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"Everything is thrown into the melting pot for album closer ‘Two Thirds’ as surging rhythms vie for top spot with Roberto’s passionate vocal that ebbs and flows from angelic howls to full on roars, a fitting climax to a smorgasbord of music in Disconnect! " 4stars out of 5

“If you`re a fan of Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Kyuss, Nirvana and even Black Sabbath, then I defy you not to be impressed by the songs contained within this release cos it`s an alum full of balls to the walls tunes. Suffice to say, this album is a monster!”

“This is an album choc full of big songs with big riffs and huge hook lines and it`s to the band`s great credit that the whole thing is held together without the need for any filler or sub standard tunes. The EP was a real three track thriller, which has now perfectly evolved into a nine part killer album!”

“Disconnect is an album that reminds you of a hundred bands without sounding entirely like any of them. The tone and phrasing of the Rob Negrini’s vocals has Alice in Chains written all over them - with a dash of Audioslave-era Chris Cornell in there for good measure. There are hints of Led Zeppelin in the riffs and a healthy dose of Sabbath in the low end. And when they up the pace a notch or two, they almost stray into a fist-pumping traditional metal sound. The fact that it is all brought together into a sound that is not just coherent but modern and unique is a testament to their ability as musicians.”

“A daring mix of hard rock and metal, all with downright grunge trends, that's how Superfecta could be described. The group has existed for a few years now, and clearly translates a beautiful understanding between its members: Rob Negrini singing, Danun Todd on guitar, Carl "Costa" Highman on bass and Matt Vella on drums know how to mix styles without reproduce the patterns of one of them. No wonder, when you know that Superfecta is influenced by bands like Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains and Motorhead. All the more promising is their new album, "Disconnect", released on June 16, 2018.”

“What can I say , Solar eclipse , witnessing the northern lights from a warm room with a glass roof. Who knows , however I do know this is a bit good , its only my opinion but . I rate this band , it is not over complicated but this is quite an album. There is not a tune on here that is an album filler , again no blow by blow account as it's boring to do that.”

““Two Thirds” is a perfect way to close out the album. Switching between boisterous instrumentals and drawn-out vocals to acoustic guitars and soft, melodic singing throughout the track allow Superinfecta to leave a lasting impression on the listeners mind. The contradictory styles bleed into each other and are a definite highlight of the album. “Two Thirds” is a great example of just how versatile the band is."”

" This is a timely reminder of when good rock albums were made. The production is is so clear you can hear every note played. Each track is diverse in sound without sounding the same. Superfecta are a band going forward"

"I really see this band, being huge one day and with this album, I bet that day will be very soon. So do yourself and the band, a huge favour in being part of that rise to fame by buying this album"

"While I took an unexpected walk on the wild side with this track, I thoroughly enjoyed it not only for its musical intensity but also for the depth of its content."

"Are three pieces enough to increase expectations for a full length? In the case of this English band, absolutely"

"This three-track single is a taster for the debut album due later this year, and based on this that can’t come soon enough. This quartet have been around for a couple of years now, and wear their influences on their sleeve from the likes of Foo Fighters (particularly), through Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Clutch right up to Bullet For My Valentine."

“The band’s latest single The Abyss has commercial value that with the combination of Negrini’s powerful vocals and Todd’s Guitar breaks produce a hook-laden chorus that would appease fans of Ian Astbury and Scott Weiland. The track is instantly trapping the listener with its track explodes with a high octane riff that will leave listeners catching their breaths, before the introduction of Negrini. His voice is rich with emotion, as he screams “ Forgive me”.”

“The best way to describe Superfecta’s sound is a mashup of Mxpx, Thrice and Auto Pilot Off with a sprinkle of The Caesers. A melodic hard rock sound with grunge overtones. You can expect powerful vocals, high energy, intense melodies and drum beats, and a bouncy bass line. The one thing about the song that cant go unnoticed ( other than great vocals and catchy riffs) is the incredible instrumental break between 3:24 -3:51 particularly the guitar solo. It’s here that we as listeners really get to hear how each member contributes to the track and how the sounds from each of the instruments all mesh together to form an amazing song. If mannequin is any indication of what the new album is going to sound like, we cant wait to hear it!”

"Superfecta could grow from strength to strength and despite being located in the UK, could still find an audience in the U.S. who embraced talented exponents of rock music like Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge. Take a deep breath and let your ears make a journey into the many shades and textures which fill the palette of Superfecta."

“SUPERFECTA is promising band. I sincerely recommend this new album of British Rockers to everyone who is interested in a mix of Hard Rock, Grunge and melodic rock, and also for fans of SOUNDGARDEN, PEARL JAM, ALICE IN CHAINS, THE CULT or 3 DOORS DOWN”

“Not an album you could easily dismiss, Primal Instinct is another exciting example of bands taking their peers musical output and placing their own unique stamp on it. Superfecta could grow from strength to strength and despite being located in the UK, could still find an audience in the U.S. who embraced talented exponents of rock music like Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge. Take a deep breath and let your ears make a journey into the many shades and textures which fill the palette of Superfecta.”

"Their sound is a perfect blend of charismatic vocals, stylish guitar and a superb rhythm section, combine this with sublime song composition and I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more of these guys, success, hopefully, is just round the corner."

"South London hard rockers Superfecta recently released debut EP and if you like melodic hard rock tunes with huge riffs and searing solos then this is one band that you should really check out!"

"I am left with a want for more from Superfecta and will be very interested to see what they follow this EP with as it's a tough act to follow!"

"If there’s any justice, a band with such amazing abilities should be huge and taken notice of by the mainstream media. I for one hope they are and being based in the capital can only be a major plus for Superfecta!"

"Opening track ’She’s A Star’ comes out swinging with a groove plethora of riffs that fans of Pearl Jam will lap up with a vengeance.On the strength of this EP Superfecta are definitely ones to watch and with the right songs there should be no stopping them."

"Been playing this on repeat the whole afternoon and at no point so ever I was thinking about changing the music or start another review. Must there be more words? Sometimes a simple appreciation can make it clear enough!"

"The four varied, well-crafted tunes capture a band who shows a refreshing willingness to experiment through a fuller spectrum, looking beyond one narrow subgenre."

"Well delivered spacey guitar riffs encase the classical big stage rock sounds that define Superfecta. They are also able to let the audience get out the air guitars to join in with faster anthemic rock numbers."

"I must entail that it had me intrigued as Hard Rock crossbred with Grunge and vintage Rock in such a manner that it will remain as an event to be remembered. The revelation will be shown on this here “Superfecta” EP issue of four tracks." 8/10 - Excellent

"with the accomplished presentation and passionate delivery not forgetting thrilling enterprise, the EP is a refreshing and deeply satisfying encounter which has anticipation for the future on full alert." 8.5/10