to mature and ultimately develop an institute where we can cultivate anyone from an ameture dreamer... to a seasoned veteran... into self made, self opperating, independent business powerhouse.
...I'm so grateful to have been blessed with such talented people who share the same ambition..same. vision... same song...
*i just ask that you maintain
the high road at all times.
* manage your emotions
*keep our image classy in public,
we never want something phenomenal to appear 'average'
#its hard enough to get people to respect what we work so hard for...
...outside of maintaining the humane and honest image ima put y'all on blast every chance I get... sound quality and education of such will alsobe provided.
The EVENT CENTER is doing well..
Big shows are in discussion...
..and I can't wait to thank y'all...


An interview with local rap group Concrete Connection about how they began, what lights their fire, and the common good that shines beneath the gritty, concrete surface. - by Trenton Fisher, ARG contributor

When ARG met with the members of Concrete Connection, one would expect that they are usually working in a home studio; to my surprise, the interview with Sir Johnson Himself consisted of plush leather chairs and stemmed glasses of cognac. The environment is very indicative of the deceptively professional, committed attitude that is applied to their music. Concrete Connection is a tight knit group of local artists who will stop at nothing to take their vision of the Amarillo hip hop scene straight 2 DA TOP! (2 Da Top is the name of their production company).

Concrete Connection consists of JP The Rapper, Saylynt, Dohe4Sho, Dub, and of course, Sir Johnson Himself. (Note: It is the strong encouragement of ARG.com to check out www.thenext.tv and show your support for Texas, Amarillo, and Concrete Connection.)

If you’re wondering what Sir Johnson Himself and his crew represent, you can’t do much better than hearing it from the source itself. Sir Johnson Himself explained, “Originally I had a label and I just wanted to get a lot of cats together that had something to represent Amarillo, and later that dissipated and some of the cats that stuck around we ended up being real tight knit, we turned into r

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