Tattooed Strings / Press

“Introducing Tattooed Strings: Lyrical Picture Painting with Unadulterated Pummeling Instrumentation... Some say it’s a review, a band bio, but call it what it is––the facts. A record executive once told me to never use a hyperbole to describe a band, or an artist in a professional bio. He said to leave those comments and reviews for critics and fans. And for those of you that know me personally and/or professionally, I’m again breaking the rules. I like to step out-of-box, so I’ll say it once, twice and probably a bazillion times over–Tattooed Strings is as good as it gets. When piecing together the Tattooed Strings review I wanted the content to best reflect the band’s image, melodic lyrics and composition. This non-traditional approach is daring and is filled with vivacity–just as you would expect to feel after hearing Tattooed Strings...."”