Stonerun / Press

"StoneRun - one of the best live rock n roll acts to play the stage of The Maze last year. i was expecting shoegazing-miserable-grunge-ness, i got powerful-energetic-sharp-in-your-face-rock-n-roll perfection. and i promise you, i'm not being over the top."

"Stonerun are the eptimone of what a good, even great rock band should be. There are seldom bands whose stage presence is so electric."

“The StoneRun sound is tight and dynamic, and there is a slight commercial edge to the music that will undoubtedly have widespread appeal.”

Alex Storer - The Light Dreams

“The dominant quantity of brand new material on tonight’s show is yet another token of their constant solidarity as songwriters and song-players. Still retaining their impressive fusion of hard rock and grunge...”

"I was mesmerised. These guys had stage presence. I stood amongst the fans mouthing the words to the grungy yet catchy songs."