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🔴BERDOO  (9 months ago)
You Rock... www.BERDOO.com ☠☠☠☠
Jimmy Shottah
Jimmy Shottah  (over 3 years ago)
Give a listen to my award winning lp "Free Weed" available now
Dread Blues Band
Dread Blues Band  (about 4 years ago)
Best wishes to Bobby! He's a talent to be reckoned with! He will go FAR!!!!!! DreadBluesBand™
Cole Son
Cole Son  (about 4 years ago)
Good Work :) Cole Son http://instagram.com/Cole.Son http://Cole-Son.com #PlanetStarMusic (ASCAP) - Los Angeles
LORD-PLOURDE  (over 4 years ago)
yo my name jplourde i been rapping for 10 years now i love freestyleing and love hiphop music give my profile view one my songs a go if ur looking for new artist hit me up https://www.reverbnation.com/jplourde?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav
Jeanine Gazzillo
Jeanine Gazzillo  (over 5 years ago)
thanks for reaching out Bobby, I have liked your other pages too. I just adore you and your music . keep up the great work!
Bee Boie
Bee Boie  (over 5 years ago)
How are you? My Name is Bee Boie Currently #1 in my city i have songs with artists like Tyga,Baeza Naudikah etc. & Have a couple songs on Thrizzler on the Roof. Im Looking For A Manger to help me further my career if your interested send me a message Beeboiemgmt@gmail.com
LORD-PLOURDE  (over 5 years ago)
hello guys name jplourde i been raping for long time most my stuff freestyles i dont got money or the eqwipment to master my music so i use what i got beeen raping for going on 11 years to this day if you guys get chanches give my music hear i love what you done with your music keep it up mabey we cloud dome something in time http://www.reverbnation.com/jplourde?profile_view_source=profile_box
Deborah Wilson
Deborah Wilson  (over 5 years ago)
Excellent. All around Excellent. .
Lil Rope
Lil Rope  (over 5 years ago)
Please Checkout my new mixtape on datpiff.com heres the link: http://www.datpiff.com/Lil-Ropa-TRILLxDOPA-MAFIAWORLD-mixtape.686342.html