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“Mike’s review of 'SWIRL' EP and their new song "The Lift" Short, sweet read!”

"Little did I know then that “Swirl” would come to mean so much more as the band has evolved throughout the years" "There are a ton of great bands here in Southern California including Motorbone, Beyond Retaliation and Stone Breed to name a few." "We are constantly working on new material and have been approached about another soundtrack opportunity for the summer of 2018." "We understand that it is our fans that have put us in this position"

"the thing’s fucking perfect" "strikingly inspiring" "I have listened to “The Lift” twelve times today...made me feel like a winner" "those two songs are superior... were I a DJ for WMMR or even Octane, it would be the Coury tunes"

“WHAT'S THE MOST MEMORABLE GIG YOU'VE PLAYED SO FAR AND WHY? "Headlining On Air West Arena in Tokyo Japan on the ‘Out Of Nowhere’ CD." Brian "Bam Bam" Jones...WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE SWIRL SONG? “Spell” or “We Are Alive” because of the way the rhythm section pushes the song". Shane Carlson...WHAT'S THE GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME AND WHY? “Happy Birthday”.Alfred Ramirez”


"The band, Swirl up a storm: "OMG"... Who would ever think Swirl would be this mind blowing as they displayed an amazing performance Whisky A Go-Go on Saturday, April 28, 2018. They are a definite must see. A storm has definitely Swirl'd. A #RiseUp eyebrow lifting experience"

“Alfred- My personal Lift was given to me by “The Minor Goddess” Bam Bam- We are a straight up rock band. Shane- I have always wanted to create music DT- I would be a lawyer.”

"I am a failed drummer though. That was my first love. I am just terrible at it" Q- How relevant is Reverbnation and why? Read the article "To my brothers in Swirl, thank you for the incredible love and friendship. I look forward to another 10 years at the next level." "The single greatest Twitter handle I have come across this year is @NidaPeabadly."

"There is no way we could have anticipated this kind of a reaction”. Shane "saved the song" " what makes us unique is that we have crossover appeal and that allows for us to play with just about anybody."

"What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career (I am a lot more “rock” than “star”)...type of music have you listened to growing up (she played the hell out of Barry Manilow too)...first time you played on stage ("I just took them off which made everything a blur beyond the neck of the guitar.")...proudest achievement so far?"

"Swirl is the proverbial real deal." " top-shelf hard rock " "Ramirez’s singing is a big reason for the appeal of this song" "D.T. Jones guitar lick- quite possibly the purest thing he’s written yet."

"If Swirl isn’t working at the peak of their powers, “The Lift”” finds them near it." "Jones’ guitar playing is the real musical star of the performance...drummer Brian Jones and bass player Shane Carlson are equally important." "It’s the band’s best single yet "

"It’s the latest bright spot for a band that’s on a steady ascent and poised to become one of the biggest hard rock bands working in the nation today." "Alfred Ramirez has been a consistent highlight of everything he touches with this band" "they bring a lot of personality to the song in a way that other bands simply don’t pull off."

"We are a straight up rock band. Whether its Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal or Alternative, we have a little bit of all of it in our sound. Hence the name Swirl."

"Feeling bad? This one track will help you get back in a good mood." "Overall the song does what the track name promises - it lift's my feelings up."

“How has your EP gone so far with fans, something about the release no one knows, tours do you have coming up, venue are you most looking forward to playing the most & What else can we expect from Swirl in 2018?”

“'What can you tell us about the title and meaning behind your most recent release... Where did you guys find the inspiration for the song and lyrics... What else is happening next in the world of Swirl?"”

"The Lift provides us with a surprisingly original song." "...these guys also clearly have the knowledge and the skill needed to go far"

“Swirl take on our A-Z challenge! Having just released their new single, The Lift, we asked Swirl to tell us more about themselves using our A-Z challenge!”

"There is an increasingly mighty roar coming out of California and it goes by the name of Swirl. This is a band really beginning to make a vocal name for themselves with their multi-flavoured, hard rock fuelled fusion of rock and metal. Welcomingly given the opportunity to get to the heart of the band with Swirl creator and guitarist Duane “DT” Jones, we talked beginnings, songwriting, successes and plenty more…."

" a desire to change the world with a guitar, a pissed off vocal and an angry rhythm section...Some of the guitar parts and vocal harmonies for “The Lift” came from Emo. He did what a good producer is supposed to do. He got the best out of each of us performance wise...the overwhelming majority of stations chose the Shane mixed version

“The Band Babe Radio Hour is Bringing Down the House with a LIVE interview from The upthrusting Band SWIRL”

“Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With Swirl. Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to up and coming bands that readers of this site may find interesting.”

“Osiamo Music Gear has a Swirl page!”

“We caught up with Duane “DT” Jones to find out his ultimate listicle of guitarists that have influenced his career... "I definitely had my AngusEddieAce DeMarSchonLeeVaiLynchStanley moments in the track"”

“California-based hard rock/metal foursome, Swirl started 2018 with a bang when they issued their brand new single "The Lift" on January 11th (it hit #1 on Indie rock radio in the US and #4 on Banks Radio Australia). The single aside, the band continues to see mounting acclaim and thanks in large to their many supporting slots with renowned acts such as RATT, Extreme, Cinderella, Slaughter, LA Guns, and more. The song was record at Granted Records Studios and is the first new music since the SWIRL EP.”

“Review Fix: How do you want your music to affect people? DT: The overwhelming theme with our music is a positive one.”

“MUST READ ANSWERS to... "the history of your band, origin name, local bands you could recommend, style, What have you released, new music, playing shows and touring,future as a band?”

“Swirl covered on Pop Scoop Music News Website! "California rockers Swirl have kicked off the new year with a new song called “The Lift” which has reached #1 on Indie rock radio in the US and #4 on Banks Radio Australia in just the first two weeks of 2018...."”

“Topics covered include "When watching Utube, there is another band with the same name, does that bother you or has impact on your music? You just made a video for a new song, are you composing for a complete album or it’s just for a special occasion? With all the success on the net and in the states, why haven’t you got a label yet? You have an outfit close to the seventies, do you miss those years? Are you guys friends?" Swirl Pages 18-21”

"Swirl once again has turned on the pure soul of rock and roll to add meaning to how one person can inspire you." "...like Magic Power from Triumph or Heroes from David Bowie."

“For starters, what bands were you guys a part of prior to Swirl? DT- I think the last band that I was in that wasn`t Swirl just after high school. A band called Eye Witness from Anchorage, Alaska. After I moved to Washington State I started Swirl with my brother Brian and really haven`t been doing much of anything with any other band since with the exception of 770...What has been the biggest highlight of the band’s career so far? From a touring angel being on the “East Meets West Tour” with RATT and Extreme ranks pretty near the top. From a recording standpoint it was finding out that “The Lift” had charted at #1 with 365 Indie Radio here in the US and #4 with Banks Radio Australia.”

“Audio interview = EARGASM! "DT" spends some time with Jay Stone on Rock Metal Talk.com radio The whole show is great! The DT interview segment starts at 17:45! Take a listen and share!”

“Today’s band of the Day, Swirl! Duane “DT” Jones has given us some great in-depth answers to our profile questions…”

“How long have you been performing under your present name and what other bands you have played with ? This line up of Swirl is going to celebrate 10 years together this fall. It has been an incredible ride with these guys. I look forward to 10 more years with my brothers! How old were you when you started following a musician’s path? Probably mid-way through senior year of high school when I was on the verge of leaving Alaska after graduation to pursue a football career by going to Stanford University. Then I got bit by the rock n roll bug and I have never looked back! What inspires you to write? I can be inspired to write on guitar by almost anything. In fact when I am not on the computer doing the administrative side of the music business for Swirl I am playing guitar for the enjoyment of it or writing songs.”

"...somewhat reminiscent of a heavier U2 albeit with a pop-punk edge"

“Still got day jobs? "Well my “day job” is coaching football. As of this interview the season is over so I can put all my energy into promoting Swirl." Any regrets? "None. If I did it I had a reason. Not saying it was the best of reasons... "”

"The Lift is an almighty, melodic rock and roll song from a band who play and perform to a brilliantly high level" "The leading vocalist for Swirl has a very strong and classic rock voice that also offers up a certain smoothness and showcases a fearless approach to singing." "...the style leans in a number of directions that don’t seem confined to rock, and this opens up a few more doors in terms of audience appreciation. It’s a great vocal that seems very genuine in that the singer openly connects with these lyrics and this story-line and concept. "

“Ever wanted to ask- "How did you get started as a band? How about "What bands/artists would you say have influenced your style of music"? Or maybe "Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band"?- Click to read the answers to these and other questions including "What are your future plans musically? Tours?"”

“DT Interview with Dwight Arnold for his music blog. Swirl debuted on 94.5FM/ iHeart.com Sunday January 14, 2018”

"3 Songs and Out" interview January 2018! "Tell us about your latest EP and why our readers should check it out. We released it to radio on December 4, 2017 and woke up Christmas morning to learn that “The Lift” was #4 on Banks Radio Australia. “The Lift” is being added to internet and FM radio daily!" "If we were to head out to one of your live shows what can ourselves and others expect? A damn good time. A high energy SHOW" "You can spend an hour with a musical icon living or dead, who would you pick, why and what would you speak about? So many come to mind honestly, but I am gonna say Lionel Richie"

"commanding vocals to the driving rhythms, everything possesses a joyous, downright celebratory spirit." "the track positively teems with life" "...halfway through Swirl lets it all break down in a most gorgeous way..."

"We @skopemag are so excited to bring you the new single from Swirl" Q: What is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘The Lift’? "What “The Lift” means to me is that we all need help sometimes, be it an emotional lift or a physical lift..."- Alfred Ramirez (Lead vocals)

“Swirl is a FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH for OCTOBER on the Music Talks website under Rock- Metal”

“Swirl is the Musical Showcase on Episode #21 of the Ouch Your On My Hair Podcast... "Dude this is what we need nowadays"... "I wanna have a keg party party in the back yard and see if they`ll come play it".... Hosts talk about Swirl 4:15- 14:03."Time To Fly" plays during this segment...."Rise Up" closes out the podcast.”

“FULL BAND AUDIO INTERVIEW #LiveFromStarbucks Episode #71 of The ROCK EMPORIUM features an interview with the band Swirl at :39:34”

“AUDIO INTERVIEW (20 min) Catching up on all things Swirl since the release of the "Rise Up" music video 5 weeks ago”

“Hair Metal Mansion covers Swirl Rise Up and 'Ditch Day' movie Video and article featured on site!”

"We really liked the song and the video, so we put it on the homepage of the web"

“Les californiens de SWIRL sortiront leur album éponyme très prochainement. En attendant voici le single RISE UP en vidéo (ici et Sleaze TV), clip où l’on peut voir des extraits du film DITCH DAY dont le groupe est crédité de 3 titres sur la bande originale.”

“Swirl release video for “Rise Up” and have three tracks featured in movie ‘Ditch Day’ BIO and video included in link”

"Swirl’s recent video for their single “Rise Up” highlights all of the qualities that brought the band to the attention of Ditch Day’s producers. The popular movie highlights three songs from the Southern California four piece and represents some of their biggest exposure yet."... "The three songs appearing on the Ditch Day soundtrack are certain to positively impact anyone who gets to hear them"

“New Interview with DT and BuddhaMan May 1, 2017! #Audiogasm Click and listen (30 Min) http://share.sparemin.com/recording-9693”

“* "The power and precision of Southern California’s four piece Swirl has the sort of recognizable swing long missing from young, modern hard rock." ** "The tracks come from the band’s recent self-titled effort and are an ideal fit for a movie that has attracted a lot of popularity and notice from numerous quarters....The three songs included on the Ditch Day soundtrack have familiar and intelligently chosen imagery, passages of pure virtuosity, and enough energy for three bands. " *** "Swirl really has quite a talent for zeroing in on what hard rock audiences want and are hungry for." **** "This is big screen hard rock/metal that hits hard and leaves you wanting more".”

“California Rocker Q and A with Duane ‘DT’ Jones: SWIRL the Band Roars Back with a Strong New Album “what would it sound like if you put someone like DeMartini into Nickelback, or Creed – you know – let’s try it out.” That was the mentality — to see if it comes across. http://californiarocker.com/2017/04/27/swirl-california-rocker-oheffernan/”

“SWIRL roars back with a new album : an interview w Duane “DT” Jones Hard rock often gets a bad rap. The distorted guitars, pounding drums, campy visuals, screamed lyrics can all distract people from the reason hard rock is so popular: it has important things to say. Great hard rock bands know how to marshal words, notes, rhythms, technology, and vocals to deliver a message. SWIRL is such a band. Their message is clear – choose your path, stand up for it, don’t let negative voices deter you. Their music is powerful – hooks that don’t let you go, achingly crisp guitar licks, percussion so sophisticated it sounds simple, and an unerring sense of how it all should come together. Their journey has been a long and winding road that has gone through Los Angeles, Japan, the US, various recording studios, a film score and support gigs with for top of the pile hard rockers. With the release of their new self-titled album, SWIRL, they are headed for the top of the hard rock pil”

“Swirl are a Californian hard rock/metal quartet whose music has been getting a lot of hype as of late thanks to a large feature in the new horror movie Ditch Day. Three of the band's tracks - including "Spell", "Rise Up", and "We Are Alive" - appear in the film starring Emmy Award winning horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies)... Swirl’s founder and lead guitar player, DT commented on the news: "We were honored and thrilled to have 3 of our songs included in the film’s soundtrack. We hope fans around the globe enjoy our music and check out our full album."... http://puregrainaudio.com/videos/time-to-rise-up-with-music-video-from-californian-rockers-swirl-featuring-scenes-from-ditch-day-exclusive-premiere”

“SWIRL is such a band. Their message is clear – choose your path, stand up for it, don’t let negative voices deter you. Their music is powerful Read more at http://ventsmagazine.com/2017/04/24/swirl-roars-back-new-album-interview-duane-dt-jones/#sUcHH6t7bxecB428.99”

“AUDIO Interview- stellar interview with Patrick O’Heffernan on Blog Talk Radio/ Music Friday Live! "The Southern California hard rock band Swirl, A hard rock band with a strong message of standing up for what you believe in and for music, was formed by guitarist Duane “DT” Jones in Washington State and went on to release their debut CD Out Of Nowhere, produced by Carlos Cavazo (RATT/ Quiet Riot) and Matt Thorr (Rough Cutt, Jailhouse) and toured the United States and Japan in the early 2000’s to moderate success. However, Swirl’s live shows, which are high octane and packed with fans gained them a large and devoted following, second up a national tour between 2008 and 2009. They travelled over 50,000 supporting acts like RATT, Extreme, Cinderella, Slaughter, LA Guns, Souls of We, Red Dragon Cartel, Skid Row and headlining their own shows. Between 2011- 2012 Swirl had a musical makeover and began writing and recording new music outside of the LA area, releasing the album”

“* "Swirl’s three songs for the Ditch Day film soundtrack are a resounding return to send for anyone who thinks swaggering hard rock is a dead letter." ** "Alfred Ramirez belts out a lung-busting vocal that brings together chest-beating theatrics and a bluesy edge, but his phrasing for the song is ideal as well." *** "Duane Jones’ lead guitar can wail with the best of them, but never has too much masturbatory showing off and everything makes sense"”

“* " from an album that packs tremendous punch from the outset:"... ** "Swirl will spoil listeners in this regard and make many other bands of their ilk sound tired and uninspired."”

“So who or what inspires you? DT: Inspiration comes from many places if you are open to it... I don`t feel the same way every hour of every day so what ever is going on can influence me and my moods.... I just choose to channel my feelings through my guitar.”

"the band is a monster hard rock unit with grit and musicianship to burn"... "superior musicianship that never cheats listeners of the physicality and brash attitude we look for from the best of this genre."... "Few metal or hard rock bands are able to keep things accessible yet consistently illustrate their chops. Swirl manages to do that and more."...

"Get in with this today – Swirl are ready to push through any remaining obstacles in their path and ascend to the next level of success."... This is hard rock and metal of a particular stripe and a master class on how it should be done "... "Their talent for crafting a memorable chorus comes across, as well, and this one packs a tremendous amount of punch."... "They combine a confident, authoritative hard rock swagger with heavy guitars and a flexible, yet eternally steady, rhythm section that gives them the enormous bottom end they need to attack with real gravitas."

"remind this listener of such great movie songs as Drowning Pool’s classic “Bodies,” which was one of the best parts of the movie XXX.”

"Their music is an excellent fit for the film and rampages with the best qualities we associate with hard rock and metal."... ""To put it bluntly, Duane Jones understands well what this music needs and gives it up in spades. Brian Jones and Shane Carlson make an impressive engine room for the band and the thunderous groove they lay down for the song never loses its way."... “Rise Up” is the shortest song of the three, only by a hair, and it has the band’s trademark focus honed to the sharpest of edges"... "This is certainly a band worthy of any hard rock/metal fans’ attention, they bring the heavy and melodic together in a nice package, and there’s no doubt will be hearing more from them over time."

“Link- http://www.hellridemusicforums.com/forum/showthread.php?s=fe5c58306a76f4bf6740845746f1c05d&t=27696 " "...convincing hard rock/metal tracks with a ferocious instrumental attack and blinding vocals"..."One of the exceptional qualities about this performance and others is that, even if you don’t generally like this sort of musical approach, it’s undeniable how much chemistry these guys have even in a studio setting. Production can only do so much."...It isn’t an attribute you often think about with this sort of music, but the lyrics on this song and the earlier track have some nifty lyrical turns of phrase"..."Swirl definitely work in the crowd-pleasing vein of their obvious influences, but they bring an unique level of aggression to what they do, burn with musical talent, and have their own modern and individual voice."”

" Their self-titled second album ranks as one of the most raucous, energetic offerings in recent memory from this scene "..."The Swirl that comes through in these three songs is a lean, mean rock band with attitude and technique to burn."..." These performances make for a great addition to Ditch Day and should provide the band with some added exposure."

"...the inclusion of three of those tracks in the award winning feature film Ditch Day certainly attests to their growing profile and the faith industry insiders place in this powerful, swinging rock and roll outfit."... " Swirl are certainly gifted with far from rudimentary musical talents, a strongly individualistic character, a quantifiable message beyond let’s get laid or party, and hooks that more than mark them as ready for prime time"... " They’ve found their niche in the modern music scene thanks to the clarity with which they pursue their songwriting and performance without ever sounding like a cookie cutter four piece attempting to cash in on a popular style."

“Music Interview: Duane “DT” Jones of Swirl... What are the five things you can’t live without? For the longest time my life has revolved around what I call the “3 Gs” (God, Guitars and Girls) so I guess we will start there! Add football and family and that should just about sum me up...It depends on my mood at the time. For example, I can go from “High Wire” (Badlands), to “Tonight” (Seether) to “I`ll Be” (Edwin McCain) in an instant and be perfectly content listening to and singing along with each song....When it came time to record “Rise Up,” “Spell,” “Fourth Of July,” “Message” and “We Are Alive,” we left Los Angeles and went to Wildomar, CA to track the drums, guitars and vocals at the now closed Baxter Road studios; then went to Lake Elsinore to finish recording parts, mixing and adding all the ear candy with James Rieger. The Swirl release was produced by James and the band.”

“Orange County, CA- Winner at The Burbank International Film Festival, Ditch Day is Now Available to Watch!.... Not only does the cast deliver an entertaining and blood soaked ride, but so does the sound track, featuring music from indie band Swirl. Swirl who also has a strong International fan base. Swirl’s founder and lead guitar player, DT remarked: “We were honored and thrilled to have 3 of our songs included in the film’s sound track. We hope fans around the globe enjoy our music and check out our full album.””

“THE HUFFINGTON POST- Music Review: “Spell,” “Rise Up,” and “We Are Alive,” Swirl... "SoCal is the mecca of hard rocking metal bands, such as Cinderella, RATT, L.A. Guns, Van Halen and Skid Row. You can add another name to that list – Swirl, whose latest release is the self-titled Swirl."... "... they sound like an amalgamation of Slipknot and AC DC..." "Swirl is hardcore heavy metal, which probably explains why three of the songs from their latest album were included on the soundtrack of the new horror flick Ditch Day, "... "Of the three songs on the movie’s soundtrack, my favorite is “Spell.”... "Swirl is a band to keep an eye on. They’re tight and know how to punch it out, while demonstrating remarkable individual talents."”

“Thanks Horror Patch for this great review of our film! Now available on Amazon. https://horrorpatch.com/2017/03/09/ditch-day-2014-review/ Not only does the cast deliver an entertaining and blood soaked ride, but so does the sound track, featuring music from indie band Swirl. Swirl who also has a strong International fan base. Swirl’s founder and lead guitar player, DT remarked: “We were honored and thrilled to have 3 of our songs included in the film’s sound track. We hope fans around the globe enjoy our music and check out our full album.””

“Ditch Day Massacre now available on Blu-ray in Germany *German horror fans are the first to meet Vick, the revenge driven villain played by Bill Oberst Jr. * Producer Megan Waters commented, "We are thrilled to have been so well received by German horror fans. We aimed to create a film that would entertain and thrill horror fans around the world.” * With the seasoned talents of Bill Oberst Jr. and Lynn Lowry (The Crazies) also comes new scream queen, Katy Foley (The OG Girls) who plays the role of Jenny, an honor student with a haunting past. *Not only does the cast deliver an entertaining and blood soaked ride, but so does the soundtrack, featuring music from indie band, Swirl”

"...fourth of July- ...The lyric is great written, and the vocal of the lead singer is very unique...Their next song is called my time to fly and man they used lovely instruments and tunes int, this is good rock. it reminds me a bit of AC/DC...This band knows how to make good rock, and I think when they will play live at gigs and festival the whole hard rock crowd would adore them and their music... this is a band who has to be heard around the world, and I am pretty sure lots rock music lovers and radios will love their songs"

“VIDEO INTERVIEW - https://youtu.be/y-QKAvMEp2E Interview with Michael Wallick owner of "Michael`s Music Blog" published Sept 17, 2015”

"The guys from SWIRL have hit a home run with this CD. All the elements are there for a great Hard Rock CD. This CD leaves a memorable impression that permeates the mind with its passion...something I think every Hard Rock aficionado should include in their music library." Swirl review on pages 108-110

“A few months ago, I made new friends: Swirl the band. It started with my review of their new album and continued on Facebook. They turned out to be really nice guys, so I decided to invite them to an interview. So, today’s tall talented guests on my blog are: Bass guitar player Shane Carlson (6’2″) and guitarist Duane Jones (6′)”

“@Swirltheband #musicblogger #musicblog #songoftheday #music (@KnottyMarie has 33, 139 Twitter followers) "Rise Up" - https://youtu.be/_JVm9uFo9Eo”

“Interview published 7/29/15 with Michael Wallick and his Michaelsmusicblog- ....the 28:50 AUDIO interview is #1 on the player. To listen to the interview- "Hey, hey, hey, my new Interview Delivery System is ready to play. Just click on Listen live. The player will open and start automatically. Click on The Item You Want to Listen to!!!"”

“GETTING TO KNOW BRIAN “BAM BAM JONES’ SWIRL By Jacqueline Jax- Host A.V.A Live Radio "Success Is when you obtain the lofty goals you’ve set for yourself and are in a position one day to pay it forward."”

“Here is a partial list of some of the very intriguing questions in this interview. Read the answers in this interview. 1/ your album is from 2013 how come no label has signed you? have you got new tunes to record? 2/with all the good elements from your songs and your long life touring and the movie stuff, what is stopping you from getting out of the crowd? 7/is one of you a sound engineer who knows how to make the best of a song? 10/have you got an agent ? 11/you are only four members, have you had another guitarist in the past or will in the future?”

“Issue #22 of the Digital Earbuds Music Blog has been released! Swirl is one of 6 featured artists for the "Summer Songs for Your Earbuds Issue" on the blog.”

"HELLO TOKYO" AVAILABLE NOW....FREE...AVAILABLE NOW...FREE Online Metal Promo & Breath-Fresher webzine (‪#‎Japan‬) have partnered to offer "HELLO TOKYO...OMP...RE-ARMED AND READY..VOLUME II" a music compilation featuring established & up & coming bands from the ‪#‎UnitedStates‬, ‪#‎Belgium‬, ‪#‎Canada‬, ‪#‎Germany‬ and ‪#‎Singapore‬. ** "Rise Up" by Swirl Featured ** http://bravewords.com/news/the-rods-salems-lott-immortal-guardian-featured-on-new-free-compilation www.facebook.com/Swirltheband AVAILABLE NOW...FREE HERE...AVAILABLE NOW...FREE HERE... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qfnp09ckcw8hwtb/AAAC6SKUbuED_nQgZrqsRlmva?dl=0

“Interview with Brian Rademacher for Rock Eyez (www.rockeyez.com) released 6/29/15!!! ‪#‎Bulletboys‬ ‪#‎CarlosCavazo‬ ‪#‎NAMM‬ ‪#‎SwirlSociety‬ ‪#‎Share‬ ‪#‎MusicBusiness‬‪#‎RATT‬ ‪#‎FredCoury‬ ‪#‎ExtremeBand‬ ‪#‎DitchDayMassacre‬ ‪#‎RedDragonCartel‬‪#‎GoingGlobal‬”

“RockUnderground.TV has built a Swirl page - "Southern California rockers Swirl are looking for brand expanding opportunities. From their latest release, of the same name, ‘SWIRL’ the band has 3 songs featured in the 2014 award winning movie ‘Ditch Day Massacre’."...“…an interesting and diverse band to check out, as they combine the best of the past 20 years of American Rock/Hardrock” “Time to Fly is as good as I have heard on radio or TV… Absolutely one of the best bands””

“Swirl in The Knight Rider Radio Daily FOR THE 3RD TIME!!!- Story and video in this issue!”

“Another "Daily" publication picks up Swirl​! Killer PR Music Promo! The 2015 Music Promotion Daily has both press and video for Swirl!”

“Swirl debuts in The DAILY KAOS with Press and "Rise Up" video”

“Swirl in the Talk2Radio MUsic Daily AGAIN- Press and "Rise Up"video this time!”

"My Creator's Corner Interview with Swirl Guitarist & Founder Duane "DT" Jones is up and it is Epic. If you love Rock music or just great stories check this one out." Dave V Live interview with DT & David Van Cura of Dead On Dave Productions AUDIO Interview Good times, Great laughs

"Rise Up" video included in this issue #ALLPRESSISGOODPRESS

"a blistering melodic release that will surely leave you breathless... Overall: if you are looking for a really sweet hard rockin’ melodic band that will have you humming along and singing with the CD in just a few listens than make this new SWIRL release yours. 9/10 Stars"

“If you are looking for a new sounding hard rocking band that could go mainstream with no problem but with glare and power than SWIRL is definitely in your wheel-house...a blistering melodic release that will surely leave you breathless"- 9/10 Stars”

"The band-sound comes very edgy and rough with a very own, raw note and melody. The guitars are set on fire and the solo's sound different and make you want to listen to them closer. It's absolutely not one of those bands that has this soft touch to it where Metal or Hard Rock plays the inferior role with more the party music playing in the front. It shows that this band has more depth to offer than similar acts....You can listen to the music multiple times and will still find new parts in it. That's something that not too often comes along on those records. If you like the US metal style but look for something more rough and outworked in the details I suggest to check out Swirl"

“Swirl in the The Knight Rider Radio Daily AGAIN- a Story and video this time!”

"Rise Up" video included in this issue ALL PRESS IS GOOD PRESS


“MONDAY MAY 18, 2015!!!! The 365 Radio Network has made Swirl the ‪#‎Bandoftheday‬”

"Segno che gli Swirl hanno diverse carte da giocare, merito di un talento che va oltre gli standard medi e che potrebbe condurre il quartetto verso vette ancora più alte se solo riuscisse ad inquadrare meglio la proposta, a decidere da che parte stare. Al momento 'Swirl' merita già considerazione, e noi di Hardsounds non potevamo non dare loro una chance." ***Originally written in Italian and translated by Bing Translator. (The link takes you to the original Italian review) "A sign that the Swirl have several cards to play, thanks to a talent that goes beyond the average standards and that could lead the Quartet to even higher peaks ... ' Swirl ' already deserves consideration, and we couldn't not Hardsounds give them a chance."

“Swirl on BEHIND THE MUSIC! Brian "Bam Bam" Jones interview- I GOT STARTED IN MUSIC… after watching my bro DT play with his high school band and seeing KISS perform live. I wasn’t sure how at the time, but I knew I had to get in on that action. MUSIC TRENDS.. I think you are what you are. Of course you should know about what’s happening now and where things might be headed in the future, but I’m proud of the fact that we took the live aspect of the bands we grew up listening to and brought that live aspect to our shows. You are a musician in the studio, but you are an entertainer when you hit that stage.”

"Their work brilliantly amalgamates the best of the past couple of heavy rock decades, but carries their own distinctive signature...Swirl’s music is highly energetic and, frankly, rather contagious...It is fairly rare for me to like a band from the very first track I hear, and I must say that this can be a bit of a deal breaker. However, they totally converted me"

“Apes Metal (Germany) has built a Swirl page and reviewed the 'SWIRL' CD. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Reviews". "First off, we got the opening track 'Fourth of July' which combines banging riffs with a driving groove and funky nuances in the vocals and bridge of the song. This song kind of gives you an Alice in Chains-ish feeling from time to time which, of course, is really nice!...SWIRL are in no way content with cookie-cutter melodies and idiot-proof, sing-along hymns...Another song worth labeling a highlight of the album is 'Rise Up'...you can recognize this one as a kickass live tune...Every last song on SWIRLS self-titled album is highly worth checking out. The whole release manages to stay above average...SWIRL's self-titled album is a sweet deal of heavy music that certainly makes you wish for more!"”

"In my ears SWIRL sound like a band that balances between the U.S. rock and hard rock sound...their music is optimistic and passes that to the listener... SWIRL are definitely a band of musicians that know their sound very well...They know how to create music that is catchy and yet have quality... I think people who like this kind of sound will find here something to listen to for a long time." Review from Thessaloniki Greece

"Der Name Swirl ist mir vollkommen unbekannt, und da die Band eine EP vorlegt, tippe ich auf das Erstlingswerk einer Newcomer-Band..." -Review from Germany English translation- The name swirl is completely unknown to me, and since the band submits an EP, I tap the debut of a newcomer band...

“Swirl : "self titled" CD 2013 USA Rock/Hard rock band sent me the album for a review and I must say I'm very please to hear some good bands like this one. The first song make me think of Van Halen, four good musicians who know how to write groovy get into your head melodies and you'll shake like a snake ;) they also have some new 'kids' riffs that will mosh live crowd and some will jump. This is happiness for the ears. The band is touring like mad and shared the stage with Ratt, Skid Rows and many , you probably heard of them as they appeared in a movie! This tells you how much the band is good ;) go on check em out 90/100 Review from France”

"Swirl is a, in my opinion, a complete unknown in Europe, but energetic hard rock band coming from the other side of that great Lake...Swirl brings rather a kind of sleazy hard rock, with the occasional modern touch...Witness songs like Fourth Of July and, above all, We Are Alive. In that last is at times really tasty guitar work can be heard. I also think especially the rhythm section worth, that duo know what swinging is. This band will undoubtedly do just fine in the home country. Also in Japan the band seems to have a lot of supporters."

"Swirl – it’s the first time I heard about the band here in Germany when you contacted me by email. How “big”/well known is the band in the USA? Hello and thank you for the interview opportunity on the heels of the great review you gave our 'SWIRL' release. We have been recording and touring in North America & Japan since the late 90s. We have grown up in this lifestyle and love it. As for how well we are known in the USA...amazingly well even though we still consider ourselves a small band as we have not had any major FM radio exposure nor are we signed to any record label."

“'SWIRL' Review from Germany!!!! #GoingGlobal”

“Print interview with DT to catch up on all things Swirl since the release of the 'SWIRL' ep.”

“Swirl is the "Band Of The Day" in the UK- "Swirl are a magnificent rock n’ roll hailing stateside out of Southern California regions of Temecula & Pasadena. These ‘roaring & soaring’ rockers phenomenally walloped my ear rock module canons with heaping levels of ‘loud & proud’ rock salutes towards hardrock, heavy metal thunder and true roots rock n’ roll charms. These cats truly throw the tunes out with massive leaps of smooth riff jolting skies, vocal commends that pack a gigantic rock n’ roll stance alongside ‘bouncing and pouncing’ rhythm voltage packs that certainly backbone the beats and grooves with a motoring non-stop steady vibe. This surely is an exciting “Now” rock n’ roll and it is ‘easily’ foreseen here that rock n’ roll appreciators around our globe could aim their ear rockets towards these talents, ‘ace band’. Swirl will be very admirable listening to fans of: Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Rock N’ Roll Roots."”

“Swirl in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia??!! We received this link via twitter today...turns out an account from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with over 4800 followers picked up the Breath-Fresher review”

"A very hard and heavy sound starts off the ep along with some melodic vocals and you can also hear a decent amount of melody in the guitar riffing and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and you can also hear clean playing being utilized in certain sections of the recording." "In my opinion Swirl are a very great sounding mixture of hard rock and hair metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Fourth Of July" and "We Are Alive". " 8 out of 10.

“Breath-Fresher.com presents "Rock or Die Monthly" segment for broadcast of Swirl. 4月3日放送の ROCK OR DIE Monthly #58 が、 現在 オンラインで ご視聴いただけます。 当サイト および Podomatic ページのポッドキャストで 3ヵ月間 視聴可能で、ダウンロードもできますのでぜひご利用ください。 http://www.breath-fresher.com/2015/04/04/rock-or-die-monthly-58/”

“SWIRL は、ギタリスト Duane “DT” Jones が作った 南カリフォルニアのロックバンドで、過去20年間の アメリカンロックやハードロックでの いいところばかりを組み合わせたような スタイルの音楽性をしています... SWIRL is a Southern California rock band formed by guitarist Duane “DT” Jones and their musical style is a combining the best of the past 20 years of American Rock / Hard Rock...”

"The songs on 'SWIRL' display their undeniable chops. Everything blasts forth with such enthusiasm"..."Swirl is bristling with an infinite number of scenarios and it executes them perfectly." "Swirl has an incredibly loud brash sound, the kind of sound plenty of bands promise but few deliver..." About the songs "Spell", "Rise Up", "We Are Alive" featured in 'Ditch Day' movie- "Opening with a taut bass line is the rush of “Spell”. Burning through the song embodies defiance. Distortion defines “Rise Up” whose tension is quite palpable. When this tension is finally released it feels earned. A rush begins the frenzied activity of “We Are Alive”. By far the best track on the collection it finds a comfortable groove and amplifies it to the skies."

“Song Chemistry The lyrics are inspired by life experiences and the world we live in.”

“Interview with DT discussing the photo shoot with legendary rock photographer Neil Zlozower, music licensed in 'Ditch Day Massacre, Swirl live shows and the state of the music business. Read it all in issue #12 PAGE #29”

"Highlights include the hooking you immediately opener, 'Fourth Of July' that even quotes Johnny Cash and the Soundgarden like 'Mad Disease' both musically and vocally. Then there's the gutsy 'Rise Up' with Zakk Wylde like urping as I like to call it that has that big hair like arena sound going down or the slammy 'n' agressive 'We Are Alive'. Excellent." 9/10 score

“DT and Shane discuss all things Swirl, from the origin of the band, current state of the industry (a response to the Gene Simmons "Rock is Dead" quote), the inclusion of the bands music in the film 'Ditch Day Massacre' and future plans for the band! Published Jan 6, 2015.”

"Loved the music by the group Swirl." "Sex, drugs, booze and an Ax makes a perfect orgy of mayhem. Teenage hormones and spin the bottle will be the last end result of teenage fun, as the blood and death run in all its horror inducing wonder. A fun, awesome, wild throwback slasher flick of great acting, twisted gore and a man seeking his solace through the pain of others."

“Sometimes a gem just falls into your lap and that's exactly what's going on here. In the third song of the current collection we find the beefy riffs of the guitar driven lead single "Rise Up", possibly the best of the compilation with an insanely catchy chorus that could certainly be heard on today's rock radio. Who the hell is Swirl.....find out Just like The Meister did! I guess I'm now part of the Swirl Society, and you should be too!”

“This ensemble's #TimeToFly is NOW. SWIRL is fierce. A mixture of rock, metal and alternative. "Spell" is simplistic yet provocative. Prepare to be mesmerized. Great lyrical content, harmonies and instrumentation. Would make an excellent back drop for a 'car chase' scene in a movie. "Rise Up" is radical. Superb guitar riffs and drums. An anthem for those who have been oppressed or bullied. Very commercial piece of art with strong messaging. "Time to Fly" is a tale of taking your life to the next level. Extremely inspirational song. Stellar vocals, instrumentation, production and overall song composition. In short, SWIRL should be proud of their recent efforts. Every track is poignant and possesses immense commercial and radio use potential. This ensemble's #TimeToFly is NOW. Their marketability and sophistication will take them far. First step, is a spot on our #360WatchList.”

"After listening to “Swirl” in its entirety it has lifted me up mood wise! Now when music has a positive vibe like this it is what keeps Rock/Metal alive and well! You can really feel the passion and the exceptional quality in the music that SWIRL creates!"

“The seven tracks here display a mainstream edge production-wise while retaining their own approach with an uncompromising sense that is a welcome release from most of the mainstream fare we’ve experienced for the last decade.”

"...encapsulated everything that was great about post-glam pre-grunge, big arena rock that rode the line between hair metal and hard rock. Not only have they encapsulated that sound and style, they have distilled it to its best, strongest form. Don't think for a minute that SWIRL is dated or tribute laden in their sound and lyrics, the four piece hard rockers are writing original pieces that capture the spirit of American Arena Rock but do not copy anything that has come before...sometimes all one wants to hear and rock out to is balls to the wall, hard riffing, sweet hooking, power drumming, ROCK n' ROLL! SWIRL delivers just that. In spades and with solid craftsmanship in every note and every lyric.

“Swirl blends the heavy rifts of rock and metal influences with modern sounds and ideas. Combine this with their lyrics and you have some very powerful, soul changing music on your hands. When you listen to them, you aren’t just listening to music, you’re listening to your story. If you have never seen them live, I recommend taking a few hours to go out and catch a set. You can actually feel yourself being carried away by the music, the high levels of energy they put out just wash over you and sweep you away. It’s all about personality, in the end, and Swirl brings it in spades. The group work together as a team, on and off stage, determined to bring the best experience possible to their fans, blending their individual personalities together to bring Swirl to life. From vocal Casanova, to insanity on skins; from titillating riffs to proving there are more strings on a bass than the two focused on by most bands, this group has it down.”

"Strong vocals, scorching guitar leads and a high-energy stage presence were only some of the many positive traits of Swirl’s greatly enjoyable performance last night. - See more at: http://metalassault.com/gig_reviews/2013/12/13/jake-e-lees-red-dragon-cartel-makes-live-debut/#sthash.b3EauTzA.dpuf

"Released on March 25, 2013 worldwide via iTunes,Swirl`s self- titled CD is energetic and upbeat. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the familiar "Time To Fly" (written and titled "Adrenaline" in 2008) and "Mad Disease" (written and titled "Sleepwalker" in 2008) on this CD. Both songs were mixed and produced by Cinderella drummer Fred Coury... The rest of the songs on this CD were produced by Swirl and recorded at Baxter Rd Studios in Wildomar, CA and engineered by Bruce Copeland & Jeff Gaylor. Post Production and mixing were done by James Rieger who also played keyboards and mastered the entire CD. Additional vocals on "Rise Up" and "Message" were supplied by Carol Rieger. "Rise Up" was chosen by a majority vote from Swirl fans to be the first single release off the CD. The "Message" behind the music, according to Swirl, has to do with standing up for what you believe in and not giving up, despite any road blocks." 'SWIRL' CD review 8/10 score on pg 87

“All The World’s a Stage for SWIRL After an Unbelievable Year the Band is Adrenalized for 2010!”