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Billy Crain
Billy Crain  (4 months ago)

David Rye what are you doing????

SideTracks Artist Development / David Rye
SideTracks Artist Development / David Rye  (4 months ago)

Hey Billy Bill,
One thing I'm doing is keeping up with you. my friend.Other things taking up my time are being a General Contractor as my Day Job, then when I have some time, building my stable of artists at Sidetracks Artist Development and enhancing their careers. Drew is a very successful GC who is days from turning his construction company over to his son and daughter. He's ready to get more into music. Please take a minute to listen to his CD and tell me what you think. He has become a shaman with Native American Indians over the past 30+ years, he has a sweat lodge at his home on Lookout Mountain that people from all over the place come for sessions. I can only book him if he isn't conducting a sweat. He is a very spiritual person without being religious. Strange to me, as their dad was a methodist preacher. His music really reflects his true feelings. Something you can totally appreciate.
Also take a listen to Marlow Drive .... They're pretty much a 'Drivin' Blues Rockers' bunch of guys. More in your Outlaws vein .... Thanks for visiting the site, stay in touch.

The Ides of June
The Ides of June  (11 months ago)

Hey David, my band is looking to hit Chattanooga for a gig sometime in the near future. I was hoping you could help us out.

Check out our page.


Arthur Sadowsky & The Troubadours
Arthur Sadowsky & The Troubadours  (11 months ago)

Hello, David,

This is Arthur Sadowsky - we've met last night at the Zinc Bar, NY (where I was playing el.bass with the Brazilian singer Monika Oliveira.

I just spoke to my wonderful agent Emma DOSS, and she is going get in touch with you regarding how we could possibly set something up together in the future.

As I told you, I have my own jazz/blues group (our latest 2016 CD "Beautiful Moments" just came out and available), and I would be very happy to be able to come to your area to perform a show (with my band). Hopefully with your kind help. We would be very happy to offer you some kind of $$ compensation.

BTW, please text me your mailing address - I would like to send you a copy.

Let's talk soon. Please feel free to contact me directly anytime at my number below.

My very best regards,

Arthur Sadowsky | Mobile 718.645.7092

Robert P. Sefcik
Robert P. Sefcik  (over 4 years ago)

David, I went ahead with contacting Drew through Reverb Nation and Bandmix. It's out of my hands now. Thanks for the encouragement. Later...