The Iron Gate's Upper Level

Point Pleasant, WV


601 Main St, Point Pleasant, WV, US
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304 675 7030

Capacity: 120 Age Limit: 21

Bio: Full service restaurant/ bar with club/bar on the second floor Live music and DJ on the patio during summer months and the fun moves upstairs to "The Upper Level" when the weather goes bad. The Upper Level features house pa and lighting with dance floor featuring live entertainment and is also available for private party rental. Want to play at The Upper Level? Booking at The Upper Level goes like this: We prefer booking bands who do original material. A few covers are ok and A good bar band from time to time to mix things up is not completely out of the question but yes we prefer original bands who do original material looking to promote themselves and their music. We have House PA and and Lighting but you do need to supply your own Mics, Mic Cables(XLR) and Mic Stands including instrument and drum mics.(we have a few cheapies we can use in a pinch but you need to bring your own mics) and our guy runs our equipment no exceptions Do to limited staging and pre-staging space we like to try and limit shows to 3 bands. Exceptions are made at times mostly depending on size of acts and amount of equipment they use but 3 is the magic number. Now for the good part PAY$$$$ We offer 80% of the door/cover charge to the band who books the show. The other 20% goes to sound and lighting not the bar you provide your own opening acts and divide the money with your opening acts as you wish (we can and will help find/refer acts if needed) You can adjust the amount of the cover/admission as you see fit(within reason) <iframe frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=200 height=130 src=http://www.reverbnation.com/widget_code/venue_booking_widget/venue_1104334?show_header=1&header_text=0&header_text_color=0&button_text=0&button_color=0></iframe>



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