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“Those who caught Hinder on their latest tour may have seen Seattle-based heavy alt-rockers The Adarna as the opener. The Adarna are celebrating the band’s 10th National Tour by joining Hinder, Saving Abel, and American Sin as part of the Lucky 7 Tour. In the past, The Adarna has headlined nine solo tours, not afraid to focus on less conventional rock venues including anime/comic conventions, schools, and DIY shows. What makes their appearance at Q Bar in Darien on June 29 extra special is that it features a first-ever brother and sister musical match-up. Guitarist Andreka Jasek performs in the head- lining band (The Adarna) and her brother, Zig Jasek is the drummer for the opening band, emerging, local classic tribute rockers 8-Track. The Jasek's parents divorced when the siblings were young, and their mom kept Andreka in Seattle, while their dad took Zig to Chicago. This show is the first time the siblings will perform together. The Jasek musical family reunion takes place on June 2”

“This morning as I drank my morning cup of coffee, I listened to the album Road To Resonance by the Seattle, Washington based rock band The Adarna released July 10, 2018, on their own record label. This driving band features William Perry Moore on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andreka Jasek on lead guitar, Oliver Spencer on bass and Murdock on drums. I enjoyed this album from start to finish with great guitar riffs, powerful vocals, thumping bass lines and driving drum beats on such tracks as Firefight, These Monsters, Drugstore Cowgirl, Hold Me Close To The Edge and much more. This release was well written, performed, and recorded. They are presently on tour with Hinder, Saving Abel & American Sin. I would love to have the honor of meeting this band and reviewing their live performance when they come to Capone’s in Johnson City, Tennessee on June 14th, but being a sold out show, I am not sure if I will get the opportunity unless a miracle happens.”

“2019 is marking an important year for the Jet City Rock band known as The Adarna. To mark the band’s 10th National Tour they will be joining Hinder, Saving Abel, and American Sin as part of the Lucky 7 Tour including dates Nationwide and in Canada. In the past, The Adarna have headlined their own 9 tours, not afraid to focus on less conventional rock and roll venues including anime/comic conventions, schools, and DIY shows. William, frontman for The Adarna states, “We see this as an asset for the band. We’re used to proving ourselves to potential fans on tour and not waiting for opportunities to happen.” The Adarna enters the Lucky 7 Tour armed with their 3rd album titled, “Road to Resonance.” Amongst the tour dates will be the Music Fights Back Festival in Wisconsin dedicated to providing support for children battling cancer. They will share stage alongside their tourmates Hinder and American Sin as well as Smile Empty Soul, Cold Kingdom, and Eva Under Fire to name ”

“Today on the podcast we talk to William Perry Moore of The Adarna and Death By Overkill. I asked William a bunch of questions and we learned things about the bands, what kinds of music he likes, what other Seattle bands are getting him excited, what he thought about Upstream Music Fest, what support means to him, what he thinks of the Seattle music scene, how he defines success, and more! I hope you enjoy getting to know William as much as I did.”

“The mix gorgeous meaty yet pin sharp, and when they go for it, moments of exhilaration are formed. Adarna don't know what they want to be, but this dichotomy will stand them in good stead; this Jet City Rock is making stop-offs at lots of places; if it doesn't know where it's going, getting there will please enough people. They're going to be huge. In spite of seemingly railing against materialist and fame, this music is designed for it. Road to Resonance? Road to Relevance more like.”

“”Road to Resonance” is the 3rd album and independent release from Seattle’s rock band -The Adarna. The Adarna take their name from a mythical phoenix-like songbird in Filipino folklore, The Adarna [pronounced uh-darn-uh] are the first band to ever coin their genre as “Jet City Rock,” due to their proximity to Seattle’s Boeing Field. This 9 time National Touring band is known for their relentless energy, aggressive tour schedules, and now will be armed with a new album that released July of 2018 — The Adarna is a name you’ll be hearing more and more frequently. Their single, “Superman,” off the album How Perceptive, gained much success in anime and comic fandom. This resulted in the placement two songs in the song in a new superhero video game by Risen Phoenix Studios as well as earning nominations for Best Music Video at the Fanboy Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Tirana International Film Festival, and Los Angeles Philippine Film Festival.”

“William explains some of the song concepts in Road to Resonance as, “the path we all have to take to find something that resonates within ourselves, in music, and in others. We use this album to find the edges and corners in our lives, the points where we could fall off into the abyss or choose to step back. The song ‘Hold Me Close to the Edge.’ refers to our breaking points, and what the views look like from there.” The song “Firefight” was written as an homage to the brave men and women everywhere. In 2016, The Adarna was honored to perform overseas for the US troops in the Middle East and the trip has left a lasting impression with the band.”

“SEATTLE, WA - Jet City Rockers, The Adarna, announce the release of their third studio album, Road to Resonance. The album will be released online July 10, 2018 with a CD Release at the Skylark in Seattle on July 12th. This LP will be the follow-up to their 2015 album, How Perceptive. Frontman for The Adarna, William Perry Moore, explains, “this was a hard fought album. We wanted to push our comfortability and skills by adding more musical influences and electronic sounds to our music.” The initial process of Road to Resonance began in 2017 during their Dollars & Dignity Tour. During this tour, the band’s tour vehicle “Wendy,” had major transmission failure on their way to perform at Rocklahoma. This was a big hit for the band’s finances but they were determined to save their vehicle, complete the tour, and find a way to still release the LP that they owed their fans. What you see and hear before you is the result of The Adarna’s typical “never-say-die attitud”

“Playing BRATFEST 2018 in Madison, WI and headed out on their Summer tour ….. The Adarna prepare to release a brand new album.”

“Nearly five years out of the gate, The Adarna are set to embark on their 7th North American National tour, which includes their performance at Rocklahoma. Their summer 2016 national tour, The Jet City Tour, was to support the release of their recent album, How Perceptive. In Dec 2015 – Jan 2016, they were honored to perform internationally for the US troops in 5 countries in SW Asia as part of their Project Gratitude Tour. Appearing locally at Boeing’s 100th Anniversary celebration, Rock n’ Roll Marathon, Lakefair Festival, Rockout ALS Fests, and Wounded Warrior Benefits. This high energy group is not shy to co-align themselves with movements and organizations they believe in.”

“Today's Rock Rage Radio band of the day is The Adarna. Circumnavigating the complete gamut of rock genres from punk to alternative to core rock, The Adarna has a sound that sets them apart from the rest. From fuel infused guitars driving the sound, to addictive hooks, The Adarna is tearing up the music industry with a fever pitch.”

““We prioritize intimate acoustic performances, like the one coming up on Aug. 23 at Why Sound, because it gives us a chance to show a more intimate side of our music,” says lead vocalist William Moore. “When you remove the bombastic stage antics and high-energy distortion, you find the core of The Adarna.” Based in Seattle, The Adarna is comprised of Moore (vocals, rhythm guitar), Andreka Jasek (lead guitar), Murdock (drums) and Oliver Spencer (bass). The Adarna released a self-titled EP in 2012 that features five songs, including the band’s debut single, “Honestly.” That song and its corresponding video helped get The Adarna some attention and a lot of airplay, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. That success has led to several tours around North America”

“This July will see the return of Seattle rock band The Adarna to Lakefair, playing during the final hours of the last day of the festival. The Adarna describes its genre as “Jet City rock,” because Seattle is the birthplace of both the band and the Boeing company. The Adarna’s performance at Lakefair will be part of its seventh national tour, named “The Dollars and Dignity Tour.” Stops along this tour include a collection of West Coast cities and a number of performances along the Southern border, as well as a gig at the largest heavy-metal and rock festival in the country: Rocklahoma. The Dollars and Dignity Tour runs from May 12 to August 26. Prior to that, The Adarna toured internationally from December 2015 to January 2016, performing in southwest Asia for U.S. troops as part of its Project Gratitude tour. Project Gratitude, The Adarna’s first international tour, was sponsored by Armed Forces Entertainment and served as an opportunity to show gratitude to those who ser”

“Though the first leg of The Adarna’s “Dollars And Dignity 2017 Tour” was a success with many highlights, the upcoming 2nd leg (07/01/17-08/26/17) promises to hold even more! So far these “Jet City Rockers”—i.e. rock music that is filled with melody, hard rock riffing, and a no-holds-barred attitude—have been through the West Coast from Seattle through California, as far east as Austin, Texas, then north back home. During this time they were able to visit, and perform at, Black Rock High School—as featured in the documentary The Bad Kids—reunited with some military fans from their 2016 tour of the Middle East (who were happy to drive 2 ½ hours to see the band that visited their base in Kuwait), witnessed their beloved tour bus Wendy have issues and cease in Austin, and rubbed elbows with all of their heroes at the Rocklahoma festival (before barely escaping with a tornado nipping at their heels). Though these would be considered high-points in ANY tour, the next leg ”

“Local Jet City Rock band, The Adarna, are known for their never-say-die attitude which has taken them to perform in the Middle East for the troops recently, 3 albums, and now their 7th national tour. This event is the band’s Tour Kick Off Show before the Dollars & Dignity Tour they will be appearing at Rocklahoma. One of the largest rock festivals in the country. This is an event you won’t want to miss!”

“The Adarna stole my heart, and I hope it will steal yours too. Their music is amazing, the lyrics are beautiful and How Perceptive itself is a very polished album.”

“William Moore energized the audience with his lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Moore’s energy was pumping hard, and he brought it full throttle to the crowd, smiling and thoroughly enjoying himself on stage, engaging the audience. The Adarna’s songs have just enough pop to them that you can’t help but want to learn them. But the shredding guitar of Andreka Jasek brings it all back into perspective. She brought vibrant energy that rang through the other band members, tying them together with strong riffs. The band’s set combined the music style of Seattle with a gentle nudge of mainstream pop, a great concoction that they pulled off well. Oliver Spencer’s long arm bass style draws out the strength of the notes providing the glue for the rhythm section. Providing the heart beat to this Jet City Rock machine was the drummer known simply as Murdock. This powerhouse of a drummer played with what seemed like the energy of 20 drummers [cont'd]”

“The Adarna have been working hard for years, and despite their relative young age they are all seasoned musicians. You can see them live from coast-to-coast on one of their tours and if you're lucky enough, international fans will get to see them on the road too”

“Life On The Road With The Adarna (A Look Back At The 2016 Jet City Rock North American Tour) “We just accomplished in five hours what it takes most bands five years.” I’ll never forget hearing those words out of the mouth of The Adarna vocalist/guitarist William Perry Moore. Though the statement itself could be interpreted with a certain level of arrogance, it was said with emotions that were quite the opposite: pride and relief. Since this was my first major tour, I have to admit that it didn’t begin in a way that bolstered a ton of confidence. By the end of the tour, I learned that this band and its members have been around the musical world enough times to know that it isn’t how badly things can happen—there are no limits to the amount of problems that can arise—but how to overcome them to ensure that their commitments are met. I recall how often guitarist Andreka Jasek would relate her concerns over making all of the shows due to the reputation the band had gott”

“The one thing that The Adarna loves are their fans. This is most evident when it comes to the panels they participate in every year. Up first was Murdock and his drum panel. The thing that was great about his interaction was in building confidence. In fact, both he and Will’s panels are designed to not only bring new musicians into the world of performing -- for both drums and vocals respectively -- but to also let them know that no matter where they are at (beginner or someone who has had some experience), that they can do it and very encouraging in their comments. Where most seasoned pros could get trapped in becoming frustrated, they never put off that vibe. In fact, even with my limited vocal abilities, when I volunteered during the vocal lesson, Will was positive and gave me some great advice. The “zombie apocalypse” panel with Will and his brother Josh was also a lot of fun and gave some great advice to not only get people’s bodies in shape, but how to use those muscle gr”

““Much like the Foo Fighters — along with other non-Seattle bands Sick Puppies, and The Cult — (The Adarna’s) talents lie within the memorable melodies and the reckless abandon ‘punch’ found in their sound,” a news release said. The four-piece band gets its name from a songbird in Filipino folklore.”

“SEATTLE WA – When watching Seattle’s The Adarna perform live, one is immediately given a complete idea of what their banner of “Jet City Rock” truly implies, and that this trademark sound clearly has a listening audience. Having already notched a number of accomplishments—the video for their song “Honestly” airing to an audience of 10 million households on Myx TV, five North American Tours, a world tour which included stops in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa, being asked to perform at the prestigious Saikoucon multiple times (including a third on this upcoming trek), as wells as the support of Epiphone Guitars—their upcoming Jet City Rock Tour 2016 (starting on August 5th in Seattle, WA, and finishing up September 4th at in Kennewick, WA) is going to be another opportunity for this band to show the world what Jet City Rock exactly is … which would be? Having weathered a number of musical trends over the decades, the heart of the “Seattle Sound” [con”

“Also returning for their third turn as the headliner of SaikouCon's music scene is The Adarna! The Seattle, WA based rockers recently completed their overseas Gratitude Tour performing for the US Army at bases throughout the Middle East, the band will be bringing their signature Jet City Rock sound with several new additions as they revamp and retool their set lists and structure of their live show. The Adarna will be packing their same infectiously high energy and lust for life, but presenting it an all new way at SaikouCon 2016.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to 50 Bands in 50 Days, our year-end showcase of some of the best unrecognized talent coming out of the Pacific Northwest for your listening pleasure, one day at a time. This showcase is brought to you by GigTown. Today (which marks one week until Christmas!) we’d like to turn you onto a Seattle rock band with something to prove, The Adarna. A band brandishing an original style of rock they like to call “Jet City Rock,” The Adarna likes to put their unique blend of alternative rock, post-grunge and post-punk at the forefront of your mind. The band has been making music together for the better part of half a decade now, but they have all the bite and season of a veteran Seattle rock band. The Adarna released their debut full-length LP How Perceptive earlier this year, easily the band’s most ambitious and memorable release to date. The 7-song debut is doing gangbusters for the band, really putting them on the map and proving that they’re ban”

“The Adarna To Rock U.S. Service Members On The Project Gratitude Tour Seattle rockers The Adarna will be launching their very first international trek in December when they embark on the Project Gratitude Tour where they will play for U.S. armed forces members stationed in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. Frontman William Perry Moore had the following to say, "I'm a military brat. I remember how grateful the military families felt whenever bands performed on base. It was a great morale booster and something The Adarna has been focusing on doing ever since the formation." The band will also be releasing an album, special for the tour, also entitled the "Project Gratitude". It will feature remastered singles from their first two albums and 3 debut songs (Lithium Kiss, These Monsters, and Firefight). The exact locations of the shows have not been disclosed for security reasons but fans can see the general itinerary here.”

“The Adarna – Jet City Rock ~ I've been spinning The Adarna through my earbuds throughout this past summer and current fall. I love to run, and I recently made a playlist of kick ass songs. The first song that electrifies my neurons is Superman followed by Sugar. It's no surprise that the rest of that playlist is a combination of other artists who produce a sound that motivates you to move. Let's see, there's the Foo Fighters, Thirty Second to Mars, Sick Puppies, Halestorm, Collective Soul, and Band of Love. Now those are some pretty noble metal and rock bands, but The Adarna certainly deserves to be in the mix. But isn't that's the whole purpose of blogs and music mags? Just when you think you've discovered the best of a given genre, some blogger comes along and introduces you to a band like The Adarna. It's music you just have to own. The Adarna is William Moore, who is also the band's manager, Andrea Jasek, Murdock, and Shana Fairchild. If you look over your shoulder, 2015 has ...”

“What's the most fulfilling part of being a musician? Will: The fans, I feel. Murdock: Just today someone came up at our VIP sessions and said, "I listen to your music, and love it!" This girl was explaining to Will, just about an hour ago, "You're my favorite singer. I've been listening to you, I've got all your records." When you hear somebody appreciate you like that, that's the point when all that toil is worth it, and everything kind of comes together. Will: Part of it is hard, because most of the time, we look for instant gratification online. Where we look for: "Did our Facebook likes go up?" "Did our YouTube hits go up?" but you don't really get to hear the unsung hero until they're right infront of you. That's awesome!”

“SOUTHWEST ASIA - Fresh off their How Perceptive Tour in the United States, Seattle rock band, The Adarna, announce their upcoming international tour to entertain the US troops stationed in the Middle East and Southwest Asia from Dec 2015-Jan 2016. This will be the first international tour for the Jet City Rockers and an opportunity to show their gratitude to the brave men and women who are unable to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Frontman, William Perry Moore, is no stranger to entertainment for military. “I’m a military brat,” states Moore. “I remember how grateful the military families felt whenever bands performed on base. It was a great morale booster and something The Adarna has been focusing on doing ever since the formation.” To accompany the tour, The Adarna will be releasing a special album only available for the troops stationed abroad entitled “Project Gratitude.””

“The band will also perform overseas for U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East during the holidays. The Adarna recently released the album “How Perceptive.” This is the band’s fifth national tour to support the release of this album, according to Moore. The band’s stop last year in the area occurred during its national “Rise Up” tour. It is the first band to coin the genre of Jet City Rock and The Adarna has been featured on more than 200 radio stations, TV shows, magazines and music videos airing in 78 countries.”

“A big part of creating The Adarna was something he and Jasek dubbed “Jet City Rock” in reference to Seattle’s nickname inspired by the presence of the Boeing Company. He says the idea was “born out of being oversaturated by technology.” “We can see that society is suffering from ADD; we’re overstimulated and fueled by on-demand technology,” Moore says. “Push-update photos and social networks are everywhere. As a result, personal interaction is declining. People are afraid to be alone with themselves and their thoughts. … We love technology, but we want to make a difference by helping people reconnect with one another just as they did before the saturation of technology. We want to connect and inspire by making people part of something personal and real.””

“The Adarna are notable for being the first band to coin the genre of Jet City Rock. This was a way to pay homage to their hometown of Seattle while separating their interactive rock style of music from more over-processed, synthesized music. This and their aggressive tour schedule particularly caught the attention of Epiphone/Gibson Guitars who will be featuring the “Superman” music video worldwide on their websites and newsletter. To support the release of “Superman” and How Perceptive, The Adarna will be embarking on their 5th North American tour in July 2015 as well as their first international tour over the Dec 2015 holidays to perform for the US troops in the Middle East. For full tour schedule please refer to: http://theadarna.com/tour.html”

“The song “Superman” was originally released as a single but quickly became a fan-favorite gaining the band fame in new communities past their typical rock-n-roll-club-crowds such as comic, anime, and sci-fi communities. This prompted the band to release their latest album this past April, featuring their singles “Superman” and “Sugar.” The video for Superman highlights exhibits from The Sparks Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham. This museum is notable for hosting the world’s largest private collection of mankind’s electrical history including the first light bulb and one of the largest tesla coils in the world (which of course makes an appearance in the video).”

“Although they have only been around for four years, they have already completed four North American tours (while averaging about 100 shows per year), built their own tour bus (lovingly referred to as "Wendy") and had one of their videos (for their song “Honestly”) air to an audience of 10 million households on Myx TV (one of the world’s largest Asian-American networks) and it was all done with the sweat of their brows. "It's up to us to take [the music] seriously because somebody took it seriously in our life, and showed us and inspired us to find the music and the passion for it,” says William Moore, “So we owe it to them—the people who inspired us, and we owe it to the fans to go and be what they need us to be."”

“Seattle’s own alt./rock band The Adarna has been playing and rocking those around them for 3 years and counting. With 4 North American tours under their belts these Jet City Rockers have amassed a very devoted following. The band has an interesting genre flow, with a sound of Puddle of Mudd mixed with The All-American Rejects, appealing to those listeners who enjoy hard rock, punk or pop. The songs on ‘How Perceptive’ speak of drugs, love and the rebellious nature we all feel at one time or another, with a lot of guitar chugging to boost the mood. Lead singer Will Moore doesn’t just use his vocal chords, he sings from deep down inside his lungs giving him a huge boost of vocal power. On stage The Adarna has a great deal of energy, including Moore who is very animated, keeping the show exciting! You can hear that they all love what they do, you can tell they’ve spent many hours practicing and honing their skills. The enormous talent of lead guitarist Andrea Jasek is wonderfu”

“To support the release of How Perceptive, The Adarna will be embarking on their 5th North American tour in July 2015, followed by a Middle East International USO tour to entertain the troops in Dec 2015. For full tour schedule please refer to: http://theadarna.com/tour.html”

“Although most permutations of pop music are not a main construct of my wheelhouse, I must say the tasty slabs provided by Seattle’s The Adarna are pop enough to provide for at least one or two sing-along moments for EVERY SONG, but never go so sugary as to make their album How Perceptive unpalatable after a few listens (which was evident by the fact that I spun the album six times in a row upon first examination). There are rock elements from early ’90s Seattle found on songs like “Sugar” and portions of “Superman,” which are found in two different forms on the album—both “rock” and “acoustic” versions—each of which sound different enough to not make the listener feel they’ve been subjected to “rehash.” Considering the fact that How Perceptive is a debut, I am hoping that my only complaint about the album (not enough music) will be rectified the next time around. (Kilby: 07.17) –RGB Robb”

“The Adarna have been around for several years but seem to have finally mastered a rock sound that will take this band beyond the northwest scene. Their new album, ‘How Perceptive‘, which uses a Phoenix as the main symbol of the album exemplifies the bands persona perfectly. They are a band that can lay to rest the voices behind “Rock is Dead”. The Adarna can bring rock out of the ashes, reborn like the phoenix and back into the mainstream… Essentially back to where it belongs.”

““The title of How Perceptive refers to gaining perceptions from the experiences in life you’ve had,” explains guitarist Jasek. The Adarna are notable for being the first band to coin the genre of Jet City Rock. This was a way to pay homage to their hometown of Seattle while separating their interactive rock style of music from more over-processed, synthesized music. “We want the audience to feel the energy pouring off of us and to be part of that energy–not just watch it,” explains Moore, frontman.”

“Jet City Rockers, The Adarna, have announced the release of their 2nd album (How Perceptive). Their CD Release show will be Friday, April 24th, at The Skylark in West Seattle. ‘How Perceptive’ is scheduled for an April 27 release on Soundgate Records and is the follow-up to their self-titled 2012 fan-funded EP.”

“ECHO MAGAZINE: The artist Ray Cheng from Baltimore has recently been added to The Adarna. Can you tell us more about Ray Cheng, his past experiences and the skills he brings to The Adarna? WILLIAM: Our new bassist, Ray, comes to us from the Maryland area at the beginning of a great time for The Adarna. He was previously signed to a Washington DC based record label, DCide Records, with the band Agents of the Sun ; notable for sharing stages with 311, Trapt, Saliva, Unwritten Law, Smile Empty Soul, Third Eye Blind, Orgy, Three days Grace, The Roots, Papa Roach, and 3 Doors Down. We are excited to have him on board! ECHO MAGAZINE: You are recently signed with Soundgate Records. Can you tell us about your label and the collaboration between The Adarna and Soundgate Records? WILLIAM: This is exciting for us because this is The Adarna’s first label and we are their pioneer artiste on this indie label. We look forward to a bright future together!”

“I’d like to add that this IS Seattle’s premier rock band. Their shows are most definitely high energy and interactive. If you haven’t seen The Adarna live yet, I highly recommend you take Will’s advice and get to a live show. I promise you will not be disappointed and will find your body with that familiar happy buzz you get when you know you’ve seen and heard something truly special”

““The band is really a high energy kind of rock and roll. We grew up listening to rock and roll. We have taken it on ourselves to make a new style of rock and roll to pay homage to the people we love. We call it jet city rock and it’s a tribute to Seattle,” Moore said. Some of their notable convention appearances include Saikou Con., a growing anime convention outside Allentown, Rochester’s first anime convention called “Roc Con” will feature the band as musical guest of honor alongside sci-fi icon Brent Spiner, known as Data on Star Trek, and the Seventh Annual Delta H Con in Houston, Texas. Moore, who is lead singer, said other band members are the drummer known simply as Murdock, from Rochester, N.Y.; Andrea Jasek, lead guitarist from Seattle; and Jeremiah Hazel, bass guitarist from the Philadelphia area. “This is our fourth North American tour," says Moore.”

“The Adarna label their brand of hard rock music “Jet City Rock,” in homage to the supersonic image of Seattle, known for being a center for aircraft production. “We all got together, and of course, we are all passionate about music, and all from very different backgrounds, but we wanted to play rock music, and that’s really hard to describe. There are all these different genres, and everyone is dialed in. What I wanted was just something to call it. It was different to me—I don’t know if that comes across,” says bassist Hazel.”

“By the end of the show, an amazing transformation occurs with The Adarna and audience. The feeling is pure elation and gratitude. Most bands today are satisfied to rock their pro-tools, get their advance from the label, then go out and put on a mediocre show with tired performances. The Adarna are different. Every single ounce of energy is exhausted on the stage. Beaten, sweaty and thoroughly exhausted, Will starts walking through the audience amongst looks of shock and surprise. The look is familiar. It has happened in Montana, Washington, Utah and happens after every show.”

“The Adarna Release New Video For Sugar! Seattle's Jet City rockers, The Adarna, have released their new video for the song "Sugar." This is the band's second video, supporting their national "Tomorrow May Never Come Tour" and it features an Epiphone "1958" Korina Explorer, Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO and Epiphone EB-3 Bass. Look for The Adarna on a National College Campus Tour this spring. More information is available online at www.theadarna.com.”

“Each original song has a very different feel and flavor one from the next. The hard driving rhythms and pop smoothness truly give their musical sound an original vibe. More rock in their souls then any modern rock band you can find today. The Adarna’s original sound and unique variety of interactive entertainment can and will make any event extra-special and fun. The band’s musical prowess is exceptional. Every song shows amazing professional musicianship. What’s incredible is that even as tight as their playing, the Adarna have so much fun with the audience that they play through any mistakes that maybe made, not that the audience would ever know they play so smooth. Many bands are so caught up in themselves that they forget to have fun and let the joy of music flow. The Adarna seem to communicate with each other Spirit to Spirit to produce this awesome sound that really moves you heart, mind, body and soul.”

“Jet City Rock-n-Roll is music you listen to while playing the arcade version of After-Burner or flying an F-14 Tomcat!”

“The Adarna performed their single “Sugar” during a recent visit to the Gibson/Epiphone Showroom at FOX5 Studios in Las Vegas.”

““They played for mostly a locals crowd, and the younger locals loved them,” said Der Hinterhof owner Steve Demerest. “I got the feeling we were getting an early view of someone we’ll see later on a bigger stage.” Though The Adarna might be known for radio rock, they also venture into slow, acoustic songs like “The Smell of Gasoline,” and pop rock, such as “Leave These Parts of Us Behind.” Moore says they’ve been compared to The Cult and the Foo Fighters. “The kind of rock and roll that I found we really identify with is really grooving with each other,” Moore said. “It’s not overprocessed. It’s not something that’s perfect. That’s something echoed in all the bands we respected, going back to Queen and Bowie. Even though it’s polished, there’s still this rawness.””

“Seattle indie rockers The Adarna are a cool guitar-driven band with a slightly anglophile bent. Citing influences like The Cult, Muse, and Guns N Roses, the band has crafted an appealing original sound. The Adarna released a five-song, Kickstarter-funded EP earlier this year and then went on to shoot this edgy video for “Honesty” in Los Angeles with director Josh Kirkwood. The video has landed The Adarna some good exposure, getting played in retail shops and gyms across the country, while the single “Honesty” itself has landed airplay on Sirius XM, Fox, and Armed Forces Radio. Check it out for yourself here at GSTV.”

“The Adarna, The Adarna (3/2, self-released, theadarna.com): Melodic pop-rock that is both competent and catchy, with a production style and vocals from singer/guitarist William Moore that sound ready for rock-radio airplay.”