ProblemAddict / Press

"GREAT performer GREAT tracks cant wait to hear more..."

Fallin Angels

"Your music is awesome"

Whitney Nicole Elder

"U speak from ur heart and don't let others influence ur work. That is what makes it great!!!"

Alicia DeKing

"Keep rockin it homie"

Matt Elkins

"You remember the last battle in 8 mile where everyone goes ape shit after ems verse. Yea its kinda like that after every bar!! Keep it up foo much luv"

Ryan Ruddy

"Ur music is wonderful and I can't wait to hear it live!! Keep up the good work. Ur doing great!"

Jessica Morgan Gaffney

"You have come a very long way trom that first recorded song..love watching you evolve into what you've always dreamed of doing. Heart you Unisapher"

Kelly Junemann

"I love hearing Your music and watching you tear up the stage every time You perform. I have already told you that you motivate me so much to Do things in life. You are one of my favs (very top of my list) ! True talk. Your very inspirational and awesome as hell at what you do! I have never been disappointed at any of your shows!!! Keep doing What you do so best and that is keeping a smile on all your friends and fans face...much love"

Tabatha Rocha

"i always knew you would turn your music into something great! keep on truckin my friend!"

Ashley Vargas

"Your music....it's become my motivation while training, my inspiration when I need it, it's some of the best music I've ever heard! Keep doing you and never change up!!!!!"

Zach Tolliver

"First time I saw ya I was surprised and didn't expect ya to be THAT good. No offense! But you seriously surprised me! It was impressive."

Lindsay McCalmont

"your lyrics are real. you never disappoint. you've helped teach me how to really listen to lyrics. and you're always pushing yourself to be better than the last song."

Bryana Johnson

"Energy man, energy. I don't know many people in the rap game, much less the music scene as a whole, that have the drive and in-your-face attitude that you exude. BIG "it" factor there brother, big."

George May

"You've given me some of the best music in life. I'm truly grateful for that. And for you."

Laurie Mickelberg

"I think your music is awesome! It's nice not to hear music about stupid dance moves or the other stuff that's On the radio. You speak from your heart and your music shows it! I can't wait for you to make more songs and to see you perform live!"

Kendra Heiss

"The first time I ever saw you perform, I was instantly impressed. Keep up the good work PA!"

Amanda Hays

"Ur music is inspirational and very bad ass...keep up the awesome work brother"

Brian Dillenburg

"your awesome and i can't wait to see u perform again"

Donnie Neill