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Mo Bic
Mo Bic  (almost 5 years ago)
Cool stuff - like me, https://www.facebook.com/mobicmusic The Album "MEIN BLICKWINKEL" now obtainable at Amazon and Musicload . You will find the link on my homepage. http://mobic-music.com Good luck with your music... Mo Bic
Risk On Da Disk
Risk On Da Disk  (over 5 years ago)
Please check out our music when you get a chance and let us know what you think. Also get a FREE download on our page. Thanks Risk
Deep Rising
Deep Rising  (about 11 years ago)
Just wanted to show some love in appreciation for checking out our music and becoming a fan of Deep Rising and supporting great indie music in general!
cwazybeaner  (about 11 years ago)
its goin prrty good, wow this is just a little something like myspace...but sort of coolier! haha! but imma first timer so if i dont do stuff right im sorry "[ so how is it goin fo you!? "]
Prunk  (about 11 years ago)
well..im pretty new at this too..so..yeah..lol. It goes fantastikally wonderfully wonderful for me. Going to Vermont this weekend with my sailor's sea-pup..gonna snowboard it up! i've never been, so im kinda freakishly freaking..but..im shur it'll be super extra fun. Fa sho. yep yep. k. late.
amor  (about 11 years ago)
these tunes are so hot they need fans
Prunk  (about 11 years ago)
hey. im so a fan now. yep yep..k. late.
SOLARE  (about 11 years ago)
PURPLE EARMUFFS, you should consider moon boots if you really want to be cool ;-)xtine
Prunk  (about 11 years ago)
Please..Moon Boots! Are u crazy?! I've got pointed toe boots..that's kewl. So how goes it with yous?!
Fenix FM
Fenix FM  (about 11 years ago)
hey sweetheart,thanx for checking out our music. hope you have a wonderful weekend-Fenix myspace.com/fenixfm
Fenix FM
Fenix FM  (about 11 years ago)
hey hottness.
THE GRAND MARQUEE  (about 11 years ago)
Hello.. We are The Grand Marquee and would love for you to have a listen.. Tell us what you think.. Be our friend!! Like your style.. Much Love.. The Grand Marquee
UNTOLD  (about 11 years ago)
Hey, check out our music and let us know what you think. If you dig our sound join as a fan and help us out. Thanks so much for your time. UNTOLD