Over Odds / Press

“Be it live or recorded, this bunch delivers everything an audience could want.”

“There are only a few world-class vocalists around. One of them is in local band Over Odds.”

“Over Odds isn't just a one-man-show. Guitarists Matthew Tempest and Aaron Horton formed the band in 2009 and over the years created some of the best-written guitar work on the local scene. They don’t just strum chords or rehash shred runs from 80s icons – they write, and the notes and chords fit songs that are hooky and progressive at once.”

“If anyone even thinks about losing attention, the rhythm section of drummer Josh Jones will keep them riveted with tempo changes and low end fury.”

“Over Odds is not five guys doing their own thing however. They are a unit, tightly focused on their sound and their chemistry.”

“At a recent band battle at Sherlock’s, myself and another staffer sat looking at each other as if to say ‘Are you hearing this?”

"Over Odds is the best NEW band out of D/FW I've seen in a looooooong time! Let's do it again!"

“You guys were AWESOME! Definitely worth the trip from Wisconsin to see you!”

Danielle Geurts - Fan of the Year

"Last night was kick ass! Wow - Over Odds was great. Seriously - that was really, really awesome. The 5th song was my fav. Singer was killer too. **** - that was great. Susan and I both were just floored."

Scott Whigham - Music DFW