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“Band: SAVING JACKIE Who: Heated gang from San Antonio, Texas Pick: IT’S CRITICAL Last June Saving Jackie released their new album It’s Critical. A bad-ass bulldozer of a record. A fresh video clip for their newest single, the title track, premiered two days ago. The single is a fiery fireball rolling with zappy zest, with Jenny 4C Ramirez, a female Zack de la Rocha, blustering with Sturm und Drang passion, as we know her, backed by her battering beards. The clip is full of pep, briskness and vivid verve with Ramirez emphasizing the fight for your life bravery that’s needed to survive dire diseases. Don’t be deceived, It’s Critical! Rise & Fight for your life you’re a Miracle Don’t be deceived, Rise & Fight for your Life!”

“Since making their grand slam return in 2019, Texas rap-rock veterans Saving Jackie have had measurable success re-emerging into the spotlight and drawing new fans while maintaining the long-time supporters, and their greatest triumph yet following their homecoming has undoubtedly come in the form of their latest album, It’s Critical. The title track is a bopping opener that kickstarts the energy to thrilling levels as soon as possible. It helps that Jenny is passionately feisty on the mic, and the chorus is a solid and catchy one. Breaking Doors has a rougher and extra aggressive touch to it thanks to the rumbling bass tones and considerably more callow guitar riffs, and the highly devoted lyrics match up equally well. Outlet, in the midst of some rad solos, emphasises the importance of trying that safe space to cleanse your bottled up negativity, and the tasty hook-riddled Sureness inspires to persevere in the face of doubt and other opposing influences.”

“Saving Jackie 🇺🇸 – My Faith Is Larger Jackie on Acid was a rock/rap group from San Antonio, Texas formed in 1998. The three piece must have fit into the musical landscape of that time very well, with siblings Jenny & Anthony Ramirez and John Cortez calling it a day in 2003. Fast forward to 2019, and Jenny 4C Ramirez (vocals), Anthony Ramirez (drums), and John Cortez (bass) decided to get the band back together. Add in Jerry Ryan and Rick Garza on guitars, and Saving Jackie was born. With a fresh new sound, Saving Jackie has released two EP’s thus far, 2020’s self-titled and 2021’s “It’s Critical.” Track one from the self-titled EP also got a shiny music video, which “My Faith Is Larger” definitely deserved! “My Faith Is Larger” certainly has some influence from the Nü-Metal of the late 90’s, but has an exciting, modern sound to it that makes it fun to listen to today. Jenny 4C uses a very cool vocal style throughout and creates an extremely catchy cho”

“I've had the opportunity to hear the namesake demo ′′ SAVING JACKIE ′′ of three songs that have been released and I am very shocked by the hardness of the guitar riffs adding to this your sister JENNY's ability to merge such brutal vocal chains making a tie with a diversity of musical ranges with lyrics full of faith and personal overcoming..”

“Saving Jackies 1st Reaction Video! Check it out”

“Combine the flaming intensity of Rage Against The Machine and the razor-sharp rants of Body Count and what you get is San Antonio‘s hot-tempered cross-over rockers SAVING JACKIE. Wait, there are two notable differences. No slams about politics, but a pure lust for life credo, and instead of a testeron-driven frontman we have the wonderful Jenny 4C Ramirez leading the troops with vivid gusto and vigorous bravado. She raps and hollers like the best with a high-powered voice you can break walls with. The debut EP of this mettlesome turbo is a head-banging triumph. A storming eruption of illegal decibels and deafening riffs. Yes!! So, listen up, Zack de la Rocha and Ice-T. From now on no more male-dominated metal-rap-dynamite. Make way for Jenny and read carefully what she told Turn Up The Volume. But, as usual, we start interviews with music. Let’s roll…”

“Saudações headbangers!!! Estamos aqui com mais um vídeo suado mas feito com muita dedicação. Novidades,aparições,homenagem,Jurassic rock,reflexão e muito mais!!! Grandes bandas lançaram novos materiais e outras nasceram e nos apresentaram seus trabalhos nesse mês de Janeiro. Se liguem nesse vídeo e se puder compartilhem para fortalecer essa cena que me enche de orgulho!!!…”

“Today, Monday, listen to Saving Jackie on this radio station from Argentina🇦🇷 * Hack Rock Radio * at 7:00 p.m. (from Arg.) 📻Listen to us on https://hackrockradio.wixsite.com/misitio 👉🏽 Or we invite you to download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details... #Argentina #Radio #HackRockRadio #VenalaEternidad”

“Saving Jackie - My Faith Is Larger 🔥 Empezamos la semana con esta banda Buenísima 🎶✊ imposible no repetirla 😎 potente💪 #rockmasvidalive #RockForGod #lonewenrockmasvida #rockqueedifica #RockMasVidaGarage #rockmasvidafest Saving Jackie - My Faith Is Larger 🔥 We start the week with this great band 🎶✊ impossible not to repeat it 😎 powerful 💪 #rockmasvidalive”

“TODAY Friday By #PuertoRockCristiano #Radio COME TO ETERNITY. From 21:00 Hours, Chile and Argentina schedule DRIVERS: Cristian Fernandez and Natalia Fernandez GUESTS: SAVING JACKIE BY TUNEIN: https://tunein.com/.../Radio-Puerto-Rock-Cristiano-s184547/ FROM THE WEBSITE: https://puertorockcristiano.com/en-vivo/ Visit our website: https://puertorockcristiano.com/ to hear about all our new arrivals. #Metal #Rock #ChristianRock #WhiteMetal”

“Saving Jackies 1st Band Review from Cuba.”

“White Forest Fest Flyer”

“Rage Against The Machine Rockers SAVING JACKIE Drop Video Clip For ‘MY FAITH IS LARGER’ Last summer San Antonio‘s forceful crossover turbine SAVING JACKIE, with loud and clear Amazon Jenny 4C Ramirez in the middle, released a new EP with three bang-on-target grenades. Three heated rap-mother-rockers. Three explosive firecrackers. For opener, MY FAITH IS LARGER – imagine Body Count fronted by Ramirez – the 4-piece launched a video clip with the band in full action, hitting it big time. You have no excuse whatsoever not to bang your head against your lockdown living room wall. Beat your virus frustration now, worry about the headache later!...”

“Coming Wednesday 1/13/2021 @saving_jackie Takes over @metal_empire_radio on @stationhead brought to you by @kingsiderecords plus @saving_jackie WorldWide video premiere of “My Faith is Larger”~CEO of KingSide Records @kingsiderecords WWW.KINGSIDERECORDS.COM ~CEO of Artillery Music Group AMG WWW.ARTILLERYMUSICGROUP.COM ~ Founder, Owner, & Creator of the Saldivar Social Brand @saldivarsocial ~WWW.SALDIVARSOCIAL.COM & Te”

“Saving Jackie’s first Spanish interview with Fox News Sports Puerto Rico & Metal Rock Station. Wow!!!”

“HOLY smokes! JUST heard the upcoming track from Saving Jackie called, 'Its Critical'. Fkn AMAZING! Will be dropping later this Spring, so keep your ears to the underground, while you can because SJ could be breaking out from it SOON! #greatraps #greatlead #greatchorus #supportSAmetal”

“Every once in a while, a band crosses your path that strikes you as being somewhat fresh sounding, yet also familiar and classic sounding. Texas based band Saving Jackie struck me in this fashion. Describing themselves as a “rap/rock group with a message of redemption for new life,” you might ask what is so fresh about rap/rock? Isn’t that, like so early 2000’s? Well, yes, maybe, but it feels fresh in many ways after all these years and when done with style. And when you add a little aggression to it, it feels like a new creature. At times, their aggressively guitar-driver, hard-rocking sound reminds me of another band I love, the heavy rap/rockers XL & DBD. Of course, I also think part of the appeal for me might be because the energy and styling here reminds me much of my former band (Hemotheory). Whatever it is, I am really digging this release. My only complaint? It is too short, at only three-songs. But it whets the appetite enough to make me eagerly await for more. For th”

“In this interview spotlight, I chat with members of Saving Jackie about the latest music, challenges, technology and more. Full Q&A along with links and music below. Where are you from and what style of music do you create? (In your own words, not necessarily in marketing terms or by popular genre classifications.) Hi. We’d like to first thank you for this Interview....”

“Saving Jackies Vocalist Jenny 4C Ramirez was recognized as a Metal Queen. Formed in 2019, is a #rock rap band from #USA, with the voice of Jenny 4c Ramirez Members: Anthony: drums John Cortez: bass Jerry Dee Ryan: rhythm guitar/backing vocals Rick Garza: lead guitar”

“Turn Up The Volume’s 15 KNOCKOUT TRACKS For AUGUST 2020… ‘My Faith Is Larger’ by SAVING JACKIE (San Antonio, US) A hot-tempered sucker-slam triggering every single nerve, every single muscle, and every single vein in your shuddering body. If you’re still mourning the loss of Rage Against The Machine, dry your eyes, rise from your bed, and go mental to Saving Jackie. Now!…”

“Wham Bloody Smack Bam – Bang Your Head To ‘MY EVERYTHING’ By Cross Over Engine ‘SAVING JACKIE’ A couple of weeks ago we tested your ears’ resilience with San Antonio‘s metallic cross over engine SAVING JACKIE, led by the charismatic Jenny 4C Ramirez (brill name) and their smashing track My Faith Is Larger, the first cut of their newest EP. And as Turn Up The Volume can’t get enough of the brain-breaking force of these motherrockers we unleash the EP’s second track MY EVERYTHING. Another nasty in-your-face smack. Imagine Body Count fronted by Ramirez. She spits and sneers with razor-sharp raps and knife-edged howls while her mettlesome band rages against the machine with a number of illegal decibels and deafening riffs. Oh yeah, you’ll love this metal pandemonium big time. Saving Jackie rules! Bang your head here…”

“Have you ever wondered what “Rage Against the Machine” would sound like if it were fronted by a woman vocalist? Well look no further than local band “Saving Jackie”. I was skeptical at first I must admit at the claim in the bio, but found that the rap/rock style and strong vocals do indeed remind me of “Rage Against the Machine”! The songs bring their message of redemption to life with great passion and driving force. The band consists of (vocalist) Jenny 4C Ramirez, (drummer) Antonio, (bass player) John Cortez, Jerry Ryan (rhythm guitar/backing vocals) and Rick Garza (lead guitar/backing vocals). The band was recently signed to “Kingside” records in July of this year and have had a recent facebook live performance for “Low Fest” as well as promo and live videos on YouTube. You can check out their 3 song EP entitled, “Saving Jackie”, purchase merchandise, follow, and listen to more music at the links below. Facebook Youtube T-shirts ReverbNation Twitter Instagra”

“I recently had the joy of checking out some great music by a band called Saving Jackie, recently, there have bee some new groups fronted by female vocalists, many Hard Rock / Metal acts that are verging in on a male dominated genre, but Saving Jackie is really something new and fresh, fronted by Jenny 4C Ramirez, this group is amazingly hot, if Rage Against ever needed a female lead, she is the one, aggressive lyrically but with a finesse and grace that is right there. Musically Saving Jackie is solid, well timed rhythms and a collection of talented artists that take you on a free ride to glory.”

“Saving Jackie August 2020 Interview Saving Jackie is: Jenny 4C Ramirez - Front Woman/Lyricist Antonio Jimenez - Drummer John Cortez - Bass Jerry Ryan - Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals Rick Garza - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals Laura: What genre of music do you consider Saving Jackie to be? Saving Jackie: Rap rock. Some would say metal. Laura: What's the ultimate direction for your band? Saving Jackie: First, we’d love to see complete healing in our vocalist Jenny and others like her who are battling any kind of disease or sickness. She writes about her struggles and victories with diabetes and throat nodules. When the band decided to get back together, we formed our band with really no expectations except to have fun. Since we’re all experienced musicians, we started writing songs together and we were motivated pretty quickly to get into the studio and record. We performed at our first gig toward the end of 2019 and decided to release an EP in late January.. *Click the web link for mor”

“NTERNATIONAL BAND Saving Jackie a rap / rock group with a redemption message for a new life. Together with former members, vocalist / vocalist Jenny 4 C Ramirez, drummer Antonio and bassist John Cortez are new members, Jerry Ryan on rhythm guitar / backing vocals and Rick Garza on solo guitar. After encountering life's struggles and conflicts, the group returns to share a message of how they passed life's main tests. His new EP brings a message of victory and hope with songs such as My Faith is Larger, My Everything and Silence the Storm. Saving Jackie were recently interviewed by Metal Mars, Robbs MetalWorks MetalWorks The Mero Metal and Walter Cardozo from #Jesus Es Mi Rock from Chile, South America. His recent EP also received reviews from Mike Geiner of BTTW Church, ′′ Saving Jackie is a welcome breath in the music industry ". The EP was a homonymous release produced and designed by Damian Refuge and mixed and mastered by Clifton Miles of Stone Creek Sound Studio in Helotes, Te”

“Simply The Best – TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Tracks For JULY 2020… – My Faith Is Larger – SAVING JACKIE (San Antonio, Texas, US) Move over RATM for this shattering, striking slam dunk with the merciless power of a bone-crushing iron ball. A hot-tempered sucker-punch triggering every single nerve, every single muscle, and every single vein in your shuddering body. Hell yeah!”

“Saving Jackie Promo Video for Bora Curtir”

“Alright. Wanna give a huge congratulations to Saving Jackie for getting signed to Kingside records. You guys deserve everything. Enjoy”

“RATM Is Dead! Long Live SAVING JACKIE – Listen To Their Slam Dunk ‘MY FAITH IS LARGER’…What you get is a shattering, storming slam dunk with the merciless power of a wall-crushing iron ball. A hot-tempered sucker-punch triggering every single nerve, every single muscle, and every single vein in your shuddering body. If you’re still mourning the loss of Rage Against The Machine, it’s time to dry your eyes, to rise from your bed, to put on your black leather jacket, to invite your metal-adoring demons, to not do what they tell you and to go mental to Saving Jackie. What are you waiting for? *Click the link for more*”

“As the drums ROAR into your ears like a tribal war conquest, “My Faith is Larger” is a banger of a track and lets you know immediately that this band has a mighty, powerful punch that will have you, the listener, excited and ready to mosh to its intensity. The riffs in this strong opener really show that this band, a performing and touring crew, have definitely developed their style in the crucible of the live circuit. Jenny’s vocals tie these songs together with a diverse vocal range and thoughtful lyrics, expatiating on her faith, with powerful poise and grace. The one thing I love about this group is the eclectic, genre spanning influences that they demonstrate with an authority that oozes authenticity. “My everything” the second track shows off the beautiful instrumentation of Antonio, John, Jerry, and Rick. They are great at creating an intense and rhythmic ambience for the lyrics to shine bright in the powerful atmosphere of a funk-fused diorama. *Click the Web Link”

“~{BTTW EXCLUSIVE ALBUM REVIEW}~ Saving Jackie EP Sleeper band Saving Jackie is a welcomed breath in the music industry. Honestly this became the hardest music review I’ve had to ever do as their sound & their lyrical structure is quite impressive for this young group. Recently back in January they released their debut EP. Doing a search of their name on Google opened me up to several reviews of praise of their work. With the EP not being out even 2 solid weeks, I even came across a quick review that said it was the best album of 2020. That instantly intrigued me. Most of their 3 songs from the EP hit hard lyrically as you hear their vocalist Jenny belt out some strong vocals around the hard rock/some punk elements in their music. The first song, “My Faith is Larger” comes off as a great anthem song, as well as a declaration song to get your blood pumping to what they are singing & playing about. “My Everything” is right away a straight forward & honest.. *Click the Web Link*”

“Undoubtedly, as people we mature as the years go by. Some of us build homes, some raise children,...others build businesses & some do it ALL. One thing is uttely transparent: a transformation takes place deep within us which gives us the strength to perserve in what has undeniably become a more complex world. So, when I heard that 90's rap rock group, Jackie On Acid, was making a return to music & the scene under a NEW moniker in Saving Jackie I was intrigued to say the least; and what I came to find out is that the individuals in this band had undergone such drastic transformations themselves; and CLEARLY those transformations resonate in their NEW music! I was privy to hear their 3 song demo (recently officially released on January 25th, 2020) & I was taken aback. Musically, there was no mistep in the delivery of BIG hooks & catchy choruses,....but the brutal clarity (& delivery c/o Jenny ShoShock Ramirez) of the lyrical MESSAGE is what really hit home. *Click the Web Link*”