Tom Hubbard / Press

“A classic sound in its own right, Hubbard’s domination over steel brings a new meaning to sliding. Slick and wiry, whiny and pleasing, lamentable and joyous. Hubbard’s recording “Slidin’ At Ya Live” shows that he has more raw emotion in his left pinky than some people have in their whole lives. Expertly played slide-guitar that congers up the images of sun-warped air rising on the horizon blocked only by a little red one-room shanty with a tall dark stranger amusing himself on the front stoop.”

Sarah Hankel - The Guide

“With an evil grimace on his face, he weilds his resonator guitar. The track “Everything I’ve Known(Has Gone)” is reminiscent of Skip James.”

Living Blues Magazine

“Satan has a new son-in-law, and his name is Tom Hubbard”

Blues Review Magazine

“A smooth ride, errie feel and lyrics....like walking down into a cavern that leads into another world. One where magic rules, the dark, dank, and the dreary are so prominent that one can't escape it. A ritual of the initiation into Hubbard. Masterfully he chants out the vocal arraignment, fingers caressing the guitar, soft, but forceful he weaves a web that encircles the listener and forces them to submit to the enchantment....and so they are lost forever to the world of the darkness of the soul. Such a journey! Such entertainment! A MUST buy CD! Once you've been to the land of Hubbard you never come back to reality. Never even try to. : )”

Cookie Holley - Bump-N-Grind Music

“The myth of the blues as a depressing music has been fully justified. Tom Hubbard has just released a CD called Shadows & Potions. Tom Hubbard is obviously the "High Sheriff From Hell". His songs hint at evilness and lurking madness. If the blues can really be said to have a dark genius lurking in the subconscious, then Tom Hubbard is the sinister contender for the title.”

Pat Davidson - UK Blues Review

“Tom Hubbard's latest album, "Shadows & Potions" combines many musical elements whilst listeners are taken on a journey through mystical realms and primal echoes. "Shadows & Potions" presents radical aspects of Tom Hubbard hitherto unseen.”

Charlie Grey - Blues in Iowa

“Tom Hubbard takes a mystical voyage on this new collection, with a supernatural theme and darker side that recalls Hubbard's 1998 release, "On The Dark Slide." While routed deeply in the blues, Tom Hubbard's music has a dynamic all its own, and an intensity that breeds introspection. This aint just no 'nuther bluesman, ladies and gentlemen. Venture into the shadows with Tom Hubbard on this one, and you'll feel the deep, dark blues of this fine musician (and noted actor).”

Ellis Kell - Midwest Blues