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"HotRock SupaJoint is a rapper, comedian, businessman, producer and Phoenix legend and I am so happy to have been able to have him on the show! His new release, "Chakra Khan" is an absolute blast! Check it out!"

“HotRock SupaJoint , Phoenix’s Fakest Rapper, is no stranger to brilliant absurdities. Carving a niche for himself as the Valley’s number one weed rapper who also looks like an L.A. Guns roadie, HotRock has been walking the thin green line between cartoon character and fire breathing musician for years. He does what all great “comedy” bands do: he takes his ridiculous work deadly serious, in the same way that groups like the Bonzo Dog Band kept a stiff upper lip going while taking the piss out of everything. There’s earnestness and sincerity buried underneath that mound of Weird Al Chong hair. It’s what makes him endearing, and there’s just enough blunted cleverness to the project to keep it from becoming grating (unlike 90% of most weed comedy, which turns into the Mexican ditch-weed of comedy as soon as the contact high wears off). It takes a mind as sublimely faded as HotRock’s to come up with “Chakra Khan,” a stoned guided meditation made to cash in on all that ”

“Best music videos by Phoenix artists in 2016 28. SupaJoint, “Chakra Kahn” This is epic, a nearly 25-minute dose of animated stoner wisdom – or, as the subtitle puts it, “A Stoner's Guided Meditation fo like Cleanin Up ya Chakras an S—t” – from the cult of personality that is HotRock SupaJoint. And yet, it somehow doesn’t make you wish he’d edited it down to a more reasonable length. He’s good at rambling, backed by trippy, trance-inducing soundscapes and beats from Beemaster J. SupaJoint himself appears in animated form, inviting you to “close yo eyes and buckle up, homies, ‘cause Hotrock got the keys to the spaceship, yo, and we blastin’ off into that universe.” It would hard to overstate how cool the animation is. And SupaJoint did it himself, which only makes it that much more impressive when he does achieve “the realization, yo… the fulcrum, the manifestation of the awesomeness, yo.””

“The 16 Best Music Videos Released by Metro Phoenix Bands in 2016 - Honorable Mention "HotRock SupaJoint/W.A.S.H. - "Light Em Up" Directed by Marlen Adams, this video is as fun as it is dumb. Which pretty much applies to the song, too."”

“W.A.S.H. with HotRock SupaJoint - "Light Em Up" It seem like this was a match made in heaven, and certainly the sensible fusion between W.A.S.H. and HotRock SupaJoint seems like it was a long time coming. It's a mad dance number courtesy of Ducky and Puddles with the comedic weed genius of HotRock, who admits in his flow that he's never before recorded a dance number. It's awkward and brilliantly hilarious, as is the video, where the trio hit Castles & Coasters after getting blazed in their ride. They romp through mini-golf and the arcade, get a little improvised fencing in, as well as some air hockey. At least by the time they get to the second drop HotRock is on top of it, and by then the song has embedded itself permanently in your mind. It's a pretty awesome combination, and it's yet another example of W.A.S.H. being the mischievous masters at their brand of over-the-top debaucherous EDM. 2017 better hold a W.A.S.H. album or EP at the very least in its future. This ducky duo has be”

“HotRock has performed all over the southwest US, delighting crowds with his tales from the dankside, keeping crowds lit up, along with helping countless bands as a producer and video editor. HotRock is also working on hosting a live weekly video potcast called "The HotRock SupaJoint Supashow", incorporating many genres of music and comedy, which should begin in early Novermber... If he doesn't get too high and forget he's working on it before then.”

“HotRock SupaJoint sits down an bowls out with the two Michaels in this potcast episode from Bird City Radio. From the desert metropolis of the American Southwest, promoting all things cool that make up our beloved Bird City. Hosted by two guys named Michael (Michael Paul Kohn and Michael Palladino). The official podcast of the Bird City Comedy Festival. https://soundcloud.com/user-551060253/hotrock-supajoint”

“HotRock SupaJoint - If Slow Moses are indica, HotRock is all sativa, baby. He’s the spiraling, THC-infused giggles you get from putting a little too much Durban Poison in your gravity bong. You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger ganja lover than SupaJoint. The dude was even born on 4/20 (allegedly), and he rarely raps about anything other than God’s green herb. Whether it’s “Weed Weed Mothafucka,” “#Weed,” or “Just Another Weed Song (JAWS)” SupaJoint’s vibes will leave your jaws aching the next day from too much grinning. His self-directed B-movie, Fakest, is the local equivalent of Cheech and Chong, a movie that if you’re not watching high as fuck, you’re not watching right.”

“5. HotRock SupaJoint, “Super Drake Type S**t (High)” NSFW In which Supa Joint plays a producer recording a studio full of Supa Joints, all played by Supa Joint. It worked for Paul McCartney and it’s just as silly here, which is exactly what the song deserves. As Supa Joint, whose performance here, in all three or four roles, explains the inspiration in the YouTube notes: “So Kendrick Lamar's new album drop an the earth like totally freak the f out, so I wrote a song about how much I love weed. This video be pretty much how that recordin session went yo. Yeah. Enjoy homies. Stay high foreva yo. #weed.” Oh yeah, also, do not watch this video at work, around children (yours or especially other people’s) or anywhere near your parole officer should you have one.”

“AZ local Hotrock Supajoint owner of 56th Street Records and FAKEST rapper alive has come out with this mockumentary about his life.”

“The 2015 Phoenix Hip-Hop Power List - HotRock SupaJoint - As the only other rapper to grace the cover the New Times in 2015, HotRock Supajoint drove in his own lane with his comical weed theme raps and outrageous outfits and hairstyles. His short film FAKEST: A Hip Hop documentary sold out Film Bar on multiple nights. His lighthearted approach to the music makes him one of the most well liked and approachable dudes in Arizona hip-hop, and with legalization on the ballot in 2016, SupaJoint has managed to find the perfect niche.”

“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn-0Atqzg5I "Other than Ray Reeves, HotRock SupaJoint is the only musician in town that has released an entire full-length movie this year."”

“Hot Rock Supa Joint - Street Style We found this fabulous human outside of Film Bar in downtown Phoenix one night. How could we not take his photo?!”

“5. HotRock SupaJoint The fakest rapper in all the land is also easily one of the most entertaining acts Phoenix has going right now. With his wig, his tattoo sleeves, and his ski- tight outfits, the king of weed rap presides over his fant kingdom looking down upon the peasants from a “high” up place. Then he hits the stage and it’s nothing but weed jokes and fun. Hotrock isn’t about much except for weed and having a good time, and the fact that he is willing to wear pants tighter than any skinny jeans we’ve ever seen at every performance only highlights his dedication to his character.”

“SupaJoint rocks two iPads and a microphone, but sometimes, like tonight, he substitutes his iPhone for his drum machine. He builds his beats using apps like Audiobus and ThumbJab, but he never stays near his setup for long — most of the time he raps while weaving through the crowd, getting as close as people will let him. And people seem to love it, even if they can only return nervous smiles to his hot breath.”

“I don’t mean to dry snitch on ALMF but there may be a few campers out there who indulge in HotRock SupaJoint’s favorite plant, though I am sure every last one of them have a card. But why not celebrate that fact in the wildest way possible, with the 6’6” living, breathing cartoon character mascot for that sort of thing. Supa Joint is wildly different than every other act ALMF has ever brought in because he comes from the deeper depths of the weird. HotRock would be guaranteed to get the party rocking if given a set at ALMF 2016.”

“Kohn says he and Palladino are committed to finding new talent - “not just booking our friends, which happens at a lot of places.” They may have caught a rising star in HotRock SupaJoint, the self-proclaimed “Fakest Rapper of All Time.” Something of a cross between Ali G and Weird Al, the towering HotRock draws a crowd with rap spoofs that make up for in hilarity what they lack in political correctness.”

“HotRock SupaJoint is many things. He is a musician, a comedian, a staunch advocate for weed, the head of joint rolling at 56th Street Records, and so much more. He is probably best known for his music. His songs seem to have a common theme amongst them with titles like "Rollin Stoned," "Weed Weed Mothafucka," "Who Loves The Weed," and "Yeah I'll Smoke That Shit." He tends to have a keen focus on all things marijuana related throughout his canon. A couple weeks ago, as it was inevitable, he finally dropped a love song, and in true form it's a love song about weed. Granted, "Sensitive Drake Type Sh!t (High)" also gives a shout out to his personal stylist and fluffer Baby K, it's largely about his love for weed. The song, released as many of his are, came out through a brilliantly hilarious video that you can watch above. All kidding aside and as funny as it is, it also happens to be a damn fine song. SupaJoint is like the Weird Al of Weed--clearly talented and clearly obsessed. He refere”

“VIDEO of THE WEEK: HotRock SupaJoint with "Sensitive Drake Type Sh** " If you're a fan of "The Parent Trap" and "The Patty Duke Show" in their expert use of the split screen, you'll flip at the seamless sight of Hot Rock SupaJoint overdubbing with himself at Insuna Recording Studios in Phoenix. SupaJoint confided that he edited the following video himself over a 36-hour period where, oh yes, massive amounts of medicinal herb were consumed. Although the song is named "Sensitive Drake Type Sh** " a more fitting title might be: "What would Kendrick Lamar do?" WARNING: Video contains expletive language https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=596391597164380&pnref=story”

“Reader Supa Joint put together an extremely professional looking video, for the least professional music. This funny take on some "sensitive Drake type shit" had me cracking up throughout. If you're going to do comedy songs you've got to be musical and genuinely funny; both of which he nailed here! I especially liked his creative use of Thumbjam throughout.”

“The Chatterbox with Crickette interview outside of the Taffy Room, Scottsdale yo . http://youtu.be/Frtt8VW7jfE”

"10 Best Music Videos from Phoenix Musicians in 2014." OK, technically this was released in late 2013, but we were all so stoned we forgot about it last year. Either way, it was 2014 that HotRock SupaJoint's video for "Happy Birthday (Stoner)" really made waves. In certain circles, the mantra "hell yeah smoke weed" became akin to a meme. You'd hear it, feigned in HotRock's baked cadence, in response to almost anytime anyone offered to smoke you out. Or, if it was someone's birthday, it wasn't uncommon to see the video (now sitting on 12,000 views and counting) posted to someone's Facebook wall. Directed by Mike Gustie, "Happy Birthday" features HotRock playing air guitar with a bong, smoking a joint with a (fake) baby, and, of course, a plethora of toking up. The bright, fuzzy colors and pot leaf motifs just add to the charm of this video that people will be watching for years to come.

“Naturally, most of the participants involved with Share Fire -- ranging from co-hosts HotRock SupaJoint, Kevin Patterson, and Ernesto Mocanda to many of the musicians -- are either regulars or resident artists at the Firehouse, all of whom are eager to lend a helping hand.”

“HotRock SupaJoint joined us on the air back in July to play some music and talk weed and 56th Street Records. We have the podcast available for you and the complete playlist down below! Enjoy!!”

“We went back in the bar in time to see Andy Warpigs begin his set. Personally, I think he killed it, but I might be biased. Andy has been a friend of mine for a while now, ever since I first heard him cover "The KKK Took My Baby Away" on ukulele at a house show. He played that cover again, much to my delight. When he learned it was a drunken girl's birthday, he began chanting "Happy birthday motherfucker, hell yeah, smoke weed," until Supajoint heard him, rushed onstage and the two sang Hotrock's song together. Andy was also joined by Bbieu for "Everybody Likes You Now" and a few other songs.”

“HotRock SupaJoint & Soy Sauce Boss are still rollin’ strong and producing one the hottest weed-friendly radio broadcasts on the planet earth! Episode 16 is packed tight with ganja-gracious jams and bong loads of laughs! So, break it up, pack it up, light it up and bong along with The 420 Times and That Weed Show for your 4:20! Toke on and take it lite! “I love weed, yo!” so says Supa Joint”

“He's six feet, seven inches tall, counting the cowboy boots and afro, and in his trademark skin-tight fashion, Hot Rock Supa Joint sticks out at any show like a smoking bong at the Republican National Convention. The act is half hip-hop show, half stand-up comedy, but 100 percent entertaining, and the guy knows how to get weird. At his live shows he can be found stalking the stage and gyrating for the crowd; in his videos he finds ways to incorporate weed, and hilarity into all sorts of situations, including a birthday party and gardening. With a catalogue full of nothing but songs about weed Hot Rock is one of the one of the few artists keeping the genre of weed hip-hop fresh.”

“Valley stoner rap guru Hot Rock Supa Joint took some time out of his busy day to answer some pressing questions in honor of 4/20, which apparently is some sort of weed holiday. You really have to spend some time in HotR ock's presence to get a true feel for this man, and perhaps a contact high, but his humor, his honesty, and his high-ness is definitely for real and, as the kids say, dope as _______ (insert your favorite expletive). Sit back, spark one up (if you are so inclined), and enjoy the ride. Hot Rock Supa Joint definitely does. Hot Rock is one of the hardest working musicians, videographers, and emcees in town. Catch him at his birthday party on Sunday, April 20, at the Lost Leaf with a veritable bong load of killer bands. Up On The Sun: Why weed? HotRock SupaJoint: Cause weed is awesome. Cause weed is the shit. Cause one a my homies said to me somethin' like (while passin' that fatty) "Yo Hot Rock. Ya jus' gotta write about what ya love an' what's in ya heart mang."”

“Our dank bud’ HotRock SupaJoint has teamed up with his pot-tokin’ pal The Soy Sauce Boss for what is sure to be one smoketacular radio show, yo! That’s right, tokers! Musician and certified weed lover Supa Joint has peeled off yet another layer from the onion that is his multitude of talents and graced the marijuana community with a weekly radio broadcast titled That Weed Show!”

“...And this past April Fool's Day saw the release of "Banter Volume 1," which was compiled by local folk-punk musician Andy Warpigs and Related Records founder Ryan Avery. It features the amusing oratory skills of 24 mostly Phoenix bands from Wooden Indian to Playboy Manbaby and solo performers like Supa Joint and Ray Reeves.”

“... The night may have belonged to (Andy) Warpigs, but it was also a coming-out party of sorts for HotRock SupaJoint and his 56th Street Records label. Warpigs' new album is a 56th Street Record release and Nerdzerker also will be dropping a record through the label.”

"It's been said some people just want to see the world burn — others, like Supa Joint, just want to see the world blaze."

“Supa Joint - Part rapper, part comedy act, Phoenix’s Supa Joint dedicates nearly every minute of his time on the mic talking about getting high. His record “Rollin Stoned,” is so packed with odes to weed that it might make Wiz Khalifa doubt his devotion, and Supa Joint’s outrageous onstage personality always makes for a great show.”

“It looks as though Ricky Williams may have some competition when it comes to weed-related football jokes. That's because local comedy rapper Hot Rock Supa Joint (the self-described "punk rock hip-hop dude who makes your booty pop") has started an Indiegogo fundraiser with the goal of raising $4.5 million, all of which is intended to go toward a Supa Joint commercial during next year's Super Bowl. Seriously.”

“Weed Weed Mothafucka – Supa Joint 29 Nov O HempSong de hoje é meio que no estilo humirístico do grupo Rolling Stoned, mas com um refrão fácil e sonoro: Weed, weed, mother fucka… repete! Distribuindo beck, esse é o Supa Joint, um figuraça maconheiro que veio parar aqui no Hempadão, olha só:”

“Supa Joint or HotRock SupaJoint, as he's known to his friends, might be restrictive in his subject-matter but that doesn't mean he lacks material. New songs (and videos) seem to pop up with surprising regularity for someone as high as SupaJoint probably is most of the time. "Weed Weed Mothafucka" is a mellow (surprise) number of trance-inducing hiphop. Make sure you catch Supa Joint and his gold pants live. It's a must for your bucket list. Until then, listen here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y35RG6jX3TU”

“ Hot Rock Supa Joint is becoming known as a smokin’ hot talent in the world of hip-hop and comedy in Phoenix. His hilarious mix of dope rhymes, funky beats, and over the top costumes are earning him spots on some of the biggest hip-hop, comedy, and medical marijuana related shows in the Valley.”

“Seriously, just listening to Supa Joint's new album Rollin Stoned makes you want to smoke weed. I know, that's not you, right? No? It will be.”

“The Leader Of Supa Joint Is Becoming A Regular At Valley Hip-Hop Shows And Comedy Nights With His Unique Brand Of Satire, Performance Art, Weed Crusading And Musical Talents.”