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“One of the most successful Bhangra bands in the world, the Sahotas blend elements of reggae, rock, and dance music with hypnotic, Indo-Brit grooves. The band led by vocalist and songwriter Surjit Sahota, has reached the top slot on the Bhangra charts with such hit albums as Sahota Beat in 1988, Brotherhood in 1999, and Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayee in 2000. Their 1993 single, "Hass Hogia," is the all-time best-selling Bhangra single. The Sahotas reached their peak in 1991. Their album Ishk remained in the Top Ten for an unprecedented five months and the group was named Best Upcoming Band at the U.K. Asian Pop Awards and Best Innovative Band at the Bhangra Music Awards. Bootleg copies of Ishk sold well in Europe and Africa. The group's greatest exposure came when they toured the United Kingdom as opening act for British reggae band Aswad. The Sahotas continued to record and tour throughout the '90's building a reputation as the best Bhangra band in the world.”

“Times Music is delighted to introduce the SAHOTA brothers and their debut album in India- aptly titled 'TERI MERI GAL BAN GAYEE'. Among Bhangra artistes, the Sahotas have made the most significant contribution to the manistream Asian market in the U.K. with six successful albums performed in Punjabi. Their profound knowledge of Bhangra, music and stage has culminated into 'Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayee- an album tailor- made for this sub-continental that thrives on music, rhythm and dance. ”

"We own a recording studio in the Midlands and the studio manager sent us a copy of a song, and said you need to hear it. It turned out to be, 'Out of Reach by the Sahotas. I played it to Miles Copeland who just flipped out and went completely nuts and absolutely loved it and said I have to sign this band, I don't care what it takes..... Sahotas live concerts are a revelation its the communication between the band and the audience; Surj is an amazing front guy, he really can reach out, touch and connect with the audience."

Steve Tannett, EMI Records

"The Sahotas are one of the coolest and most original bands I have come across in years. We are pleased to be involved in the exciting developments in the Bhangra scene and anticipate a great future for the band." (Sting's manager Miles Copeland said of the band) EMI: Album release called 'The Right Time'

EMI Records

“Sahotas Ki Gal Ban Gayee at Planet M No matter the number of miles that separate the Indian diaspora from home, phir bhi dil hai Hindustani! And the sheer exhilaration that surfaces once back on Indian soil is a moment worth capturing. So were the reactions of Surjit. What better place to kickstart their tour than at the music destination - Planet M. The Music Store of the Universe played host to all music aficionados on Tuesday evening as the Sahotas took centre stage and made the house groove, bhangra britsh style. The concert marked the occasion of the launch of Timesmusic.com. At Planet M they set the audience dancing to Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayee. They sang the original version of the famous Hass Hogia, the feeling-laden Heerie and the catchy Yaaran Di Yaari. On popular demand, they sang Desi for their desi brethren. The crowd went wild, and not even the security personnel could deter Sahotas fans from hitting the floor.”

Pratikchha Chhetri - Touch Down!

“Sahotas to launch Times Music website The original Badshah's of Bhangra - the Sahotas - have flown into the country by Times Music and I-Milk for launch celebrations of timesmusic.com. Counted among asli-creators of Punjabi-pop. The Sahotas have won almost every Asian music award in their rapid ascent to musical stardom across the globe. Voted as Band of the Millennium, they've had six highly successful albums across the globe. The Times Music album Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayee, which is the Sahotas debut India market album has grossed over three lakh units since mid-April. "We had been looking forward to this tour,'' they say, ``The whole feeling of being in India, meeting people, playing music from the album to our fans and our audiences here who have been eagerly awaiting and of course the support we have is tremendous and means a lot.'' says Surjit Sahota”

A Staff Reporter - Dot Com

“The Hum Paanch of Punjabi Pop The Sahotas are on a roll! From being the hottest Punjabi band in the UK to selling like hot cakes in India, this five-man army has every reason to feel on the top of the desi music-wagon. For one, their Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayi is moving from the music shelves @ the speed of fasterthanyouthink.com. On an average, 400 people are buying the album every day since its release two months ago. In short, ``India is rocking'' to the Sahotas' brand of music. Which, they take care to point out, is ``not just bhangra, but a fusion of reggae and dance music.'' "In England, people are returning to traditional folk music. But, in India, the groove is still rhythm-dominated. In fact, when we composed Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayi, we knew that we had composed a song which would match the people's mood here,'' he says. But hitting the right note with Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayi is not an one-off phenomenon with the Sahotas". says Surjit Sahota.”

Pankaj Kapoor - Masala Mix

“The Hum Paanch of Punjabi Pop Thirteen years and six albums later, the Sahotas are now regarded as a band synonymous with innovation. A fact which has been endorsed by E Mag, which recently voted them as the Band of the Millennium in the UK Bhangra Music industry. So, what is the Sahotas' USP, apart from their music that is? ``Our live performances,'' they say. ``In England, unlike in India, music at least Asian music is not promoted through videos. One has to rely on the live performance circuit and radio air-play to reach out to the people. Hence we concentrate on live performances.”

Pankaj Kapoor - Masala Mix

“The Sahotas Come Home The Sahotas were back to shake the Indian community. Times Music brought them to India, with a debut album entitled Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayee. The band was formed during Surjit's final year of school in 1986, upon the suggestion of the music faculty to enter a national competition representing the school. They won and were invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. They received recognition for Outstanding Music, the first for UK Bhangra in the 80's. The band did not manage to enter the Indian market for several years, due to their focus and busy schedules in the UK. “Well, we have always wanted to release our music and perform in India, where our roots are,” Surjit said. “But we were really busy in Europe. Lately, we felt it was time we made our mark in India, so we have tied up with Times Music. The company discovered us through our UK label. Our album Brotherhood was played to them, and were good enough to be signed up.””

“In 1992, Sting's management company, I.R.S. Records Ltd, snapped up the Sahotas. Two years after the release of Ishk, there was pressure from Britain's Asian community for another album from the band. The Punjabi single Hass Hogia came on the I.R.S. label in 1993. Yet again, this topped the charts and took the Bhangra industry by storm. I.R.S. wanted Bhangra to cross over into the English music industry; the Out of Reach single happened in 1994 , following by The Right Time album in 1995 on I.R.S. Records (EMI). The band then went on tour to Canada where they played to mainstream audience. The success of The Sahotas has not been a one off.”

“The Sahotas - England's Answer to Bhangra The Band of the Millennium Among Bhangra Artist's, The Sahotas have made the most significant contribution to the mainstream market. Supporting top Reggae band "Aswad" on their UK tour, a string of peak time television appearances which include "Cilla Black's Surprise Surprise" (ITV), "Blue Peter" (BBC), "Big World Cafe" (Channel 4) and performances at Music Festivals. "The Sahotas Music" continues to dominate playlists on leading Asian Radio stations.”

"There is a lot of depth in Indian music. It is straight from the heart," say Surjit. Though they are happily ensconced as full-time musicians in England, they'd like to build a base in India too. "Maybe come here a couple of times a year. We did four gigs in Delhi, just before coming to Ahmedabad, and the response was fantastic," he raves. "The bhangra boom is surely dying out, for us, each song has to be a hit. We spend about a year on every album and put in a lot of effort into each song," says Surjit

Ahmedabad News, India

“Punjabi pop band Sahotas on mission India They are the number one British fusion band that has redefined the Punjabi Pop. After ruling the British music scene for more than a decade, the Sahotas came to their homeland India, and hit the limelight with the first album. The lead singer of the Sahotas is Surjit Sahotas. The five brothers chose music because "we proved ourselves right and others wrong. After proving ourselves overseas we decided to come to India, which is our roots. Akhir Dil Hai Hindustani," gushes Surjit.”

"THE SAHOTAS", currently the best-selling Bhangra band in the world. They perform the pulsating Bhangra Music (Indian Pop Music), hot rhythms, exotic vocals, fused with Reggae, Dance, Rock and love ballads. The unique & distinctive sound has made Sahotas the most sought-after Asian Band from the UK! Songs such as "Lokan Nu Nach", "Aaja Aaja Aaja", "Mahi Di Udeek", "Sahotas Show Te Jaake", "Hass Hogia", "Heerie" and more have gone down as Bhangra classics. Lead vocalist Surjit Sahota has co-written over 30 of the band's songs.

“Watch Surjit Sahota redefine Punjabi pop on ETC "Surjit Sahota is the channel's Pop Ki Aandhi" Predominantly music channel ETC has announced that one of the brothers of British fusion band Sahotas, Surjit Sahota is the channel's Pop Ki Aandhi for the first half of March. An official release informs that Pop Ki Aandhi is a special slot dedicated to the music personalities who are making news with their latest work. In this special slot each month etc features two such musicians in the two fortnights of a month. Surjit talks about his music on 14 March at 7:30 pm. Dil Wich Tu Vasdee. "This album has our own style since it is very important for longer survival. By copying others you restrict yourself," Surjit says.”

“THE ALMIGHTY SAHOTAS THE SAHOTAS, have been busy working themselves into the ground after the release of their fabulous album BROTHERHOOD - TERI MERI GAL BAN GAYEE in India. Fans lapped up a performance at the BBC's Music Live Splash Festival, where the boys woed crowds with a superb live performance watched by thousands and the boys have made an equally big impact on the Subcontinent as they have on home turf. A recent live appearance on Apache Indian's Soul Music series on Channel 4 was applauded after the boy's performed the classic "URDASS" (PRAYER)!”


“UK Bhangra Band Comes Home This is one band that has gone down very well with the Asian community in the UK for more than 10 years and has only just come to India. They describe their music as a "fusion of roots, Bhangra, reggae, dance and meaningful ballads". The Western influences would be European dance music, reggae, Bob Marley, George Michael and soul music. Surjit says he loves the music of Bob Marley. "We only write music that we love to play. We don't follow any trend. British Bhangra is great, but I feel British bands need to experiment more so that the younger generation can learn more than just one rhythm. Bhangra in India has a lot of variation," he says, comparing Indian Bhangra with its British version.”