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Musicker  (over 8 years ago)
I listened to the show this last friday, and it kicked SO MUCH ASS! A lot of variety, all kinds of metal music, from Power metal, to death metal, to thrash metal.. it was all hard, fast and FUN!
dED and BURYd
dED and BURYd  (over 8 years ago)
Thanks for the support of our music! We want to show some love and support back at you \m/
Harry Munk
Harry Munk  (almost 9 years ago)
thanks for stopping by again we really appreciate it thanks for keeping in touch!!
Descent Into Madness
Descent Into Madness  (almost 9 years ago)
Thanks for featuring our music! Alex www.DescentIntoMadness.com
Declared Dead
Declared Dead  (almost 9 years ago)
Nice! Thanks! Looks like we're both "just starting out"! Syn-chronistic timing? ;-D We've begun working on our debut album! We'll "hit you up" once we're further along!
STYGMATA  (almost 9 years ago)
Thank you for your support of STYGMATA and METAL!
Harry Munk
Harry Munk  (almost 9 years ago)
Nice to see someone doing great work for the Metal genre keep up the great work!!
marchristiansen  (almost 9 years ago)
digging your cool page.great tunes. PeAcE
THE TIMMYYZZZ  (almost 9 years ago)
Thanks for checkin out the crew THE TIMMYYZZ and your support greatly appreciated CHEERS jeff c/o THE TIMMYYZZZ ///great line up here nice page
DJ GIZMO  (almost 9 years ago)
BANDS INTERESTED IN AIR PLAY ON THE SHOW. You will need QUALITY recordings of your music that you can send to SYNSANERADIO.NET and you MUST sign a release form so we can play your music! NO RELEASE FORM NO AIR PLAY NO EXCEPTIONS! We do NOT profit from any artist associated with SYNSANE so you NEVER have to worry about some BS producer taking advantage of you EVER! We do this because we love METAL! If you want in you need to contact me. TY VM for your interest and support!