“One of the world's leading proponents of the irresistibly liberating rhythms, sounds and beats of Latin soul and boogaloo.”

"The 12-piece Spanglish Fly's modern twist on boogaloo explodes with creativity, slick arrangements and gorgeous double-lead-vocals by Mariella Gonzalez and Paloma Muñoz. There's so much happening, yet it's seamless in its complexity."

"The band brings their irresistible groove"

“The retro outfit from New York proves that a funky Latin groove never goes out of style”

“an album to die for…”

"New kings of the boogaloo"

“This crew plays and sings as tightly as any topflight Latin unit you’d care to name”

“« Ay que Boogaloo » est un trésor caché, tel un vinyle oublié qui attendrait d’être déniché dans l’arrière-boutique d’un magasin de charité ... [Rough translation] "Ay que Boogaloo" is a secret treasure, like an old recored you discover in a bin at the thrift store ...”

“Listening to Ay Que Boogaloo! is like witnessing a gleaming electric rainbow of colors materialize before your eyes.”

“Spanglish Fly has hit the sweet spot”

“This band must be something else on New Years Eve! WHEW!”

“En el nuevo álbum, Ay Que Boogaloo! la banda sigue utilizando el bugalú como base musical, pero también incorpora otras influencias como el bolero, el funk de Nueva Orleans, el jazz tipo swing, cantos árabes y otros sonidos.”

“Spanglish Fly Push the Envelope with a Classic, Slinky Latin Soul Sound”

“[Review of Ay Que Boogaloo!] Part soulful funk, part traditional Cuban and salsa music, part fun, and part social commentary, Ay Que Boogaloo is really a wonderful album. The band is on their A-game”

““New York Rules” goes way beyond superb, entering the glorified realm of fabulous.... It’s charming, spellbinding and irresistible.”

“killer retro neuvo group”

“Ay Que Boogaloo! delivers infectious rhythms and insistent energy performed by a talented ensemble of international musicians.”

“Spanglish Fly, un joyeux orchestre tout à fait hétéroclite de onze personnes venant d’horizons différents (Porto Rico, Équateur, Venezuela, Japon, Argentine, Colombie, et Upper Manhattan) et ayant pour point commun New York et… le boogaloo ! [A joyous and heterogeneous 11-piece group with origins in Porto Rico, Équateur, Venezuela, Japon, Argentine, Colombie, et Upper Manhattan and a pooint in common: New York ... and boogaloo!]”

“Spanglish Fly are single-handedly reviving sixties bugalú in NYC. . . . Go soak up a full measure of their brass-heavy Latin funk.”

“Audiences tap in to the energy of the music and the atmosphere of the crowd”

“A band that roars through covers, originals, and transformations of previously untouched soul hits. . . . Their initial set prefaced vintage hits like Joe Cuba's "Bang Bang" with clever originals like "Brooklyn Boogaloo" and fresh new instrumentals like "Martian Boogaloo." They used the Pete Rodriguez classic "Micaela" to get dancers hyped, then offered a Latin arrangement of a James Brown number just to keep the crowd thinking. (If you think you hear a little Memphis soul or Crescent City funk in Spanglish Fly horn charts, you probably do.) . . . Spanglish Fly proved they could quote well-known rhythms in addition to famous melodies, zipping from funk to rhumba to mambo tempos at a moment's notice. It was delightful to hear them them make such utterly authentic use of Latin boogaloo's trademark inauthenticity!”

“Spanglish Fly is reigniting the boogaloo sound . . .”

"This is a seriously wonderful record, full of spectacular, raucous musicianship – a very high quality of musicianship"

“A hard-hitting, wickedly arranged, cleverly crafted update on classic 60s salsa soul from this irrepressible, danceable, psychedelic New York outfit.”

“What Sharon Jones did for oldschool soul, what Antibalas did for Afrobeat and what Chicha Libre is doing for chicha, Spanglish Fly is doing for bugalu. . . . It’s about time somebody brought this stuff back and it’s a good thing it’s this band because they have authentic sabor”

"One of our favorite new bands . . . With a mix of soul and Latin that seems to mix beautifully, listen to them to put yourself in a good mood."

"Spanglish Fly encompasses not only the complicated sound of boogaloo, they are also committed to maintaining the high quality of musicianship required for such an undertaking."

“Five horns, a six strong rhythm section, a pianist and a tattooed singer who dances and sings and moans: put together they make a dazzling show.”

Diederik von Hoogstraten (translation by Google) - North Sea Jazz

“young champions of the music . . .”

“Todos bailan y cantan, el ambiente es pura fiesta. “Está tocando la banda Spanglish Fly y es Bugalú”, me dice una pareja. Me quedo hasta que termina el concierto y tengo que reconocer que hace tiempo que no lo pasaba tan bien.”

“rousing boogaloo”

“From the street of New York City comes Spanglish Fly, an eleven-piece ensemble sworn to reviving bugalú (boogaloo) and Latin soul music. Modeled after the Spanish Harlem boogaloo bands of the 1960s, Spanglish Fly showcases pulsating Latin percussions, a raw soulful horn section, and funky bass and piano, with bilingual vocals.”

“We sure love what we've heard from this combo thus far!”

“Can you name a better NYC band than Spanglish Fly? There are a bunch of others who are just as fun . . . but is there anybody better? Check out their latest summery single and see for yourself.”

“Once a month down on Avenue C in Manhattan’s East Village, a crowd gathers in a low-ceilinged, dimly-lit, hard-to-find club called Nublu to pay homage to a music with deep New York city roots . . . Spanglish Fly are part of a group of people bringing it back.”

“Ben Ratliff's New Year's Eve pick!”

“New York City’s Spanglish Fly really pulls off that Ray Barretto Hard Hands era groove that I love so much.”

“este combo retoma el boogaloo de los años 60 y lo transporta a pleno siglo XXI combinándolo con latin soul y toques de salsa que no deja a nadie indiferente”

“On the boogaloo tip,which has become extremely hip and cool again, we have Spanglish Fly. They are a band coming out of Nueva Yol with tons of flavor. I definitely co-sign!”

“This band does it the way God and Tito Puente intended, with a funky rhythm section, blazing horns”

“The entire unit is fueled by smiles and bounce with cozy renditions of tunes in a relaxed homage to mid-century organ and drums plus island music en español. The band looks to enjoy the whole arrangement, generating live party music rooted in NYC history.”

“For so much love the bugalú has gotten through the recent years we now finally have a live band on the East Coast (where it originated) that we can go hear, see and dance to. They were one of the big hits at 2012's Green River Festival, and indeed they have been causing a stir all up & down the East Coast ... Also a good gang of folks, this is your favorite new party band.”