The Gathering Pool / Press

“Songwriting, Mixing, Mentoring & More Ryan is an American musician and producer who has played in both professional and independent bands. In his career, he has been mentored and worked with various major label pros such as being produced by Grunge icon Page Hamilton(Helmet, David Bowie). Ryan has nearly 3 decades of experience as a multi-instrumentalist beginning guitar at the age of 6. As a live musician, he has played hundreds of shows beginning with his first public performance as a cellist at the age of 9. Moving on to headline respected venues such as The Hawthorne Theater, Dante's Inferno and The Historic Rogue Theater.”

“Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming Album “”I-ORION””? Ryan Christopher : I-ORION focuses on political and social issues in regards to the welfare of our children. The name of the album is based on my son’s name and the Self Psychology term “I-Self”. Largely in support of domestic violence victims, orphans, and children who have become wards of the state; this album’s goal is to encourage healing and growth as a means to end the cycle of abuse within families. The concept of the album follows a semi-fictional version of my son on his journey to find his authentic self and make peace with an abusive stepfather. It’s been a great experience planning this album and working on it with my son. It’s serving it’s purpose already by helping him express his feelings constructively and have his voice be heard.(Spoiler Alert: Youngest Metal Vocalist Debuting on I-ORION?)”

“The Gathering Pool has hit #1 on the Global, National, Regional, and Local Experimental/Rock charts on ReverbNation.com!!!”

“The Cage is now available on iTunes. All proceeds go towards select Cancer Research charities.”