Splintered Throne / Press

“The approach to sound, songwriting and execution is old-school as fuck and often reminds me of DIO, post Ozzy BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN and in parts even acts like MANOWAR 9/10”

“Rock, metal and thrash come together in these nine blistering tracks. It delivers a high octane mix of riffs, twin guitar attacks, a solid and tight rhythm section and one of the best rock vocalists around.”

“Each song is a self-contained masterpiece that dynamically varies every imaginable sound element...”

“Goosebumps appear as soon as the first notes are heard. What the instrumentalists and the singer present here is simply magical.”

"...the band delivered the Trad and Heavy Metal surprise of 2022. A steady offering of well-paced perfectly arranged metal songs that truly shine with variation. Delivered by a band that knows its stuff and doesn’t shy away from going cross-genre at any time without losing track of their metallic aims. This saddles us with one of the best new Heavy Metal albums that we came across over the last few years."

"Splintered Throne have released not just their best album, but also one of the best heavy metal albums of the year. In a justified world, ‘The Greater…’ would be massive, but it’s as independent release this will be relatively difficult to get hold of, but it is well worth the hunt. So, for fuck’s sake someone sign this band!"

“...flashes of Power Metal without losing at all that melody that makes them irresistible...Accessible harmonies and melodies. 9/10”

“There’s nothing to fault on this album and that’s really annoying. There are riffs for days, massive, huge, colossal, MEGALITHIC riffs of glorious majesty all over the fucking place...Every single song is clearly finely crafted and the performances of every member of the band shine with enthusiasm and a clear sense of fun, which provides the album with that je ne sais quoi that quite a lot of modern releases miss – traditional in style and execution this record may be, but it is vibrant and fresh and quite capable of kicking the arses of a number of recent releases with one metaphorical arm tied behind its back.”

“The guitar work is immaculate and fully captures all the elements you'd expect in a heavy metal album-- tasty riffs, blistering solos...It is honestly one of the better metal albums churned out by the US this year, and definitely worth checking out for every heavy metal fan out there.”

“Fans of bands that bridge the worlds of thrash, prog and power metal and good ol’ fashioned headbanging with a beer in one hand and your equally shit-hammered buddy in your other (as well as the likes of Armored Saint, Omen, Metal Church, Bitch and Primal Fear) should find something to latch on”

“Blistering riffs, screeching solos, hooks a-plenty; the guitars are the star of this show but not the exclusive reason why this album rocks. That comes from the combination of those guitars, the immensely powerful vocals and chunky percussion”

“It’s hard to nail a classic metal sound but still feel modern but a lot of it I feel is passion and energy in your guitar sound and vibe. Splintered Throne have it in spades here”

“...hard and heavy and pungent. Sometimes fast, sometimes melodic, but always powerful. And technically flawless. It’s possible to feel all by the guitars and their riffing and phrases...Splintered Throne with “The Greater Good of Man” is the real deal. Good tunes with lots of emotion and heart”

“What an absolutely scorching hot album The Greater Good of Man by Splintered Throne is. This is without doubt my favourite album of 2022 so far, and is head and shoulders above many of the other current offerings out there...I cannot pick a favourite track, as every one of them is worthy of a video and a single release on its own merit. The greater Good of Man by Splintered Throne is a must-have for any fan of old school Metal.”

“There is plenty of diversity within the record, with Mann able to belt out huge anthems or change the tempo to a slower, calmer, melancholic approach. Alongside her, the dual guitar work is excellent throughout, with intricate solos, gentle picking and flat-out heavy metal riffs that explode out of the speakers”

“Heavy Metal made in Portland, Oregon has never been as fantastic as now thanks to the amazing job done by Splintered Throne in their newborn opus”

“Packed with memorable melodies, heavy riffage, and high-energy performances, this album reflects myriad influences ranging from Power Metal, Melodic Hard Rock , and Bay Area Thrash . This is an album for headbangers and horn raisers!”

“This album presents a band completely on their game, with solid, hook-laden riffs and the powerful, Leather Leone-style vocals of frontwoman Lisa Mann. The songwriting ranges from good to great, with highlights like "Morning Star Rising" and "Let it Rain," but there are no dead spots or skip tracks on this. Splintered Throne have just cranked out a gem of an album and you should not miss it.”

“...excellent helping of flair and tenacity in the riffing all throughout the album. The musicians are certainly proficient and sound robust and on fire.”

“American metal would appear to be in safe hands...As a longstanding American metalhead myself I can say that not many bands at this level sound this good – at least not since the genre’s halcyon days of yore.”

“Dual guitarists Fred Osborn and Jason “J~Mo” Moser are essential to Splintered Throne’s sound; when these two are let loose with their instruments throughout these tracks, no one is safe from their savagery.”

“...Striking operatic vocals...twin guitars take turns squealing out before they combine into one of those smile inducing twin leads. For an unsigned band, Splintered Throne have enough in the tank to suggest that they have the potential to make an impact in the crowded American metal scene.”

“...what we have is, essentially, a New Wave of British Heavy Metal album, in the vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saxon, whose 1981 Denim and Leather album might as well be Redline’s jumping off point... Splintered Throne have one hell of a thicker sound then most bands from the era they are trying to replicate. giving us a heavy, dual guitar driven rock sound that many long-haired headbangers would have traded their left arms for, back in the day.”

“(The Octagon is) ..a really well made heavy metal album, with plenty of very good riffs, solos, energetic drumming and powerful vocals. Well recommended.”

“…this album does not let your ears rest …. heavy melodies (mainly the guitars). … the singer does give it plenty of oomph…”

" .... this CD is some of the best music I have heard all year. This is a blending of hard rock meets heavy metal of a very accessible caliber....We have some incredible hooks, some outstanding riffs and some of the most incredible vocals I have heard in some time..... The music has that infectious melody that can really stick with you, yet at the same time there is enough of a metal tone to it that will kick you in the arse and remind you that you are listening to METAL! Very seldom does a band sound this good after not even being on my radar and punch me in the face like this one did. Normally it's customary for the band to thank a reviewer for spending the time to check out their music, but in this case I want to thank the band for sending this my way, it would be a carnal sin to not have heard this one at least once!

"Splintered Throne has crushing riffs with balls to the walls vocals! Brian Garrison shines on this album and Jason Moser and Fred Osborn absolutely shred! Pay special attention to the songs "Shattered", "Splintered Throne", and "Plan B". With Kris Holboke playing thunderous drums and Brian Bailey on bass their rhythm section is solid. Definitely a force to be dealt with! Listening to this reminds me of the good 'ol days when you had solid vocals with galloping riffs. Good to see its still out there. Thrash Zone gives it two horns up!!"