The Flying Walrus

McAllen, TX


204 South 17th Street, McAllen, TX, US
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(956) 627-0211

Capacity: 470 Age Limit: 21

Bio: The Flying Walrus is designed to be something completely different. Our aim is to bring some of that Austin Style swagger to South Texas. There's no need for DJs blowing your ear drums out, insane dress codes or bars over-charging anyone silly enough to pay the $8 or $9 a drink. The Flying Walrus is the type of place where you can hang out, actually hear the person next to you and feel comfortable. Basically, if you're looking for the type of bar that is going to sell $200 bottles so that people can sit in a booth and pretend they're cool. Well...this isn't the bar for you, but if you're into not breaking your wallet, hanging out with friends in a clean, well-lit bar, listening to live music and eating great pizza then you are definitely in the right place!



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