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“Album Review: 8/10" Thoroughly enjoyed this – there’s loads going on and as I mentioned before they go through loads of metal genres sometimes in one song......Both Rage and Gorieu can riff and shred with the best of them, the rhythm section drive the songs and the icing on the cake is Voxx’s vox! If you like ANY sort of metal, then this will appeal. C’mon give these crazy Canucks a go. C’mon the Flames!!”

“Calgary’s SYRYN are offering up a new epic single to seduce fans of melodic power metal. Entitled “Madness Becomes Me”, the song is a preview to their forthcoming yet-to-be-titled 2022 album to follow their debut 2020 full-length “Beyond The Depths”. Featuring powerful soaring vocals, storytelling, galloping riffs and rhythm, the track leads the listener on an adventure of “twists, turns and burns”.”

“Featuring powerful soaring vocals, storytelling, galloping riffs and rhythm, the track leads the listener on an adventure of “twists, turns and burns”.”

“Beyond the Depths, by Syryn is an excellent display of NWOBHM, Power metal and thrash!”

“This band will be loved by true metal heads." "NEVERENDING NIGHTMARE starts out very dreamy with amazing vocals and then, BAM, they are in your face relentlessly with no room to breathe. THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND has the metal to the petal with their pounding guitars and drums. This song is tight as ever, crank it up loud. Also, there are nice little breaks between each of the songs. PARADISE FOR DEMISE is quite the Headbanger's Ball for everyone. This song will have you yelling for now. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES reminds me a bit of the band, Bloodrock, as they are pounding at you every minute of the song. This song is a must to hear. THROUGH IT ALL ends the album with a great guitar riff and epic vocals that you'll love." Also, THANK YOU to Sloan Voxx for being in touch with me. Check them out and enjoy the ride. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD”

“Originaire de Calgary, le groupe heavy/power metal Syryn sortira son premier album nommé "Beyond The Depths" le 3 janvier 2020. Au niveau des paroles, les membres nous racontent des histoires sur différentes mythologies et légendes.”

“Album Review: 7.2/10" Overall SYRYN has delivered a solid if somewhat flawed debut album. It doesn’t break any new ground and it is a bit short on songs, with too many intermezzos. But the concept is fun, the songs are catchy and there’s enough variety to keep one’s interest. I do hope to hear more from them in the future.”

“Presenting, Artist of the Day - SYRYN”

“Presentamos una grandiosa compilación de temas de los discos más destacados de Enero 2020, exclusivo para Spotify. "Enero fue un mes bastante generoso en cuanto a Metal hablamos, grandes discos, reapariciones de bandas que ya conocemos, discos debut etc; y es por eso que decidimos hacer este gran especial para todos uds y de esta forma ponerse al día con estos nuevos lanzamientos, con dos temas para cada banda"”

“Mundo Metal [ Lançamento ] SYRYN - “Beyond The Depths” (2020) Independente Syryn que sim? Brincadeiras à parte estes canadenses acabam de lançar o seu debut , três anos após sua formação. Olhando para o "planisfério" seguimos até Calgary/Alberta, lugar no qual surgiu o Syryn, banda que acaba de dar o pontapé inicial em busca de reconhecimento perante o mundo da boa música. “Beyond The Depths” foi lançado dia 3 de janeiro de forma independente. Gravado e projetado por Jesse Kopala no Incite Audio, e masterizado por Jamie King. A arte da capa, que ficou a cargo de Rachata Yamsuwan & Sloan Voxx, trouxe uma excelente combinação de cores entre os tons de verde, roxo e azul, mostrando a imagem da embarcação perante a exuberante, gigante e poderosa sereia. Para este que vos digita essa junção assumida entre o Power e o Thrash Metal é algo bastante raro para que dê certo, pois não vejo muitas bandas seguirem por este caminho e as que o fazem, acabam não soando P”

“The influences of Thrash Metal à la Megadeth or Machine Head can be clearly heard here. But also a dash of classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal was mixed in. Also impress the interplay between the two guitarists....... A great Power Metal anthem to top it off......Syryn are following in the footsteps of the previously mentioned North American power metal bands. A successful debut.”

“Check out this kick ass cover from SYRYN with Sloan Voxx on killer vocals”

"If you like thrashy power metal, with Sloan kickin a** on vocals, and sirens and pirates, then check em out!"

“Album Review: 7.5/10" Auch zur See wird jetzt gerockt. Am ersten Freitag des neuen Jahres erscheint "Beyond The Depths", die erste EP der kanadischen Gruppe SYRYN. Das gemischte Quintett erzählt auf dieser Konzeptscheibe maritime Märchen über Sirenen (oder eben Syrynen), Piraten usw. Die hohe Anzahl von zwölf Tracks erklärt sich damit, dass die Titel mit ungeraden Nummern Intros, Zwischenspiele, Geräuschkulissen und ähnliches sind, wie das auch bei "Nightfall In Middle-Earth" von BLIND GUARDIAN der Fall war.”

“Album Review: 4/5" I know there are many, bands that have embraced nautical and sea-faring themes rather than your traditional swords and sorcery/dungeons and dragons lyrics and imagery, but Syryn uses these archetypes really well.....Calgary is a crowded and competitive Metal market and it takes a complete package to compete these fays. In addition there are very few bands actually doing this style in Western Canada so that automatically makes them stand out from the pack. FROM THE DEPTHS is a very enjoyable commendable debut.”

“SYRYN from Calgary, AB have released a single and lyric video for the song, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, which appears on their recently released album, Beyond the Depths. An incredibly powerful track that tells the tale of an all-powerful Siren who, with one swipe of her blade, makes examples of pirates she has captured and made to surrender. Sonically and musically, the track is powerful and majestic. Vocalist and founder, Sloan Voxx has incredible pipes and really shows off her vocal prowess. The dual guitar attack of Paulo Rage and Byron Gorieu work incredible together and the rhythm section of Lyxx Rose (Bass) and Bryan Campbell (Drums) lock in a solid foundation of power and groove that drive this track home."”

“Album Review: 80/100" Syryn band! From Calgary Canada, they leave us this album full of sounds and somewhat curious styles! A Power / Heavy Metal with a strong Thrash Metal style, but in the European style such as Iron Maiden in the Heavy and Thrash part with a more structured and conceptual style with a Blues label which can be felt in many of his songs , we have 6 environmental / atmospheric and 6 songs full of history based on a Mermaid, a bit of pirate history! With a background sound of drinks and quarrels, in addition to the burdens of those sailors for what the Siren does and with a feeling that abuses her later.....The album has the melodies, harmonies and rhythms with a combination of styles among the three musical styles that have the album is a good job with a Canadian style!”

“SYRYN are a Power/Thrash Metal band out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are currently unsigned but I don’t think that will last long. These guys and gals are a breath of fresh air and have a broad range of influences. This is a melting pot of various Metal sub-genres and this self-released first album hits it out of the park." - Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin”

"The band takes the listener on a first person journey as this Siren struggles with destiny. The album is well written and the interludes between songs add depth and character to the album." "It’s easy to tell there was a lot of attention to detail that went into this project. Through powerful vocals and thoughtful composition this story comes alive. You can watch the lyric video for the song ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales‘ down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word!"

“Album Review: 8/10" Die besten Geschichten schreibt immer noch das Leben. Auf dem Calgary Metalfest im Jahr 2015 erlebte Sängerin Sloan Voxx den Auftritt von Rockröhre Amanda Kiernan und ihrer Band Into Eternity. Davon war sie offensichtlich so beeindruckt, dass sie sich entschloss, ihre eigene Band zu gründen. Somit schlug zwei Jahre später die Geburtsstunde von Syryn. Es folgte mit “Unbreakable” die erste Single. Vor wenigen Wochen wurde mit “Dead Men Tell No Tales” ein weiterer Song aus dem Debüt-Album “Beyond The Depths” vorgestellt. Dieses wurde Anfang Januar veröffentlicht. Natürlich war ich sehr gespannt auf dieses Album.”

“Album Review: 11/15" Overall, the album has some great moments throughout that emphasize the themes of the album and lure you in like the traits of their namesake.”

“Album Review: 7.5/10" Es ist in Ordnung, wenn eine Band darüber informiert, dass ihre Frontstimme weiblich ist, aber manchmal nervt es, wenn einige "Female Fronted Irgendwas" als Stilrichtung angeben. Diesen Fehler begeht SYRYN nicht. Klugerweise spielt die Gruppe einfach Metal, der halt von einer Frau gesungen wird....Sängerin Sloan Voxx macht ihre Sache gut. Wenn man sich je nach Temperament der Stücke stellenweise ein wenig an Doro Pesch, an Ann Wilson von HEART oder auch an Amy Lee von EVANESCENCE erinnert fühlt, spricht das für sich.”

“Album Review: 8/10" Sloan has that piercing falsetto and multi-octave delivery that can switch from low to overdrive in a nanosecond – no one will doubt her impressive melodies and note-holding propensities top to bottom, similar in stature to Brittney Slayes and Nina Osegueda of A Sound of Thunder. Another plus for this record is the shortness of it – because how many concept records do you know get in and out in thirty-two minutes? The focus helps the listener process the content quicker, probably ensuring quick turnarounds for return engagements.....Beyond the Depths is another sterling example of Canadian might and strength.”

"Great events cast their shadows ahead.” As the saying goes. And it’s the same with album releases. In order to shorten the waiting time for their fans and to give them a first impression, the bands publish one or the other song in advance as a single. The band Syryn from Calgary (province of Alberta, Canada), founded in 2017, is no exception. In early December, the song “Dead Men Tell No Tales” was released as a single and lyric video. Exactly one month before the release of the debut album “Beyond The Depths”, which can already be pre-ordered on the band camp site. And with this song, the Canadians clearly show that they want to follow in the footsteps of their compatriots from Unleash The Archers or The Order of Chaos. Power Metal with thrash elements, a singer who can easily stand up to the powerful guitars, the booming bass and the driving drums. The powerful vocals are peppered with high metal screams.


“Große Ereignisse werfen ihren Schatten voraus.” So sagt ein Sprichwort. Und bei Alben-Veröffentlichungen ist es ähnlich. Um ihren Fans die Wartezeit zu verkürzen und ihren auch einen ersten Eindruck zu vermitteln, veröffentlichen die Bands im Vorfeld den einen oder anderen Song als Single. Da macht die im Jahr 2017 gegründete Band Syryn aus Calgary (Provinz Alberta, Kanada) keine Ausnahme. So wurde Anfang Dezember der Song “Dead Men Tell No Tales” als Single und Lyrik-Video veröffentlicht. Genau einen Monat vor dem Release des Debüt-Albums “Beyond The Depths”, das man bereits auf der Bandcamp-Seite vorbestellen kann.”

“Since their inception in 2017, SYRYN has made lots of waves on the Western Canadian metal scene appearing on various festivals such as Decimate, Loud As Hell along with being scheduled to perform on 2020’s Hyperspace in Vancouver, BC on April 18th alongside Unleash The Archers, Silver Talon, Viathyn and more. SYRYN has also been recognized by Calgary’s local music industry, nominated earlier this year for a YYC Music Award for “Metal Recording of the Year””

“Hailing from Calgary, AB, a new legion of power metal thrash has come forward to tell stories of mythology and legends with their debut album "Beyond The Depths" due out January 3rd, 2020. Produced by the band and mixed by Jesse Kopala (Incite Audio) plus mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, He Is Legend, Scale The Summit), SYRYN's "Beyond The Depths" is over 30 minutes of epic tales through twelve adventurous tracks.”

“Hailing from Calgary, AB, a new legion of power metal thrash has come forward to tell stories of mythology and legends with their debut album “Beyond The Depths” due out January 3rd, 2020. Produced by the band and mixed by Jesse Kopala (Incite Audio) plus mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, He Is Legend, Scale The Summit), SYRYN‘s “Beyond The Depths” is over 30 minutes of epic tales through twelve adventurous tracks.”

“Overall, the entire musicianship impressed me. I actually got goosebumps listening to “Unbreakable.” This band reinforces the notion that metal talent is alive and well in Calgary, AB with bands like Syryn on the scene. I for one am excited and looking forward to listening to their upcoming EP or album in the near future.”