The Big Bill Harwell Band / Press

“Minutes after Murray left the stage, the Big Bill Harwell Band began to perform. Flint Township couple Hal and Mary Richards had been to blues festivals in Tawas and Oxford, but they decided to try out "I Chews The Blues" since it was closer to home. They enjoyed the Big Bill Harwell Band's rendition of a classic Etta James tune. "This is my favorite blues style. I refer to it as 'cool blues,'" Hal Richards said before leaning back in his chair. "Cool, and slow. It just winds around the rhythm."”

“Starting off the day was The Big Bill Harwell Band. With Big Bill Harwell's light touch guitar style, the blues are always a laid back affair. No guitar slinging going on here, nothing but tasty licks that fill the listener with warm comfort like Mama's home cooking. The Big Bill Harwell Band have a secret weapon in the form of Big Bill's daughter Kelly who supplied vocals on a number of songs.”

Tim Richards - Bluessource.com