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““Citizen Lame” is good in creativeness but there is real balance to it. The features, the hooks, the beats and the lyricism are perfect. If you like music than you should at least give this mixtape a listen. If you like hip-hop than hopefully you already have it in your collection!”

“Thank you my friend :-) Your music is the best! Oct 25”

J . White - J. White

“Hey. Just listened to 'l.a.me' and 'love to your mind'. You got some good tracks and dope voice. I'll come bk soon. Much love from London Oct 04”

“ PROMIZE™: L.A.M.E........Yeah!!!!!!! - Rob Sep 29”

Promize - Fan of a Fan

“Just went to the homie Juq'o Vibe page and downloaded "The Leaks" Album. Can we say Lame Masterpiece?! go support the homie. Support the Lame Movement. http://juqovibe.bandcamp.com/album/the-leaks”

Support the lame

“MikeWhitePresents: wow! That brass riff bedding down "L.A.ME" is sensational..bouncing, rockin fat freakin tune..brilliant lyric and hot hook take it way out of the park and into a new territory. You got skillz Pro! Will be back a lot more ... Sep 28”

“Why You think I say Lame Beacue they Lookin At ME”

“Your Image Is a bLemish No Maybeline”