Richard Cummins / Press

"5 Stars! Richard has a recording here that weaves a tapestry of his personal experiences and life lessons that gives a nod to songs from the fab four without ripping them off. It actually is one of those kind of recordings that gets better every time you hear it and with strong memorable melodies that you find yourself humming when you least expect it. For me personally the last song is a masterpiece that I could not stop playing and the Phil Keaggy solo on "Singing to us while it hurts" proves how much he believes in this fab new artist and their shared love of all things Beatle. If you know anything about how songs are supposed to be put together you will enjoy this entire recording and recommend it to your friends."

"For his 2013 Christmas EP, Re Gift, Cummins wrote a song which tells the story of It’s a Wonderful Life, And it shares a take on the film’s title. The song can also be purchased alone and has a special sleeve designed for those who do. As well, as the song’s lyrics contain many references to the Stewart film and if you listen closely as the song fades you’ll also hear Stewart’s voice from the film..."

"As heart felt as it is moving."

“Richard Cummins is greatly indebted to Paul McCartney, something he readily acknowledges since he has released another EP entitled '5 Things I Learned From Paul McCartney In Song'. 'Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story. Music from the Soundtrack' is a strangely named seven-track digital EP released in 2011. It includes sprightly Beatle-isms handled in the best possible way as there are snippets that immediately recall classic Fab Four songs without sounding servile. The best track is inexplicably very short. Indeed, track #2, called 'Somewhere Girl', lasts only fifty-eight seconds and I dream of hearing a longer version of it but this is wishful thinking since the song stands as it is and will probably never be reworked by Richard Cummins.”

"As I heard the opening song, my first thought was: “This guy’s a Beatle fan.” But while it is at times reminiscent of the Fabs, this music is no rip-off of their sound; rather, it is the sound of someone who has clearly learned solid musical principles from the legendary group, and applied these lessons with originality. There is very good work afoot here; it was recorded in Langley, Nashville and California, and features noteworthy contributions from stalwarts Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill. The recording showcases superb arrangements, inventive melodies, excellent harmonies and some good guitar breaks. My favourite cut is the finale, ‘Inner Groove,’ which has a pleasingly Eastern feel and expert use of backward guitar riffs. This is bracing, truly upbeat music. Check it out – and while you’re at it, try Cummins’ instrumental CD, Wind Mill. And be sure to go to his website, where you’ll find his superb rendition of the Keith Green classic, ‘Easter Song.’"

"...with an emphasis on McCartney’s work and some of his solo stuff. Very well done and a FREE download. Hey Beatle tribute bands, he may be available!"

“Richard Cummins' debut is a luxurious, plentiful album best described as a labor of love addressed to his wife and all Beatles fans the world over. 'Moments' features Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill on guitars and vocals. It was produced in Nashville.”

“Magical!! by Pepper Prudence - September 26, 2014 Really nifty guitar work and sweet harmony! Good Tunes!”

“On his CD, Moments, Richard Cummins has created a most unique tribute to not just an artist (or group of artists), but an entire period (or genre) of music. While most tribute albums feature new interpretations of songs that we heard years ago, Cummins instead gives us new compositions written in the spirit of the songs and artists he’s tipping his musical hat to. Richard Cummins is a skilled musician and, on this project, a musical chameleon. To discover Cummins in a ‘pure’ form, you might want to jump to the title track, “Moments,” an instrumental where Cummins, alone with his guitar, absolutely shines. Along with Keaggy and Stonehill, there are appearances on this project by no less than John Sferra, Mike Pachelli and Chris McHugh. Cummins plays a multitude of instruments throughout the recording. It certainly will be interesting to see where this very talented artist will go next - Moments is full of good… moments. You might just find yourself in the mix.”

“1. Jars of Clay - Good Monsters 2. Ashley Cleveland - Before the Daylight's Shot 3. Ian Hunter - Shrunken Heads 4. Mute Math - Mute Math 5. Caedmon's Call - Caedmon's Call 6. Mat Kearney - Nothing Left to Lose 7. Over the Rhine - Trumpet Child 8. Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full 9. Richard Cummins - Moments 10. The Fray - How to Save a Life Runners-up: Wilco - Sky Blue Sky Anberlin - Cities ”

“On Wind Mill, armed only with an acoustic Taylor guitar and a Loop Station, Cummins has created seventeen tracks of fine improvisational composing and performing. The risk is that the artist can become too absorbed in the process, and simply produce music that is little more than self-indulgent noodling. Even the wonderful Phil Keaggy has occasionally had moments on his ‘looping’ projects where the songs surrendered to the technique. Cummins has avoided that pitfall. While Cummins has technique to spare – and obviously owes a great debt to Keaggy, who is like the Obie-wan to his Luke Skywalker – his style of improvisation carries a sense of melody and structure through each song. Wind Mill is certainly an impressive and enjoyable work, especially for fans of Phil Keaggy’s instrumental work. Richard Cummins has done an amazing thing: he’s stepped into Keaggy’s kitchen and cooked up a fine musical meal using his own recipe book. I heartily recommend Richard Cummins’ Wind”

“Richard Cummins’ music is on the Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story soundtrack, with a fitting tribute to another English legend, Paul McCartney. You might say the former Beatles’ frontman helped with Cummins’ break, if indirectly. “I’m quite inspired by The Beatles and in particular, Paul McCartney, so my music tends to reflect some of that,” he says. He’s good at it. So good, he was hired by Sony Music to recreate Beatles songs for Paper Jamz, an interactive guitar-based toy. “This is one of those stories where everything just falls so perfectly in place,” says Cummins, explaining the film makers wanted a scene when Rowling comes to London for the first time accompanied by Beatles-like music. Cummins was asked to write an original score with the same charms for which the legendary band is known — no easy challenge. “So I got a call. I was quite honoured, actually, being associated with J.K. Rowling and such a massive phenomenon as Harry Potter is pretty”

“British Columbia's Richard Cummins is an unabashed Beatlemaniac, and his latest EP is an enjoyable homage/tribute to Sir Paul McCartney. The EP features two original tracks, "Paul McCartney Taught Me Right"- a jangly Rickenbacker-laden number that cites McCartney as a role model and features an always-welcome timpani in the chorus - and "Paul, He Used to Sing With Me", a trippy mellow number that quotes McCartney lyrics. The rest of the EP is a couple of note-perfect covers of McCartney standards "Mull of Kintyre" and "Back Seat of My Car", along with an Abbey Road Studios mix of "Paul McCartney Taught Me Right". Cummins does sound a lot like McCartney, so if you don't pay close attention, you might think Paul was honoring himself. Still in all, it's a fun little EP and you don't have to be as big a McCartney maniac as Cummins to enjoy it. ”