Welter / Press

"These boys play garage-ish alternative rock full of references to the origins of the pop punk scene...quite catchy, with "Favorite", "In Your Own" and "Son Of Captain Obvious" taking down the album highlight nominations."

“If you’re looking for a rock album that packs a punch with no filler, look no further than “The Bush Years”, the debut release from Philadelphia’s own Welter.”

“Philly rock trio Welter make music that hearkens back to America in the '90s...angst-y lyrics, post-punk guitars and adrenaline-fueled basement romps...Grunge-y, post-punk anthems that feel both instantly familiar and refreshingly new.”

“Many musical influences at work here...Guitar-driven indie? Check. Post-punk guitar grind? Yep. Heavy alt? That’s there too.”

“Enjoy the relatively timeless pop-punk pastiche...something that will likely find favor with fans of The Mats or The Weakerthans.”

"A slick, '90s-influenced garage rock gem!"

“My only criticism is that I want more...when's the next album coming out?”