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325 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY, US
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Bio: KOPNGO.COM Welcome to the world of kopngo.com Kopngo is a "promotion & production" website company. This is a place where stars are born & where you see them first. We love entertaining you with the future. We also love entertaining you with what you love to be entertain with; but just in a very different way then what you are used to. This is a place where dreams come true for all those who are serious about what they are doing to achieve their goals for success. When You log on to http://kopngo.com you are sure to see pure entertainment for your eyes & ears! We specialize in promoting & production of hip hop, r&b, classic soul, jazz and pop music. Most artists on this website are here because we at kopngo have a working relationship with them. Some of them just got good music and needs that extra push up that ladder of success! We at kopngo wants to work with these people in the future; but they are all on the website really because we are a fan of good sounding music. We supply music artists with services & information that is needed for that artist to stay in the mix and further her/his career. We help assist artists with showcase bookings, internet, club & street promoting, plus other services. internet promoting it allow us to reach people all over the world. we can reach & put your music in the hands of potential customers ; with Kopngo.com mailing list of 2,500 and growing music listeners and lifestylers. This is what your music needs to be; heard by the right crowd! the artist and their music is what we care about. We make sure an artist use all possible resources that are in their individual situation. Let us promote for you and your product or project! We are a promoting and production company based in NEW YORK CITY! We can put your product or project in the hands of the Big NEW YORK CITY RECORD EXECUTIVES! We extremely Speacialize in Street promotions; putting your product or project directly to the streets of NEW YORK. This is done by club promotion, flyer distribution, event planning, email collecting and blasting, video proof for all activities and services will be shown & alerted on: facebook Fire Spitters wit the Pro Flo (FB) twitter myspace buzz tumblr youtube blogtalkradio and of course kopngo.com Plus many more! ** SET UP YOUR NEW YORK PROMOTION PACKAGE FOR YOUR PRODUCT OR PROJECT Promotion packages start as low as $30 *1 audio song submitting is $30 : for 30 days your song will be submitted to 4 internet mixtapes/playlists. These 4 mixtapes/playlists will be distributed through the internet by email blasting, text, file & link sharing. *1 music video submitting is $100: for 30 days your video(7 minutes maxs.) will be submitted to 4 video playlists/episodes. These 4 video playlists/episodes will be distributed through the internet by email blasting, text, file & link sharing. Premium promotion package includes: One mixtape/playlist a week, that will be pressed to “cd/dvd” to promote in the streets, clubs, lounges, bars, barber shops, female hair & nail salons; as well as other target marketing spots. $100 for cd mixtape slots $250 for dvd slots all mixtape slot holders will get a master copy of mixtape.



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