Ricardo Diquez / Press

“When singer Ricardo Diquez talks about the salsa style of music, he speaks about a fusion of different rhythms that makes listeners want to move and dance. There also is another element – the communication among the musicians. “Other than that it is catchy and makes you want to dance, the way it is done is interesting because everybody complements everybody,” Diquez said in a phone interview. “It’s like a team. When you’re watching [the band] and if you aren’t dancing, you can see how everything flows.””

“Thank you so much for making our reception the liveliest it could have been. You and the band were awesome. The music was so hot and you guys were friendly and fun. You were great to work with, easy and professional. We can't wait to party with you again.”

Aaron & Nicolle - N/A

“You guys got rave reviews. Everyone loved your band at the museum and I heard nothing but positive feedback about your performance. Thanks for doing such a great job and for making me look smart for recommending you. I appreciate your professionalism and enjoyed working with you.”

Bill Baucon - East Coast Entertainment

“Lo he visto cantar en muchas ocasiones y además de tener la voz que tiene, tiene una capacidad interpretativa que muchos cantantes de renombre reconocerían como sobresaliente. Además es un gran ser humano y buen amigo. Espero que Ricardo tenga ésta oportunidad. Sólo así podrían confirmar y desarrollar este talento que no podemos desperdiciar.”

El Progreso - El Progreso

““I would highly recommend Ricardo for any business. He is dedicated to his band and to the audience he performs for. His voice is total perfection as he brings everybody on their feet to dance to the rhythm of Salsa, cumbia and the Cha Cha. When he sings you feel like you are in Puerto Rico. He also has an amazing outgoing personality and treats everybody with respect and kind words. He is full of energy and life and he is an awesome person to be around!””

“Solo puedo decir que es un Excelente interprete, quien desde pequeño mostro grandes habilidades en el baile, canto y en hacer pasar un excelente rato a quienes compartiamos una hermosa velada.Nunca falto Ricardo como improvisador mostrando sus habilidades de cantante y animador, lo conozco desde hace unos quince años, cuando vivia en mi querida Venezuela, y no me sorprendio verlo en la web porque sabia que algun dia él sería uno de los famosos del mundo, este joven talentoso que se, llegará lejos, porque además de excelente en las artes musicales es un bello amigo, buen compañero y un ser angelical ”

Ada Tunzi - El Avance

“I saw you yesterday during la Fiesta del Pueblo, and as I said to Mr. "Ricardo TNT" after the concert, I think you guys are the Bomb! I've heard a lot of local groups of Latin musicians in our area, and of them all, I enjoyed the sound and the energy of Tropic Orchestra the most — Mark Hertzog, Salsero”

Mark Hertzog - Salsero