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Instant Insanity
Instant Insanity  (5 months ago)

If anyone knows how to contact Phil's agent/management please let me know. I've been trying for a while now. I have a cancer survivor that's still in bad shape from a kidney removal and I'm trying to make his dream come true of PHA just acknowledging him somehow, anyway and anything will do. It'd complete him. He met Pantera in 2k but wasn't able to meet Phil, if it helps he's an honorary CFH from Dime. If anyone knows any way I can get a hold of anyone, please... kevin@sinner7sound.com

Hanging Death
Hanging Death  (11 months ago)

Hey! you guys fucking Rock!! How'd you like to Rock with Alkoholimous?
Send us your Email, and we'll send you our Free Demo kit!!

Chosen By The Gods
Chosen By The Gods  (12 months ago)

Raise your horns, because ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

Stevie The Shootah
Stevie The Shootah  (almost 2 years ago)

sign me

Killing Boredom
Killing Boredom  (about 2 years ago)

What it do! Droppin by to show some love! Great tracks and some amazin talents here! Best of luck and keep on KILLING IT!!!!!

Hanging Death
Hanging Death  (about 2 years ago)

Hey check us out, were from yankee land haha. Manchester New Hampshire, we do Hardcore punk/grindcore shit thats all mixed about, eh dont know if youd dig us but its worth a shot yea? Give us a heads up if you know whats up

Frankie Star
Frankie Star  (over 2 years ago)

I hope someone reads this

You finally fixed the store on the website but now the PayPal doesn't work, you can't select a province in Canada. I've been trying to buy stuff off the Housecore site for ages, was almost there then got kiboshed by Payl Pal - fuck!

Army of Stone
Army of Stone  (over 2 years ago)

Hows it goin! Oak Cliff TX native vocalist here to commit ARSON! Bringing back some old school vocal styles along with some old school/new school music! We are Army of Stone! Expect us! Building an army of the stoned!lol. Hope to share the stage with a lot of these bands someday! Keep up the awesome music!

Duchess  (over 2 years ago)

Hi my name is Duchess im a female artist out of fort worth tx (dfw) if you guys can check out my music YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED I PROMISE!
You see female artists and think every female is the same WELL IM NOT. Im yhe type that will make you feel like YOU NEED ME! I give my all 100% regardless of any and everything thats goin on around me my email address is 01duchessmusic@gmail.com

Cadence The Artist
Cadence The Artist  (over 2 years ago)

whats good ? i have the best production team in the business lets work , i think my team created a hit