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“I gave it a listen and can say you need not be afraid, you will not be receiving one of Daryl’s arrows to the head. Indeed, your cravings for more will be put aside as you drown yourselves in the music. Theresa Jeane (vocal, keys), Steven Tobi (lead guitar), Kevin Koelsch (bass), Javier Garza, Jr (rhythm guitar), and Josh Perrone (drums) feed your needs with the release Revenge of The Nearly Deads on May 26.”

“Although The Nearly Deads sound has been described as an amalgamation of alternative rock, punk rock, grunge, and post grunge to my ears, they sound like a “Rock” band and evidence of that is “Revenge”, which is far and away the shining star of Revenge of The Nearly Deads. Bottom Line – The arrow is certainly pointing in the right direction for The Nearly Deads and it’s only a matter of time (better sooner than later) before the world falls in love with them!”

“So I recently discovered THE NEARLY DEADS and I have to say I am beyond impressed with this band. Now, I had nothing to go on other than their new EP Revenge! of the Nearly Deads (self-released, February 17) but if these six songs are any kind of indication as to what they’re about then you can just sign me up right now.”

“What can be said about The Nearly Deads is their music is full of depth, passion and Pop vocals mixed with Hard Rock. There is a truth and honesty in the every note sung and played. Their song writing is spot on and provides a mixture of topics but always seem to be of a positive nature. The Nearly Deads have a strong future and the new EP Revenge of the Nearly Deads is sure to be a great success.”

“Whilst they can’t be accused of high-brow, intricate, smart-arsed music, what they do is top notch.Crushing riffs, powerful driving rhythm and, of course, Theresa Jeane’s vocals give me all I want.”

“Since this is an EP, I’ll focus on just one of the songs in the spirit of preserving that sense of discovery I talked about. The single from Revenge of the Nearly Deads, “My Evil Ways”, is 3m 17s of “polished grit” that this band has built a following around. The vocals of the talented TJ Jeane really drive this modern outcast anthem that, lyrically, would feel right at home in a song written in the angsty, grunge filled 90’s era. Musically, “My Evil Ways” is part Metal and part Pop which, in my opinion, equals a new branch of contemporary Rock. The combination of the two era’s produce a catchy tune with real substance. It’s a hard balance to strike, but “My Evil Ways” is somehow clean and grungy all at once. This is an accomplishment, and The Nearly Deads should be commended. I think they have another hit on their hands.”

“Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the five-piece rock band combines melodic power and hard-driving energy for their single, “My Evil Ways.” It’s a short track that only clocks out at around three minutes, but it wastes no time in delivering the sharp edge.”

“For only being six tracks long, The Nearly Deads have taken me on quite the listening journey. What started off as a hard-hitting EP, finished on a sorrowful and heartfelt note, proof that the end is never quite like the beginning.”

“The evolution of the Nearly Deads from their very well-received Survival Guide EP to "Invisible Tonight, their debut full length, is palpable, evident right off the rip with the intensely mature “I Said,” one of the most powerful tracks you hear this year in the rock world"”

"Their career trajectory is pointing in the right direction and it’s clear we’re all going to need our sunglasses handy because the future of this band is very bright"

"The Nearly Deads took the stage with ferocity getting the crowd hyped for a night of hard-hitting rock and roll"

"A nifty mix of Paramore and Katy Perry"

“Wow they got the crowd to go crazy, it wasn’t hard the fact lead vocalist of the band “TJ” is a hot chick who can perform and sing. The whole band was so into it, they are: Steve – Guitar, Cory – Drums, Kevin – Bass and Brandon also on the Axe. Labels…If you have not seen this band, go run like the wind, send one of your scouts to wherever they are and sign them because they have that unique potential you rarely find. Music fans go check them out if you can! They are worth your time even when you are not drunk, their post-grunge sound with a modern punk punch is a must listen.”

"They sound as if they’ve been playing for many years, due to the talent each member has. The Nearly Deads has power behind their music, which I can see them having much success. If you haven’t heard any of their songs, then I suggest you do so.”

"TJ, she's a keeper. Her rhinoceros thesaurus must be filled to the brim with a piping hot cornucopia of onomatopoeia. Ok, ok. I admit it. The zombies seduced me like cotton candy in sugarland but it was a descending piano melody saturated with reverb that sealed the deal..."

“Home of the newly-weds and the nearly-deads”

“Their self-titled EP in March 2011, and it's a solid alt-rock album, thoughtful lyrics, great musicianship and Theresa Jeanne's vocals are captivating. She's got an extremely strong vocal presence and has just enough of a bite to her voice to keep things interesting.”

“I first listened to their songs “Special” and “Reasons” and I knew that I had a reason to buy the rest of the album.”

“Theresa Jeanne is the daring vocalist/pianist of the group and I must say I loooovvvveeeee her voice!”