tom house / Press

““His record-a rough, grimy, sometimes cruel recasting of country music as a folk music made for ordinary people by devils-is an extraordinary collection of warnings and threats, and it sounds as if it came right out of the ground. His music has the feel of one-of-a-kind, the work of an eccentric who can neither speak nor hear any other language. In House's new music, the feeling of the primitive, of the ineradicable, is like a power principle. He seems to have gotten his hands on the pen that can write a song that could have been written a hundred years ago- or, more to the point of the inner-idealist, a hundred years from now.””

Greil Marcus - Esquire Magazine

““Ask songwriter’s songwriters such as David Olney and Mark Germino about Nashville’s finest and they’ll invariably bring up Tom House, a scruffy song scribe and poet whose works manage supreme intelligence, lyrical intricacy and visceral impact.””

Peter Cooper - The Tennessean