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“from Canadian Indie Picks - Wed, 30 Mar 2011 03:19:01 GMT This week, we've pulled in artists from all 4 corners of Canada, and a few in between. From the frozen North, we've ... Formerly from Calgary Alberta, The War Next Door moved to Victoria BC, thawed out, and extended the heat to their music. No gimmicks or ... Last, but not least is Angel Edwards from Vancouver BC, whose pop-rock reminds me of smokey taverns with patrons grasping at that last chance for romance (just before the ugly lights go on). The tunes aren't ... Read More » ”


“Review of Angel Edwards By Jane Franklin Angel Edwards’ original music spans genres and tastes, and takes the listener on a lyrical journey of musical expression. Rooted in rock and roll and influenced by everything from jazz to the alternative scene, Angel’s music is a fusion of styles that explodes in a singular, inspired sound. Angel writes and plays the songs that make up the soundtrack of a life. Whether she’s playing something soft and intimate, or rockin’ your world; there’s always something in the music that speaks to the experiences of a life well lived. Whether you want songs to tap your foot and dance to, songs to mend a broken heart, songs to rev you up or songs to chill out with, Angel Edwards should always be on your playlist. Jane Franklin September 15 ,2010 ”