Moments of Awareness

Boise, ID


613 Robie Creek Road, Boise, ID, US
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Capacity: 2147483647

Bio: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Humanimals on Display ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moments of Awareness is an audiovisual documentation and broadcast of the unedited, unabridged reality of the extraordinarily ordinary lives of the Jaways - Peace & the Dudes and The Fam - at Jaway's Jungle in Robie Creek. See our website for further information, including more info on the bands whose music you're hearing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All music is used with written permission from the copyright holders. Find our Artist's Agreement at http://momentsofawareness.com/artagree.html . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The views and opinions expressed on Moments of Awareness are those of the expressers thereof, and may or may not reflect the views of MOA, Psychedelic Aire, or Peace & the Dudes Jaway.



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