REB∆ H∆SKO / Press

"...Listening to Reba Hasko's music is like observing an alchemist creating art in a laboratory of the heart & mind...Hasko's audio-opulence, cast amidst the stark backdrop arrangement of her vocal or acoustic piano; Transcends the mundane & serves as the mark of Reba Hasko's sonic paintings..."

"Inventive in both composition and musically... an aurally fascinating album. Dark, beautiful, highly evocative, it even tops the power of her debut. It sweeps you away into a different emotional world... I just want to tell everyone to give it a listen. It's amazing..."

"...Her classically trained voice slithers and climbs, sometimes panting, often cooing and usually brushed with vibrato... Her two LPs (2001's Live at Studio 43 and 2006's Seeds from the Twisted Pear) are blissfully avant-garde..."