Rott / Press

“With so many bands in the World you need something to stand out. Be it your name or something else. ROTT might be remembered for the name. Anders Ekdahl ©2012”

“Well, gosh. I am quite pleased to let you guys know Rott is in rotation and will be featured on live broadcasts on CamoRock 102.5 The Bullet. Thank you to Roth and everyone at the radio station for this huge honor and letting Danny do some promo's. Tune in and have fun you guys, it only gets better after this..†”

“Well, well. Word is that a song you may have heard will be on an upcoming movie soundtrack. I bet it will be cool. This is a huge honor.”

“As Dave Smith from Ravenheart Music summarizes, "the music Rott play I suppose is similar to Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice In Chains and Evanescence."”

“This band makes my blood run cold in an awesome way!" said Dickerson. "I’m excited to see them perform on our stage and kick off this year’s festival in true Flight of the Valkyries fashion. Fans are going to love these guys.”

Bobbie Jeans Dickerson - Flight of the Valkyries co-founder

“Bands like Lacuna Coil, Lullacry, Tool and even Metallica come to mind with the bands music which can be thrashy, gritty, experimental but always rocking thanks to singer Molly Sirenne's diverse vocal range.”

“I actually woke up one night with 'Out Of Time' swimming around in my head! This cd may take two or three plays before it hits you, but it is worth it when it does.”

“In the newly released album, Out of Time, Rott is indeed a band to be listened to twice, thrice, and more.”

““Out Of Time” es un álbum que requiere de varias escuchas, ya que en una primera instancia puede tornarse algo denso, pero es realmente disfrutable al tomarle el gusto.”