Cordcalling / Press

“...The group is currently working on a new record and they're taking a definite retro approach to the project.”

“Although music videos may play a lesser role than they once did, they're still an important way for a band to promote itself. On May 19, London duo Cordcalling - Denise Conway (drums) and Brian Conway (guitar) - unveiled a video for the song 'Wicked Desires', off their 2010 full-length CD, Obsessed By The Light, at Gigs Grillhouse. Directed, filmed, and edited by London's Wreckless Crew Productions, the video mixes colour footage of the band performing in the snow in front of the Blackfriars Street Bridge with black and white shots of the group at the Big League Comedy Club. All of the images are crisp and clean and the sound recording is very good as well. A quality effort from all involved. For those who missed the Gigs showcase, you can now watch the video on YouTube. Performance: B+ / Production: B+”

“Cordcalling's somewhat experimental approach allows them to work a lot of sound into tight two-peice compositions.”

Ben Conoley - Canadian Musician Magazine

“..the primal and explosive vocals Denise brings to the mic are more akin to Patti Smith or the riotous spirit of Sleater Kinney.”

“..their gritty brand of rock 'n roll looks to stand out on its own.”

“A style of their own”

“CORDCALLING DOING MORE WITH LESS With a name derived from a belief that all humanity shares a common connection, on top of each individual having a specific purpose, Cordcalling certainly doesn't shy away from big ideas when it comes to their music. ”

“Cordcalling: Music brought this London duo together In their biography they claim their “unpredictable time changes and fusion of musical styles make their live performances beam with raw energy,” which is exactly what I thought while I was listening to the CD..”

“When I Scream by London guitar/drums duo, Cordcalling manages to mix punk, psych, grunge and Goth over the course of three tracks.”

Dave Clarke - SCENE

“You are about to embark upon a magical journey”

Robert Nation - EMAC Studios