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“PORNO PURE We’ve covered Trash Monroe a couple of times now, and every time we go back to them they seem to have done something to better their last offering whilst still maintaining their sense of belief, dedication, and drive – something I really admire in them. As such, I was pretty damned chuffed when they sent me through a few new tracks to check out to see what I thought of things, and jumped at the chance to be amongst the first to check them out. As you’d expect from Trash Monroe, the track gets off to an upbeat and rock orientated start, immediately luring you in with the jumpy drumming, funky guitar work and bass heavy rhythms – if you’re not moving from the word go then there’s something wrong with you! As the vocals kick in we’re led along through the track, the soft female vocal line contrasting against the almost post punk vibe of the backing track, offering a sense of softness against the hardness of the music.”

“I’ve liked Trash Monroe since I first heard them, largely for two reasons. Firstly, their music is damned good, they know what they’re doing and it shows when you hear their tracks. Secondly, they’re a lovely bunch of people, and they play their music because they love what they do – and it shows. All too often bands are in it for the wrong reasons, meaning that you get a commercial sound, or something they think you want to hear – where as with Trash Monroe it’s all real, it’s all meaningful, and they’re only just getting started. Definitely a band you need to hear if you haven’t already.”

“Southend quintet Trash Monroe make their next release a short and quick one, the two track single 'Addiction Of Duplicities Part 1' delivers lust, blushing beauty and the fundamental elemental sounds of pure rock music. Dedicated to the late Paul Raymond Rowe, this dedication comes with a bountiful of emotion and feeling as band connects with the listener through two sensational songs. With this now under their belt and their next major release in sight, there is no way that this musical tour-de-force will ever stop, buckle up and batten down the hatches, Trash Monroe are sure to explode on the national scene.”

“Strong and intriguing from the start, the new EP from UK alternative rock band Trash Monroe just gets better and better the more time you spend in its company. Well the first part anyway as part 2 of the release is not unleashed until January of 2013, but going by the pair of stirring tracks offered here there is no reason to doubt the second part of Addiction Of Duplicities will be any different.”

“Bleached Edges Of My Memory certainly suggests good things are to follow, opening with a funky and upbeat drum line, roving bass line and those soft and serene vocals which give Trash Monroe their sound. Upbeat and firmly rooted in old school rock, the different levels of this track seem to bound around each other, almost like the band were playing for one up-manship throughout the recording, resulting in something where you can hear everything, can feel the music running through you and want to hear more and more. Intricate guitar lines, soft vocals, pounding drums, thundering bass and sound effects abound throughout the track, the mix levelled throughout and the feeling that this could well be an anthem in the waiting oozing out throughout. In summary – if this is what the new record is going to sound like, I can’t wait to see what happens when it’s released! ”

“Essex based alternative rockers are back with a double A side single; Addiction Of Duplicities, Part 1 which provides a tiny insight into what to expect from their upcoming album. The first track on this two track release S.O.B sounds great from the get go. The bass heavy introduction completely sucks you in before Melany Dantes' gritty vocals kick in. Musically and vocally Trash Monroe sound great, on first listen S.O.B is a lot more likable but Stupid Again grows on you. Stupid Again is a lot softer than the previous track, and it contains some nice tender moments. Addiction Of Duplicities, Part 1 is the perfect appetiser for Trash Monroe's upcoming album. It completely whets your appetite and leaves you wanting more.”

“You’re going to want to see live. frankly stunning. I like the sound which Trash Monroe have gone for here, it’s one which combines the hard and soft, takes a genre and makes it their own, keeping the music as the main focus without allowing themselves to become distracted. If the band can keep this their focus and keep doing what they’re doing, then this is going to be a real force to be looking out for really quite soon! Full review on our facebook page!”

Dave Nicholls - Loud-Stuff

“amazing band great live !”

Hollywood Doll

“very laid back and soothing music, well pieced together. Vocalist has a great voice with awesome range and uses her voice well both at the heavier and lighter points of the songs. Drums and bass are very neat and tight, both sound magnificent together. Guitar brings an air of weirdness and intrigue (in a good way) that really draws the listener in to what is going on. ”

Daniel Larkin

“So much to love about this band - the excellent music, the look and just the great musicianship involved. Would like to catch you guys live some time.”

Mars Martin

“This band could have easily penned the soundtrack to The Crow films. ”

SoundARC Promotions

“I've known Trash Monroe for some years now, and have been fortunate enough to share the stage with them, though not for a while. Last week I managed to catch them playing just up the road from Bazzaville, and could not believe how much they had grown as a band since I'd last seen them. Melany's vocals have developed greatly, and now possess a new 'raw' edge not often attempted by a female vocalist. Visually the band are so marketable, that I can imagine Melany and Brad dolls to be sold everywhere, and the NEW Ken would certainly swagger his way along the shelf, Sid Vicious style, past Barbie and head to the nearest liquor store. The music, well the name sums it up I think. It's both trashy and beautiful, it's crafted and edgy, it's loud and it's RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! their latest album "Shooting from the Lips & other Crimes of Passion" features some corking tracks such as 'Six Nine', 'Black and Blonde' and the hauntingly dramatic 'Nine Day Queen'. ”

Baz Dedheven - Dominion

““Shooting From The Lips and Other Crimes of Passion is a sweeping, moody, aggressive wonderful album from a band truly on top of their game. “ (Panic ’zine)”

Panic 'zine